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Linux man pages

Sample Commands

View files: cat, more, less, head, tail

Edit files: vim, nano, pico, joe, emacs

Search: ls, tree, find, fd, fzf, plocate, grep, rg, ag, ack

Copy/move: cp, rsync, dd, scp, mv, mmv

Compress/archive: gzip, zstd, xz, bzip2, zip, 7z, tar

Remote shell: ssh, mosh, tmux, screen

Monitor: top, htop, atop, ps, pstree, free, du, df

Network: dig, host, nmap, ping, traceroute

Utils: nohup, tee, wc, xargs


General Commands, File Formats, System Administration...

ManKier Tools

Explain a command, API, stats...