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Section 1 : General Commands

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Section 1 of the manual describes user commands and tools, for example, file manipulation tools, shells, compilers, web browsers, file and image viewers and editors, and so on.

All commands yield a status value on termination. This value can be tested (e.g., in most shells the variable $? contains the status of the last executed command) to see whether the command completed successfully. A zero exit status is conventionally used to indicate success, and a nonzero status means that the command was unsuccessful. (Details of the exit status can be found in wait(2).) A nonzero exit status can be in the range 1 to 255, and some commands use different nonzero status values to indicate the reason why the command failed.
Packages with man pages in this section
0xFFFFThe Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher
2048-cliThe game 2048 for your Linux terminal
2pingBi-directional ping utility
389-ds-base389 Directory Server (base)
389-ds-base-snmpSNMP Agent for 389 Directory Server
4PaneMulti-pane, detailed-list file manager
4thA Forth compiler
64tass6502 assembler
6tunnelTunnelling for application that don't speak IPv6
9wmEmulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8 1/2
a2jmididDaemon for exposing ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system
a2psConverts text and other types of files to PostScript
a52decSmall test program for liba52
aalibASCII art library
abcdeA Better CD Encoder
abcMIDIABC to/from MIDI conversion utilities
abducoSession management in a clean and simple way
abi-trackerTool to visualize ABI changes timeline of a C/C++ library
abiwordWord processing program
abookText-based addressbook program for mutt
abootimgTool for manipulating Android boot images
abrtAutomatic bug detection and reporting tool
abrt-addon-ccppabrt's C/C++ addon
abrt-addon-kerneloopsabrt's kerneloops addon
abrt-addon-pstoreoopsabrt's pstore oops addon
abrt-addon-upload-watchabrt's upload addon
abrt-addon-vmcoreabrt's vmcore addon
abrt-addon-xorgabrt's Xorg addon
abrt-guiabrt's gui
abrt-java-connectorJNI Agent library converting Java exceptions to ABRT problems
abrt-plugin-bodhiabrt's bodhi plugin
abrt-tuiabrt's command line interface
accel-configConfigure accelerator subsystem devices
accerciserInteractive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
ackGrep-like text finder
aclAccess control list utilities
acpiCommand-line ACPI client
acpica-toolsACPICA tools for the development and debug of ACPI tables
acpitoolCommand line ACPI client
admeshDiagnose and/or repair problems with STereo Lithography files
adplugSoftware library for AdLib (OPL2/3) emulation
advancecompRecompression utilities for .png, .mng, .zip and .gz files
aercEmail client for your terminal
aesfixCorrect bit errors in AES-128 key schedule
aeskeyfindLocate 128-bit and 256-bit AES keys in a captured memory image
aespipeAES-based encryption tool for tar/cpio and loop-aes imagemore
afftoolsUtilities for afflib
afpfs-ngApple Filing Protocol client
ageSimple, modern and secure encryption tool
ageduAn utility for tracking down wasted disk space
aggregateIPv4 CIDR prefix aggregator
aggregate-iosCisco/IOS IPv4 prefix lists aggregator
AGReaderConsole reader for viewing AmigaGuide files
agrepApproximate grep utility
ahaConvert terminal output to HTML
aideIntrusion detection environment
aimeAn application embeddable programming language interpreter
aircrack-ngTools for auditing 802.11 (wireless) networks
airinvC++ Simulated Airline Inventory Management System library
airinv-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for airinv
airracC++ Simulated Revenue Accounting (RAC) System Library
airrac-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for airrac
airtspC++ Simulated Airline Travel Solution Provider Library
airtsp-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for airtsp
akmodsAutomatic kmods build and install tool
alacarteMenu editor for the GNOME desktop
alacrittyFast, cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator
aldoA morse tutor
alevtTeletext decoder/browser
alexandriaBook collection manager
algol68gAlgol 68 Genie compiler-interpreter
alienConverter between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and Slackware tgz file formats
alizamsAliza MS DICOM Viewer
allianceVLSI EDA System
alotExperimental terminal MUA based on notmuch mail
alpinepowerful, easy to use console email client
alsa-toolsSpecialist tools for ALSA
alsa-topology-utilsAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Topology
alsa-ucm-utilsAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Use Case Manager
alsa-utilsAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities
alsa-utils-alsabatAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Basic Audio Tester
alt-ergoAutomated theorem prover including linear arithmetic
amanda-serverThe server side of the AMANDA tape backup system
amapNetwork tool for application protocol detection
ampr-ripdRouting daemon for the ampr network
amsAlsa Modular Synth, a realtime modular synthesizer
amsynthA classic synthesizer with dual oscillators
amttermSerial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT
amuleFile sharing client compatible with eDonkey
amule-noguiComponents of aMule which don't require a GUI (for servers)
am-utilsAutomount utilities including an updated version of Amd
anjutaGNOME IDE for various programming languages (including C/C++, Python, Vala and JavaScript)
annobin-annocheckA tool for checking the security hardening status of binaries
annobin-docsDocumentation and shell scripts for use with annobin
ansible-coreA radically simple IT automation system
ansifilterANSI terminal escape code converter
antJava build tool
antimicroxGraphical program used to map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad
antiwordMS Word to ASCII/Postscript converter
antlr4Parser generator (ANother Tool for Language Recognition)
anymealA free and open source recipe management software
anyremoteRemote control through Wi-Fi or bluetooth connection
anytermA web-based terminal emulator
apachetopTop-like display of Apache logs
apgAutomated Password Generator for random password generation
api-sanity-checkerAn automatic generator of basic unit tests for a shared C/C++ library
appresX11 utility to print application resources
appriseApprise CLI Tool
appstreamUtilities to generate, maintain and access the AppStream database
appstream-composeLibrary for generating AppStream data
appstream-generatorFast AppStream metadata generator
apptainerApplication and environment virtualization formerly known as Singularity
aptCommand-line package manager for Debian packages
apt-utilsPackage management related utility programs
aqualungMusic Player for GNU/Linux
arandrSimple GTK+ XRandR GUI
arcArc archiver
archivemountFUSE based filesystem for mounting compressed archives
arch-testTools to detect architectures runnable by your machine+kernel
ardour6Digital Audio Workstation
ardour8Digital Audio Workstation
argbashBash argument parsing code generator
argparse-manpageBuild manual page from Python ArgumentParser object
argus-clientsClient tools for argus network audit
aria2High speed download utility with resuming and segmented downloading
arjArchiver for .arj files
arkArchive manager
arp-scanScanning and fingerprinting tool
arx-libertatisCross-platform, open source port of the Arx Fatalis RPG
asciiInteractive ascii name and synonym chart
asciidocText based document generation
asciinemaTerminal session recorder
asm6809Multiple pass 6809 & 6309 cross assembler
aspellSpell checker
aspell-develLibraries and header files for Aspell development
astrometryBlind astrometric calibration of arbitrary astronomical images
asymptoteDescriptive vector graphics language
atJob spooling tools
atari800An emulator of 8-bit Atari personal computers
atasm6502 cross-assembler
atermAfterstep XVT, VT102 emulator for the X Window system
atomesAn atomistic toolbox
atomic-reactorImproved builder for Docker images
atoolA perl script for managing file archives of various types
atopAn advanced interactive monitor to view the load on system and process level
atrilDocument viewer
attrUtilities for managing filesystem extended attributes
aubioAn audio labeling tool
aubit4glIBM Informix 4GL compatible compiler
audaciousAdvanced audio player
audacityMultitrack audio editor
audiofileLibrary for accessing various audio file formats
augeasA library for changing configuration files
AusweisApp2Online identification with German ID card (Personalausweis)
auterPrepare and apply updates
authdA RFC 1413 ident protocol daemon
auto-buildrequiresWork out BuildRequires for rpmbuild automatically
autoconfA GNU tool for automatically configuring source code
autogenAutomated text file generator
autogen-libopts-develDevelopment files for libopts
autojumpA fast way to navigate your filesystem from the command line
autokey-commonDesktop automation utility - common data
autokey-gtkAutoKey GTK+ front end
autokey-qtAutoKey QT front end
automakeA GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
autorandrAutomatically select a display configuration based on connected devices
autosshUtility to autorestart SSH tunnels
autotraceUtility for converting bitmaps to vector graphics
avahi-toolsCommand line tools for mDNS browsing and publishing
avahi-ui-toolsUI tools for mDNS browsing
avrdudeSoftware for programming Atmel AVR Microcontroller
awesfxUtility programs for the AWE32/Emu10k1 sound driver
awesomeHighly configurable, framework window manager for X. Fast, light and extensible
awf-gtk2Theme preview application for GTK
awf-gtk3Theme preview application for GTK
awf-gtk4Theme preview application for GTK
aws-toolsTools for aws
ax25-appsAX.25 ham radio applications
ax25-tools-docsDocumentation for ax25-tools and ax25-tools-x
axelLight command line download accelerator for Linux and Unix
azoveAnother Zero-One Vertex Enumeration tool
azure-nvme-utilsUtilities to assist managing NVMe devices on Azure
b3sumCommand line implementation of the BLAKE3 hash function
b43-fwcutterFirmware extraction tool for Broadcom wireless driver
babelTools for internationalizing Python applications
babeltraceTrace Viewer and Converter, mainly for the Common Trace Format
babeltrace2A trace manipulation toolkit
backintime-commonCommon files for backintime
backup-lightA small backup bash utility
backupninjaLightweight, extensible backup system
bacula-directorBacula Director files
bacula-traymonitorBacula system tray monitor
badwolfWeb Browser which aims at security and privacy over usability
bannerPrints a short string to the console in very large letters
bannergrabA banner grabbing tool
baobabA graphical directory tree analyzer
barcodeGenerates barcodes from text strings
barmanBackup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
barman-cliClient Utilities for Barman
barrierUse a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers
basezBase 16/32/64 encode/decode data to standard output
bashThe GNU Bourne Again shell
bashmountA menu-driven bash script for mounting removable media
BasiliskII68k Macintosh emulator
batCat(1) clone with wings
batsBash Automated Testing System
bbkeysCompletely configurable key-combo grabber for blackbox
bcGNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)
bcalStorage conversion and expression calculator
bcftoolsTools for genomic variant calling and manipulating VCF/BCF files
bchunkCD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr
bcm43xx-fwcutterFirmware extraction tool for Broadcom wireless driver
bcryptFile encryption utility
bdepbuild2 project dependency manager
bdf2psfGenerate console fonts from BDF source fonts
bdftopcfFont compiler for the X server and font server
bdiiThe Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII)
bdsyncRemote sync for block devices
beaker-clientCommand-line client for interacting with Beaker
beakerlibA shell-level integration testing library
beanstalkdA simple, fast work-queue service
bearTool that generates a compilation database for clang tooling
beepBeep the PC speaker any number of ways
beesuGraphical wrapper for su
beetsMusic library manager and MusicBrainz tagger
bemenuDynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu
bfsA breadth-first version of the UNIX find command
biberCommand-line bibliographic manager, BibTeX replacement
biboumiAn XMPP gateway that connects to IRC servers
BibToolA Tool for manipulating BibTeX data bases
bibutilsBibliography conversion tools
biconBidirectional Console
biglooA compiler for the Scheme programming language
bindThe Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server
bind-dnssec-utilsDNSSEC keys and zones management utilities
bindfsFuse filesystem to mirror a directory
bind-utilsUtilities for querying DNS name servers
bino3D video player
binutilsA GNU collection of binary utilities
binutils-gprofngNext Generating code profiling tool
biosdevnameUdev helper for naming devices per BIOS names
biosig4c++A software library for processing of biomedical signals
bisonA GNU general-purpose parser generator
bitcoin-core-desktopPeer to Peer Cryptographic Currency
bitcoin-core-develPeer-to-peer digital currency
bitcoin-core-serverPeer-to-peer digital currency
bitcoin-core-utilsPeer-to-peer digital currency
bitmapBitmaps editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
bitwiseTerminal based bit manipulator in ncurses
bkhiveDump the syskey bootkey from a Windows system hive
blackboxVery small and fast Window Manager
blender3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
blissCompute automorphism groups and canonical labelings of graphs
blivet-gui-runtimeblivet-gui runtime
blktraceUtilities for performing block layer IO tracing in the Linux kernel
bloatyA size profiler for binaries
bltkThe BLTK measures notebook battery life under any workload
bluechi-agentBlueChi service controller agent
bluechi-controllerBlueChi service controller
bluechi-ctlBlueChi service controller command line tool
bluefish-shared-dataArchitecture-independent data for bluefish
bluemanGTK+ Bluetooth Manager
bluezBluetooth utilities
bluez-deprecatedDeprecated Bluetooth applications
bluez-hid2hciPut HID proxying bluetooth HCI's into HCI mode
bluez-libs-develDevelopment libraries for Bluetooth applications
bluez-toolsA set of tools to manage Bluetooth devices for Linux
bmakeThe NetBSD make(1) tool
bmap-toolsTools to generate and flash sparse images using the "block map" (bmap) format
bochsPortable x86 PC emulator
bodhi-clientBodhi client
bodhi-serverBodhi server
bogofilterFast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis
bogofilter-bogoupgradeUpgrades bogofilter database to current version
boinc-clientThe BOINC client
boinc-managerGUI to control and monitor boinc-client
boinc-tuiFullscreen Text Mode Manager For BOINC Client
boltThunderbolt device manager
bonnie++Filesystem and disk benchmark & burn-in suite
boomagaA virtual printer for viewing a document before printing
boost-b2A low-level build tool
borgbackupA deduplicating backup program with compression and authenticated encryption
botan2Crypto and TLS for C++11
bournalWrite personal, password-protected journal entries
bowtie2An ultra fast and memory-efficient read aligner
box64-dataCommon files for box64
boxesCommand line ASCII boxes unlimited!
bpkgbuild2 package dependency manager
braseroGnome CD/DVD burning application
breakidSymmetry detecting and breaking library
breezyFriendly distributed version control system
brewtargetAn open source beer recipe creation tool 🍺
brightnessctlRead and control device brightness
bristolSynthesizer emulator
brlapiApplication Programming Interface for BRLTTY
brlttyBraille display driver for Linux/Unix
bsdcatExpand files to standard output
bsdcpioCopy files to and from archives
bsdiffBinary diff/patch utility
bsdtarManipulate tape archives
bsdunzipExtract files from a ZIP archive
bspwmA tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning
btrbkTool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs sub-volumes
btrfs-heatmapVisualize the layout of data on your btrfs filesystem over time
btrfs-sxbackupIncremental btrfs snapshot backups with push/pull support via SSH
bubblemailExtensible mail notification service
bubblewrapCore execution tool for unprivileged containers
budgie-control-centerA fork of GNOME Control Center for the Budgie 10 Series
budgie-desktopA feature-rich, modern desktop designed to keep out the way of the user
budgie-screensaverA fork of gnome-screensaver intended for use with Budgie Desktop
budgie-sessionBudgie Desktop session manager
bufferThis program speeds up writing tapes on remote tape drives
build2Cross-platform build toolchain for developing and packaging C++ code
buildahA command line tool used for creating OCI Images
buildbot-masterBuild/test automation system master
buildbot-workerBuild/test automation system worker
bukuPowerful command-line bookmark manager
bustleDraw sequence diagrams of D-Bus traffic
bviDisplay-oriented editor for binary files
bwaBurrows-Wheeler Alignment tool
bwm-ngBandwidth Monitor NG
bwrap-ociRun OCI containers with bubblewrap
byaccBerkeley Yacc, a parser generator
byebyebiosInjects a x86 boot sector to inform of UEFI boot requirement
byobuLight-weight, configurable window manager built upon GNU screen
bzip2File compression utility
bzip3Tools for compressing and decompressing bzip3 files
cabal-rpmRPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages
cabextractUtility for extracting cabinet (.cab) archives
caca-utilsColour AsCii Art Text mode graphics utilities based on libcaca
cadaverCommand-line WebDAV client
cadicalSimplified SAT solver
cageA Wayland kiosk
cairo-dock-coreCore files for cairo-dock
cajaFile manager for MATE
caja-sendtoMATE file manager sendto
calamarisAnalyzer and report generator for web proxy servers like Squid
calcArbitrary precision arithmetic system and calculator
calcurseText-based personal organizer
calendarReminder utility
calfAudio plugins pack
callsA phone dialer and call handler
calypsoFree and open-source CalDAV calendar server
camoramaGnome webcam viewer
cantera-commonCommon files needed for all Cantera interfaces
capstoneA lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework
cargoRust's package manager and build tool
castgetA command-line podcast downloader
castxmlC-family abstract syntax tree XML output tool
catch22CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristics
catdocA program which converts Microsoft office files to plain text
catfishA handy file search tool
catimgPrint images in a terminal with 256 colors support
cbmcBounded Model Checker for ANSI-C and C++ programs
cbonsaiGrow bonsai trees in your terminal
cbootimageTools to dump and generate boot config table on Tegra devices
cc1541Tool for creating Commodore Floppy disk images in D64, G64, D71 or D81 format
ccacheC/C++ compiler cache
ccache-swigFast compiler cache
ccd2isoCloneCD image to ISO image file converter
cczeA robust log colorizer
cdargsThe shell cd with bookmarks and browser
cdbsCommon build system for Debian packages
cd-discidUtility to get CDDB discid information
cdeclTranslator for C gibberish
cdistUsable configuration management
cdkCurses Development Kit
cdlabelgenGenerates frontcards and traycards for inserting in CD jewelcases
cdparanoiaCompact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper)
cdrdaoWrites audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode
cdrskinLimited cdrecord compatibility wrapper to ease migration to libburn
cdsclientTools to query databases at CDS
cdwFront-end for tools used for burning data CD/DVD
celluloidA simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
cellwriterGrid-entry natural handwriting input panel
centerimText mode menu- and window-driven IM
centpkgCentOS utility for working with dist-git
certmongerCertificate status monitor and PKI enrollment client
certwatchSSL/TLS certificate expiry warning generator
cervisiaCVS frontend
cffconvertCommand line program to validate and convert CITATION.cff files
cflowAnalyzes C files charting control flow within the program
cfn-lintCloudFormation Linter
CGAL-develDevelopment files and tools for CGAL applications
c-graphConvolution Graph
cgreen-runnerA runner for the Cgreen unit testing and mocking framework
chafaImage-to-text converter for terminal
charliecloudLightweight user-defined software stacks for high-performance computing
charliecloud-builderCharliecloud container image building tools
charliecloud-testCharliecloud test suite
check-checkmkTranslate concise versions of test suites into C programs
checkpointctlA command-line tool for in-depth analysis of container checkpoints
check_postgresPostgreSQL monitoring script
checksecTool to check system for binary-hardening
cheeseApplication for taking pictures and movies from a webcam
CheMPS2A spin-adapted implementation of DMRG for ab initio quantum chemistry
chemtoolA program for 2D drawing organic molecules
chezdavA simple WebDAV server program
chibi-schemeMinimal Scheme implementation for use as an extension language
chibi-scheme-develDevelopment files for chibi-scheme
chickenA practical and portable Scheme system
chirp+wxMetapackage for chirp: wx extras
chordiiPrint songbooks (lyrics + chords)
chordproPrint songbooks (lyrics + chords)
chordpro-guiChordPro graphical user interface
chromiumA WebKit (Blink) powered web browser that Google doesn't want you to use
chronyAn NTP client/server
chrpathModify rpath of compiled programs
chunkfsFUSE based filesystem that allows you to mount an arbitrary file or block device
cifs-utilsUtilities for mounting and managing CIFS mounts
cifs-utils-infoAdditional tools for querying information about CIFS mount
cinfoFast and minimal system information tool
cinnamonWindow management and application launching for GNOME
cinnamon-sessionCinnamon session manager
cjdnsThe privacy-friendly network without borders
cjdns-toolsNodejs tools for cjdns
ckb-nextUnofficial driver for Corsair RGB keyboards
ckermitThe quintessential all-purpose communications program
cksfvUtility to manipulate SFV files
clamavEnd-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scanner
clamav-freshclamAuto-updater for the Clam Antivirus scanner data-files
clamtkEasy to use graphical user interface for Clam anti virus
clamzAmazon MP3 Music Store Downloader
clangA C language family front-end for LLVM
clang15A C language family front-end for LLVM
clang-analyzerA source code analysis framework
clang-tools-extraExtra tools for clang
ClanLib06-develDevelopment files for ClanLib 0.6
classified-adsClassified ads is distributed, server-less messaging system
clawskerDialog to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences
claws-mailEmail client and news reader based on GTK+
clazyQt oriented code checker based on clang framework
clevisAutomated decryption framework
clevis-luksLUKS integration for clevis
clideColor and style highlighting program for text
clifmShell-like, command line terminal file manager
clinfoEnumerate OpenCL platforms and devices
clipitA lightweight, fully featured GTK+ clipboard manager
clipmanA simple clipboard manager for Wayland
cliquerFind cliques in arbitrary weighted graphs
clispANSI Common Lisp implementation
clisp-develDevelopment files for CLISP
clocCount lines of code
cloud-initCloud instance init scripts
cloud-utils-cloud-localdsA script for creating a nocloud configuration disk for cloud-init
cloud-utils-growpartA script for growing a partition
cloud-utils-resize-part-imageA script for resizing cloud images
cloud-utils-write-mime-multipartA utilty for creating mime-multipart files
clover2Yet another compiler language
clustershellPython framework for efficient cluster administration
clustersshSecure concurrent multiple server terminal control
cmakeCross-platform make system
cmake-guiQt GUI for cmake
cmarkCommonMark parsing and rendering
cmatrixA scrolling 'Matrix'-like screen
cmconvertCacheMate import file converter
cmusNcurses-Based Music Player
cntlmFast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling
coanA command line tool for simplifying the pre-processor conditionals in source code
cobblerBoot server configurator
coccinelleSemantic patching for Linux (spatch)
cockpitWeb Console for Linux servers
cockpit-bridgeCockpit bridge server-side component
cockpit-wsCockpit Web Service
code2htmlConvert source code to HTML
codeblocksAn open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE
codeblocks-contribAdditional Code::Blocks plug-ins
Coin3-develDevelopment files for Coin
coin-or-BonminBasic Open-source Nonlinear Mixed INteger programming
coin-or-CouenneAn exact solver for nonconvex MINLPs
coin-or-HiGHSLinear optimization software
coin-or-IpoptInterior Point OPTimizer
coin-or-lemon-toolsCommand-line tools for coin-or-lemon
collectdStatistics collection daemon for filling RRD files
collectd-utilsCollectd utilities
collectlA utility to collect various Linux performance data
colordColor daemon
colord-gtkGTK+ 3 support library for colord
colordiffColor terminal highlighter for diff files
colorized-logsTools for logs with ANSI color
colrdxDX-cluster client with curses color support
common-lisp-controllerCommon Lisp source and compiler manager
compat-flexLegacy version of flex, a tool for creating scanners
compat-guile18A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
compat-luaPowerful light-weight programming language (compat version)
compfaceLibrary and tools for handling X-Face data
composefsTools to handle creating and mounting composefs images
compose-utilsUtilities for working with composes
concordanceSoftware to program the Logitech Harmony remote control
conda-buildCommands and tools for building conda packages
condorHTCondor: High Throughput Computing
config-kernelAn easy way to edit kernel configuration files and templates
configsnapRecord and compare system state
congruityApplications to program Logitech Harmony universal remote controls
conkyA system monitor for X
conmanConMan - The Console Manager
connect-proxySSH Proxy command helper
conserver-clientSerial console client
console-image-viewerTerminal image viewer
console-setupTools for configuring the console using X Window System key maps
conspyRemote control for text mode virtual consoles
container-storage-setupA simple service to setup container storage devices
convmvConvert filename encodings
coolreaderCross platform open source e-book reader
cool-retro-termTerminal emulator mimicking a CRT display
copr-cliCommand line interface for COPR
copr-distgit-clientUtility to download sources from dist-git
copr-rpmbuildRun COPR build tasks
copydepsFind and copy all the .so / .dll files needed by an executable
copyqAdvanced clipboard manager
coq-coqideCoqide IDE for Coq proof management system
coq-coreCore components of the coq proof management system
coreutils-commoncoreutils common optional components
corkscrewTool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies
coturnTURN/STUN & ICE Server
coturn-utilsCoturn utils
cowsayConfigurable speaking/thinking cow
cpanspecRPM spec file generation utility
cpdupFilesystem mirroring utility
cpioA GNU archiving program
cpipeCounting pipe
cpmtoolsPrograms for accessing CP/M disks
cppThe C Preprocessor
cppcheckTool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpphsA liberalised C pre-processor for Haskell
cppiC preprocessor directive indenter
cprotoGenerates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code
cptutilsUtilities to manipulate and translate color gradients
cpufetchSimple tool for determining CPU architecture
cpuidDumps information about the CPU(s)
cqrlogAn amateur radio contact logging program
cramjam-cliSimple CLI to a variety of compression algorithms
create-fake-rpmGenerate fake (S)RPM
createrepo-agentRapidly and repeatedly generate RPM repository metadata
crestConformer-Rotamer Ensemble Sampling Tool: a driver for the xtb program
critCRIU image tool
cri-toolsCLI and validation tools for Container Runtime Interface
criu-nsTool to run CRIU in different namespaces
cronieCron daemon for executing programs at set times
cronologWeb log rotation program for Apache
crrcsimModel-Airplane Flight Simulation Program
crudiniA utility for manipulating ini files
crunOCI runtime written in C
crun-kruncrun with libkrun support
cryfsCryptographic filesystem for the cloud
cryptlib-toolsCollection of stand-alone programs that use Cryptlib
cryptominisatSAT solver
csbuildTool for plugging static analyzers into the build process
csclngA compiler wrapper that runs Clang in background
cscopeC source code tree search and browse tool
cscppcA compiler wrapper that runs Cppcheck in background
csdiffNon-interactive tools for processing code scan results in plain-text
csdp-toolsCommand line tools for working with CSDP
csexecDynamic linker wrapper
csgccaA compiler wrapper that runs GCC analyzer in background
csmatchA compiler wrapper that runs Smatch in background
csmock-commonCore of csmock (a mock wrapper for Static Analysis tools)
cstreamGeneral-purpose stream-handling tool
csvA CSV command line Tool
cswrapGeneric compiler wrapper
ctagsA C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool
ctdbA Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database (TDB)
ctplTemplate library and engine written in C
cucall up another system
cube2fontUtility program for creating font bitmaps for Cube Engine games
cuetoolsUtilities to work with cue and TOC files
cupsCUPS printing system
cups-clientCUPS printing system - client programs
cups-develCUPS printing system - development environment
cups-filtersOpenPrinting CUPS filters for CUPS 2.X
cups-filters-driverlessOpenPrinting driverless backends and drivers for CUPS 2.X
cups-ipptoolCUPS printing system - tool for performing IPP requests
cups-printerappCUPS printing system - tools for printer application
curlA utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others)
curlftpfsCurlFtpFS is a filesystem for accessing FTP hosts based on FUSE and libcurl
cutecomA graphical serial terminal, like minicom or Hyperterminal on Windows
cvecheckerTool for compare packages installed in your system with CVE database
cvsConcurrent Versions System
cvs2clGenerate ChangeLogs from CVS working copies
cvspsPatchset tool for CVS
cvsutilsCVS Utilities
cvtCommand line tool to calculate VESA CVT mode lines
cwmCalm Window Manager by OpenBSD project
cxl-cliManage CXL devices
cxxtestA JUnit-like testing framework for C++
cyrus-imapdA high-performance email, contacts and calendar server
cyrus-imapd-utilsCyrus IMAP server administration utilities
czmq-develDevelopment files for the czmq package
daemonizeRun a command as a Unix daemon
dancer2Dancer2 command line interface
danmaqA small client side Qt program to play danmaku on any screen
danteA free SOCKS v4/v5 client implementation
dapl-utilsTest suites for dapl libraries
darSoftware for making/restoring incremental CD/DVD backups
darcsA distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
darkmanDaemon for dark-mode and light-mode transitions on Linux desktop
darktableUtility to organize and develop raw images
dashSmall and fast POSIX-compliant shell
dasherA predictive text input system
datamashA statistical, numerical and textual operations tool
datefudgeFake the system date
dateutilsCommand-line date and time calculation, conversion, and comparison
davixToolkit for http based file management
daxctlManage Device-DAX instances
daxioPerform I/O on Device DAX devices or zero a Device DAX device
dayplannerAn easy and clean Day Planner
dbenchFilesystem load benchmarking tool
dblatexDocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing
dbus-brokerLinux D-Bus Message Broker
dbus-daemonD-BUS message bus
dbus-glibGLib bindings for D-Bus
dbus-test-runnerUtility to run executables under a new DBus session for testing
dbus-toolsD-BUS Tools and Utilities
dbus-x11X11-requiring add-ons for D-BUS
dc3ddPatched version of GNU dd for use in computer forensics
dcapClient Tools for dCache
dcflddImproved dd, useful for forensics and security
dcm2niixDICOM to NIfTI converter
dcmtkOffis DICOM Toolkit (DCMTK)
dconfA configuration system
dconf-editorConfiguration editor for dconf
dcrawTool for decoding raw image data from digital cameras
ddateConvert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates
ddccontrolControl your monitor by software using the DDC/CI protocol
ddccontrol-gtkGTK GUI for ddccontrol
ddcutilQuery and update monitor settings
dddGUI for several command-line debuggers
ddgrDuckDuckGo from the terminal
ddiskitTool for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Driver Update Disk creation
dd_rescueFault tolerant "dd" utility for rescuing data from bad media
ddrescueData recovery tool trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors
debconfDebian configuration management system
debconf-utilsThis package contains some small utilities for debconf developers
debhelperHelper programs for debian/rules
debmirrorDebian partial mirror script, with ftp and package pool support
debugeditTools for debuginfo creation
dehydratedClient for signing certificates with an ACME server
deja-dupSimple backup tool and frontend for duplicity
dejagnuA front end for testing other programs
deletemailA non-interactive tool for deleting mails
deluge-consoleCLI to Deluge
deluge-daemonThe Deluge daemon
deluge-gtkThe gtk UI to Deluge
deluge-webWeb interface to Deluge
derrickA Simple Network Stream Recorder
desktop-file-utilsUtilities for manipulating .desktop files
desmumeA Nintendo DS emulator
desmume-cliA Nintendo DS emulator (CLI version)
detoxUtility to replace problematic characters in file names
dev86A real mode 80x86 assembler and linker
devhelpAPI documentation browser
devioRead and write utility for block devices
devscriptsScripts for Debian Package maintainers
devscripts-checkbashismsDevscripts checkbashisms script
devtodoManage a prioritised list of todo items organized by directory
dex-autostartGenerate and execute DesktopEntry files
dfcReport file system space usage information with style
dfu-utilUSB Device Firmware Upgrade tool
dfuzzerD-Bus fuzz testing tool
dgen-sdlA Sega Genesis (MegaDrive outside the US) emulator
dgitIntegration between git and Debian-style archives
dhallA configuration language guaranteed to terminate
dh-autoreconfdebhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build
dhcpd-poolsISC dhcpd lease analysis and reporting
dhcp-forwarderDHCP relay agent
dhcp-serverProvides the ISC DHCP server
dhexNcurses based hexadecimal editor with a diff mode
dh-makeTool that converts source archives into Debian package source
diaDiagram drawing program
dialogA utility for creating TTY dialog boxes
dicewareCreate passphrases which one can remember
dictdDICT protocol (RFC 2229) server and command-line client
dictd-serverServer for the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT)
dictionIdentifies diction and style errors
didWhat did you do last week, month, year?
dieharderRandom number generator tester and timer
dietlibcSmall libc implementation
diffoscopeIn-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
diffpdfPDF files comparator
diffstatA utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff
diffuseGraphical tool for merging and comparing text files
diffutilsGNU collection of diff utilities
digikamA digital camera accessing & photo management application
digitempDallas Semiconductor 1-wire device reading console application
dilloA multi-platform graphical web browser
dionaeaLow interaction honeypot
direnvPer-directory shell configuration tool
direwolfSound Card-based AX.25 TNC
dirsplitUtility to split directories
discountA command-line utility for converting Markdown files into HTML
diskscanScan disk for bad or near failure sectors, performs disk diagnostics
disktypeDetect the content format of a disk or disk image
dislockerUtility to access BitLocker encrypted volumes
disorderfsFUSE filesystem that introduces non-determinism
distccDistributed C/C++ compilation
distcc-serverServer for distributed C/C++ compilation
distgenTemplating system/generator for distributions
dist-git-clientGet sources for RPM builds from DistGit repositories
distroboxAnother tool for containerized command line environments on Linux
distro-infoProvides information about releases of Debian and Ubuntu
djview4DjVu viewer
djview4-pluginBrowser plugin for DjVu viewer
djvulibreDjVu viewers, encoders, and utilities
dleyna-rendererService for interacting with Digital Media Renderers
dleyna-serverService for interacting with Digital Media Servers
dl-fedoraFedora image download tool
dlt-daemonDLT - Diagnostic Log and Trace
dlt-toolsDLT - Diagnostic Log and Trace: Tools
dmapdA server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares
dmenuGeneric menu for X
dmg2imgUncompress the Apple compressed disk image files
dmidiplayerDrumstick MIDI Player
dmlite-apache-httpdApache HTTPD frontend for dmlite
dmtcpDistributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing
dmtx-utilsTools for working with Data Matrix 2D bar-codes
dnf-plugins-coreCore Plugins for DNF
dnf-repoA dnf wrapper with fine control of enabled repos
dnf-utilsYum-utils CLI compatibility layer
DNS-Compliance-TestingDNS Compliance Testing command line tool
dnsdistHighly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
dnsmapSub-domains bruteforcer
dnsmasq-utilsUtilities for manipulating DHCP server leases
dnsperfBenchmarking authorative and recursing DNS servers
dnsperf-queryparsePcap dns query extraction utility
dnssec-toolsA suite of tools for managing dnssec aware DNS usage
dnssec-tools-libs-develC-based development libraries for dnssec aware tools
dnstwistDomain name permutation engine
dnsvizTools for analyzing and visualizing DNS and DNSSEC behavior
docbook2XConvert docbook into man and Texinfo
docbook-style-dssslNorman Walsh's modular stylesheets for DocBook
docbook-utilsShell scripts for managing DocBook documents
doclifterTranslates documents written in troff macros to DocBook
dogtag-pki-baseDogtag PKI Base Package
dogtag-pki-serverDogtag PKI Server Package
dogtag-pki-toolsDogtag PKI Tools Package
dohApplication for DNS-over-HTTPS name resolves and lookups
dos2unixText file format converters
dosbox-stagingModern continuation of DOSBox with advanced features
dose3-toolsTools suite from the dose3 framework
dosemuDOS Emulator for Linux
dotnet-host.NET command line launcher
doublecmd-commonCommon files for Double Commander
dovecotSecure imap and pop3 server
dovecot-pigeonholeSieve and managesieve plug-in for dovecot
doxygenA documentation system for C/C++
doxygen2manProgram to create nicely-formatted man pages from Doxygen XML files
doxygen-doxywizardA GUI for creating and editing configuration files
dpkgPackage maintenance system for Debian Linux
dpkg-devDebian package development tools
dput-ngNext generation Debian package upload tool
dracoA library for compressing and decompressing 3D geometric meshes and point clouds
dracutInitramfs generator using udev
dragonMedia player
drat2er-toolsCommand line interface to drat2er
drat-trim-toolsCommand line interface to drat-trim
dreamA software radio for AM and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
dreamchessPortable chess game
drm_infoSmall utility to dump info about DRM devices
dropbearLightweight SSH server and client
dropboxClient for Linux
dropwatchKernel dropped packet monitor
drumkv1An old-school drum-kit sampler
drumstick-drumgridDrum Grid application from drumstick
drumstick-dumprmiRIFF RMID file support for drumstick
drumstick-examplesExample programs for drumstick
drumstick-guiplayerMIDI player from drumstick
drumstick-vpianoVirtual piano application from drumstick
DSDP-examplesExample programs that use DSDP
dselectDebian package management front-end
dspAn audio processing program with an interactive mode
dssiDisposable Soft Synth Interface
dsspProtein secondary structure assignment
dtachA simple program that emulates the detach feature of screen
dubPackage and build management system for D
ducDisk usage tools
duckduckgoCommand line tool to use the DuckDuckGo API
dufDisk Usage/Free Utility - a better 'df' alternative
duffQuickly find duplicate files
dumb-initEntry-point for containers that proxies signals
dump1090Simple Mode S decoder specifically designed for RTLSDR devices
dumpasn1ASN.1 object dump utility
dumpetA tool to dump and debug bootable CD images
dunstLightweight and customizable notification-daemon
duplicityEncrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using rsync algorithm
duplyWrapper for duplicity
dvbcutClip and convert DVB transport streams to MPEG2 program streams
dvblastSimple and powerful streaming application
dvb-toolsUtilities for DVB driver
dvdauthorCommand line DVD authoring tool
dvdbackupCommand line tool for ripping video DVDs
dvdisasterAdditional error protection for CD/DVD media
dvd+rw-toolsToolchain to master DVD+RW/+R media
dvd-slideshowCommand line programs for creating slideshow style DVDs
dvdstylerCross-platform DVD authoring application
dvgrabUtility to capture video from a DV camera
dvtmTiling window management for the console
dwarvesDebugging Information Manipulation Tools (pahole & friends)
dwgrepA tool for querying Dwarf (debuginfo) graphs
dwlocstatTool for examining Dwarf location info coverage
dwzDWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool
dxccSmall utility which determines the ARRL DXCC entity of a ham radio callsign
dxpcA Differential X Protocol Compressor
dynamipsCisco Router Emulator
dynamiteExtract data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Library
EEquational Theorem Prover
e00compr-toolsCommand-line tools associated with e00compr
e16The Enlightenment window manager, DR16
e2fsprogsUtilities for managing ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems
e2toolsManipulate files in unmounted ext2/ext3 filesystems
e3Text editor with key bindings similar to WordStar, Emacs, pico, nedit, or vi
earlyoomEarly OOM Daemon for Linux
easytagTag editor for MP3, Ogg, FLAC and other music files
eatmydataUtility to disable fsync() and friends for the command specified
eccodesWMO data format decoding and encoding
ecjEclipse Compiler for Java
eclEmbeddable Common-Lisp
eclibLibrary for Computations on Elliptic Curves
ecryptfs-utilsThe eCryptfs mount helper and support libraries
edThe GNU line editor
edac-utilCommand-line tool to generate standard EDAC reports
edg-gridftp-clientCommand line clients to GridFTP libraries
edid-decodeDecode EDID data in human-readable format
editorconfigParser for EditorConfig files written in C
editresX11 utility to view and edit application resources
eegviewSmall program to display/record EEG signals
EekBoekBookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses
EekBoek-guiEekBoek graphical user interface
efaxA program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem
efitoolsTools to manipulate EFI secure boot keys and signatures
efivarTools to manage UEFI variables
eggdropWorld's most popular Open Source IRC bot
eicielGraphical editor for ACLs and xattr
eiskaltdcppDirect Connect client
eiskaltdcpp-gtkGTK-based graphical interface
eiskaltdcpp-qtQt-based graphical interface
eiskaltdcpp-xmlrpcCLI xmlrpc
ElectricFenceA debugger which detects memory allocation violations
electrumA lightweight Bitcoin Client
elementary-codeCode editor from elementary
elfutilsA collection of utilities and DSOs to handle ELF files and DWARF data
elfutils-debuginfod-clientLibrary and command line client for build-id HTTP ELF/DWARF server
elinksA text-mode Web browser
elixirA modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM
emacsclientRemotely control GNU Emacs
emacs-commonEmacs common files
emacs-common-proofgeneralEmacs mode for standard interaction interface for proof assistants
emacs-notmuchNot much support for Emacs
emeraldThemeable window decorator and compositing manager for Compiz
enblendImage Blending with Multiresolution Splines
encaCharacter set analyzer and detector
enchantAn Enchanting Spell Checking Library
enchant2An Enchanting Spell Checking Library
endlesshSSH tarpit that slowly sends an endless banner
engrampaMATE Desktop file archiver
enjarifyTranslate Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode
enscriptA plain ASCII to PostScript converter
entangleTethered shooting & control of digital cameras
entrRun arbitrary commands when files change
enumSeq- and jot-like enumerator
environment-modulesProvides dynamic modification of a user's environment
eomEye of MATE image viewer
eot-utilsCreate or examine EOT font format files
epicAn ircII chat client
epiphany-runtimeEpiphany runtime suitable for web applications
epixUtilities for mathematically accurate figures
epstoolA utility to create or extract preview images in EPS files
equalxA graphical editor for writing LaTeX equations
erlang-common_testA portable framework for automatic testing
erlang-dialyzerA DIscrepancy AnaLYZer for ERlang programs
erlang-diameterDiameter (RFC 3588) library
erlang-edocA utility used to generate documentation out of tags in source files
erlang-erl_interfaceLow level interface to C
erlang-ertsFunctionality necessary to run the Erlang System itself
erlang-observerA set of tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems
erlang-rebar3Tool for working with Erlang projects
erlang-snmpSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support
erofs-fuseFUSE support for mounting EROFS images
erofs-utilsUtilities for working with EROFS
eshSimple templating engine based on shell
esmtpUser configurable send-only Mail Transfer Agent
esound-daemonEsounD daemon
esound-develDevelopment files for EsounD applications
esound-toolsCommandline tools to talk to the EsounD daemon
espeakSoftware speech synthesizer (text-to-speech)
espeak-ngeSpeak NG Text-to-Speech
etermEnlightened terminal emulator
etherapeGraphical network monitor for Unix
ethstatusConsole-based ethernet statistics monitor
eth-tools-basicManagement level tools and scripts
evemuEvent Device Query and Emulation Program
evinceDocument viewer
evince-thumbnailerEvince thumbnailer
evolutionMail and calendar client for GNOME
evtestEvent device test program
ewftoolsUtilities for the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF)
exabgpThe BGP swiss army knife of networking
exaileSimple but powerful Amarok-style music player for GTK users
examinerUtility to disassemble and comment foreign executable binaries
exempiLibrary for easy parsing of XMP metadata
exfalsoTag editor for various music files
exifUtility to show EXIF information hidden in JPEG files
exoApplication library for the Xfce desktop environment
expatAn XML parser library
expectA program-script interaction and testing utility
expectkA program-script interaction and testing utility
extractpdfmarkExtract page mode and named destinations as PDFmark from PDF
ezstreamCommand line source client for Icecast media streaming servers
f2cA Fortran 77 to C/C++ conversion program
f3Utility to test for fake flash drives and cards
f3dFast and minimalist 3D viewer
faacEncoder and encoding library for MPEG2/4 AAC
faad2Library and frontend for decoding MPEG2/4 AAC
fail2ban-serverCore server component for Fail2Ban
fail2ban-testsFail2Ban testcases
fakechrootGives a fake chroot environment
fakerootGives a fake root environment
fantasdicDictionary application using Ruby
fapgFast Audio Playlist Generator
fastdFast and secure tunneling daemon
fastfetchLike neofetch, but much faster because written in c
fatcatFAT filesystems explore, extract, repair, and forensic tool
fatresizeFAT16/FAT32 resizer
fatsortFAT sorter for FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems
fawltydepsFind undeclared and unused 3rd-party dependencies in your Python project
fbbPacket radio mailbox and utilities
fbidaFrameBuffer Imageviewer
fbida-fbgsFramebuffer Postscript Viewer
fbida-idaMotif based Imageviewer
fbrnchFedora packager tool to build package branches
fbtermA frame-buffer terminal emulator
fbzxA ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer
fcitxAn input method framework
fd-findFd is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
fdkaacCommand line frontend for libfdk-aac encoder
fdupesFinds duplicate files in a given set of directories
fedora-messagingSet of tools for using Fedora's messaging infrastructure
fedora-reviewReview tool for fedora rpm packages
fedora-third-partyTool for handling third-party RPM and Flatpak repositories in Fedora
fedpkgFedora utility for working with dist-git
fedrqA tool to query the Fedora and EPEL repositories
fedscm-adminCLI tool to process Fedora SCM requests
fedtexSimple TeX dependency installer for Fedora
fehFast command line image viewer using Imlib2
fennelA Lisp that compiles to Lua
festivalSpeech synthesis and text-to-speech system
fetchlogUtility to display new messages of a logfile since last run
fetchmailA remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
fexField split/extraction like cut/awk
ffadoFree firewire audio driver library applications and utilities
fflas-ffpack-develHeader files for developing with fflas-ffpack
ffmpegDigital VCR and streaming server
ffmpegthumbnailerLightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
ffmulticonverterGUI File Format Converter
fftwA Fast Fourier Transform library
fidoMulti-threaded file watch utility
fido2-toolsFIDO2 tools
Field3DLibrary for storing voxel data
fig2psUtility for converting xfig pictures to PS/PDF
figtoipeFIG to IPE conversion tool
fileUtility for determining file types
filebenchA model based file system workload generator
file-unpackCommand line tool to unpack anything
filezillaFTP, FTPS and SFTP client
fimLightweight universal image viewer
finchA text-based user interface for Pidgin
findutilsThe GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs)
fingerThe finger client
fioMultithreaded IO generation tool
firefoxMozilla Firefox Web browser
firejailLinux namespaces sandbox program
firewall-appletFirewall panel applet
firewall-configFirewall configuration application
firewalldA firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall
fishFriendly interactive shell
fitykNon-linear curve fitting and data analysis
flacAn encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec
flac123Command-line program for playing FLAC audio files
flaconAudio File Encoder
flam3Programs to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames
flamegraphStack trace visualizer
flamegraph-stackcollapseStack collapsers and support scripts
flamegraph-stackcollapse-perfStack collapser for perf output
flamegraph-stackcollapse-phpStack collapser for PHP
flamerobinGraphical client for Firebird
flameshotPowerful and simple to use screenshot software
flamethrowerA DNS performance and functional testing utility
flatbuffers-compilerFlatBuffers compiler (flatc)
flatpakApplication deployment framework for desktop apps
flatpak-builderTool to build flatpaks from source
flawfinderExamines C/C++ source code for security flaws
flentFLExible Network Tester for bufferbloat testing and more
flexA tool for generating scanners (text pattern recognizers)
flexiblas-netlibFlexiBLAS wrapper library
flickcurlC library for the Flickr API
flickcurl-develDevelopment files for flickcurl
FlightGearThe FlightGear Flight Simulator
florenceExtensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard for GNOME
flowbladeMultitrack non-linear video editor for Linux
flow-toolsTool set for working with NetFlow data
flow-tools-rrdtoolScripts for flow-tools to build rrd graphs
flpsedWYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor
fltk-develDevelopment files for fltk
fltk-fluidFast Light User Interface Designer
fluidsynthReal-time software synthesizer
fluxboxWindow Manager based on Blackbox
fmfFlexible Metadata Format
fmidi-toolsCommand-line tools based on the fmidi library
fmtoolsSimple Video for Linux radio card programs
fmt-ptrnA simple template system
fntsampleA program for making font samples that show Unicode coverage of the font
focuswriterA full screen, distraction-free writing program
fontconfigFont configuration and customization library
fontforgeOutline and bitmap font editor
fonttoolsTools to manipulate font files
fonttosfntTool to wrap bdf or pcf bitmap fonts in an sfnt wrapper
foo2ddstLinux printer driver for DDST protocol
foo2hbplLinux printer driver for HBPL protocol
foo2hipercLinux printer driver for HIPERC protocol (Oki C3400n etc.)
foo2hpLinux printer driver for HP 1600, HP 2600n
foo2lavaLinux printer driver for Zenographics LAVAFLOW protocol
foo2oakLinux printer driver for OAKT protocol (HPLJ1500 etc.)
foo2qpdlLinux printer driver for Samsung CLP-300, CLP-600, CLP-3160
foo2slxLinux printer driver for SLX protocol (Lexmark C500n etc.)
foo2xqxLinux printer driver for HP LaserJet M1005 MFP
foo2zjsLinux printer driver for ZjStream protocol
foomaticTools for using the foomatic database of printers and printer drivers
footFast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
fortune-modA program which will display a fortune
fossilA distributed SCM with bug tracking and wiki
fotocxPhoto editor
foxtrotgpsGTK+ mapping and GPS application
fox-utilsUtility applications based on fox
fparta tool that sorts files and packs them into bags
fpasteA simple tool for pasting info onto the Fedora community paste server
fpcFree Pascal Compiler
fpc-ideFree Pascal Compiler - terminal-based IDE
fpdnsFingerprint DNS servers
fpm2Password manager with GTK3 GUI
fprintdD-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access
frama-cFramework for source code analysis of C software
freecolorDisplay memory information graphically
freedink-dfarcFrontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink
freeguideA TV Guide
freeipa-clientIPA authentication for use on clients
freeipa-client-epnTools to configure Expiring Password Notification in IPA
freeipa-client-sambaTools to configure Samba on IPA client
freeipa-serverThe IPA authentication server
freeipa-server-dnsIPA integrated DNS server with support for automatic DNSSEC signing
freeipa-server-trust-adVirtual package to install packages required for Active Directory trusts
freeradius-utilsFreeRADIUS utilities
freerdpFree implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
freerdp-serverServer support for freerdp
freetdsImplementation of the TDS (Tabular DataStream) protocol
freetype-demosA collection of FreeType demos
freetype-develFreeType development libraries and header files
freewrlX3D / VRML visualization program
freezefreeze/melt/fcat compression utilities
freightA modern take on the Debian archive
frescobaldiEdit LilyPond sheet music with ease!
fritzingElectronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product
frogrFlickr Remote Organizer for GNOME
frosUniversal screencasting frontend with pluggable support for various backends
frozen-bubbleFrozen Bubble arcade game
frrRouting daemon
fryskExecution analysis and debugging tool-suite
fstrcmpFuzzy string compare library
fstrm-utilsFrame Streams (fstrm) utilities
fswatchA cross-platform file change monitor
fswebcamTiny and flexible webcam program
ftnchekStatic analyzer for Fortran 77 programs
ftpThe standard UNIX FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client
funionfsUnion filesystem in userspace
fuseFile System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 utilities
fuse3File System in Userspace (FUSE) v3 utilities
fuse-afpFUSE driver for AFP filesystem
fuse-btfsFUSE filesystem Bittorrent
fuse-dislockerFUSE filesystem to access BitLocker encrypted volumes
fuse-emulatorThe Free UNIX Spectrum Emulator
fuse-emulator-utilsAdditional utils for the Fuse spectrum emulator
fuse-encfsEncrypted pass-thru filesystem in userspace
fuse-overlayfsFUSE overlay+shiftfs implementation for rootless containers
fuse-sshfsFUSE-Filesystem to access remote filesystems via SSH
fuse-uadefsPseudo file system for playing music modules as WAVs
fuse-zipFilesystem to navigate, extract, create and modify ZIP archives
fusioninventory-agentFusionInventory agent
fusioninventory-agent-task-esxFusionInventory plugin to inventory vCenter/ESX/ESXi
fusioninventory-agent-task-inventoryInventory task for FusionInventory
fusioninventory-agent-task-networkNetDiscovery and NetInventory task for FusionInventory
fusioninventory-agent-task-wakeonlanWakeOnLan task for FusionInventory
fuzzelApplication launcher for wlroots based Wayland compositors
fvspConvert Perl version string into RPM-compatible version string
fvwmHighly configurable multiple virtual desktop window manager
fwtsFirmware Test Suite
fwupdFirmware update daemon
fzfA command-line fuzzy finder written in Go
g3kb-switchCLI keyboard layout switcher for GNOME Shell
gajimJabber client written in PyGTK
galculatorGTK 3 based scientific calculator
gambas3-dev-toolsDevelopment environment for Gambas3
gambas3-ideThe complete Gambas3 Development Environment
gambas3-runtimeRuntime environment for Gambas3
gambas3-scripterScripter program that allows the creation of Gambas3 scripts
gambit-cScheme programming system
gameconquerorCheatEngline-alike interface for scanmem
gamemodeOptimize system performance for games on demand
gammaray-docDeveloper Documentation files for gammaray
gammastepAdjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day
gammuCommand Line utility to work with mobile phones
ganglia-gmetadGanglia Metadata collection daemon
ganglia-gmondGanglia Monitoring daemon
gapComputational discrete algebra
gap-coreGAP core components
gap-develGAP compiler and development files
garmintoolsTools for Garmin GPS-devices
gaucheScheme script interpreter with multibyte character handling
gauche-develDevelopment files for Gauche
gaupolEditor for text-based subtitle files
gawkThe GNU version of the AWK text processing utility
gawk-xmlXML support for gawk
gazebo3D multi-robot simulator with dynamics
gbdfedBitmap Font Editor
gcabCabinet file library and tool
gcalGNU Gregorian calendar program
gccVarious compilers (C, C++, Objective-C, ...)
gcc-gdcD support
gcc-gfortranFortran support
gcc-gm2Modula-2 support
gcc-goGo support
gchem3d3D molecular structure viewer
gchemcalcChemical calculator
gchempaint2D chemical structure editor
gchemtablePeriodic table of the chemical elements
gcinAn input method focused on Chinese users
gclGNU Common Lisp
gcolor3A simple color chooser written in GTK3 (like gcolor2)
GConf2A process-transparent configuration system
gconf-editorEditor/admin tool for GConf
gcovrA code coverage report generator using GNU gcov
gcrystalCrystalline structure editor
gcstarPersonal collections manager
gdalGIS file format library
gdal-develDevelopment files for the GDAL file format library
gdal-python-toolsPython tools for the GDAL file format library
gdbA GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Fortran, Go and other languages
gdb-gdbserverA standalone server for GDB (the GNU source-level debugger)
gdb-headlessA GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Fortran, Go and other languages
gdbmA GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing
gdcalcFinancial, statistics, scientific and programmers calculator for GTK+
gdcm-applicationsIncludes command line programs for GDCM
gdigiUtility to control DigiTech effect pedals
gdk-pixbuf2An image loading library
gdk-pixbuf2-develDevelopment files for gdk-pixbuf2
gdlGNU Data Language
geanyA fast and lightweight IDE using GTK3
gearmandA distributed job system
geditText editor for the GNOME desktop
geeqieImage browser and viewer
gendersStatic cluster configuration database
general-purpose-preprocessorCustomizable language-agnostic preprocessor
genesis-simulatorA general purpose simulation platform
gengetoptTool to write command line option parsing code for C programs
genisoimageCreates an image of an ISO9660 file-system
gensioGeneral Stream I/O
gentooGraphical file management program written in GTK+3
genwqe-toolsGenWQE userspace tools
genwqe-vpdGenWQE adapter VPD tools
GeographicLibLibrary for geographic coordinate transformations
GeoIPLibrary for country/city/organization to IP address or hostname mapping
geoipupdateUpdate GeoIP2 binary databases from MaxMind
geomviewInteractive 3D viewing program
gerberaUPnP Media Server
gerbvGerber file viewer from the gEDA toolkit
getdataLibrary for reading and writing dirfile data
getdpGeneral Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems
get-flash-videosCLI tool to download flash video from websites
get_iplayerLists, records and streams BBC iPlayer TV and radio programmes
gettextGNU tools and libraries for localized translated messages
gettext-develDevelopment files for gettext
gettext-envsubstSubstitutes the values of environment variables
gettext-runtimeGNU runtime libraries and programs for producing multi-lingual messages
gfal2Grid file access library 2.0
gfal2-util-scriptsgfal2 command line scripts
gfalFSFilesystem client based on GFAL 2.0
gfmTexas Instruments handheld(s) file manipulation program
gforthFast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth language
gftpA multi-threaded FTP client for the X Window System
ghGitHub's official command line tool
ghc8.10-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghc9.0-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghc9.2-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghc9.4-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghc9.6-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghc9.8-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghc-compilerGHC compiler and utilities
ghdlA VHDL simulator, using the GCC technology
ghostscriptInterpreter for PostScript language & PDF
ghostscript-tools-dvipdfGhostscript's 'dvipdf' utility
ghostscript-tools-fontsGhostscript's font utilities
ghostscript-tools-printingGhostscript's printing utilities
ghostwriterCross-platform, aesthetic, distraction-free Markdown editor
giacComputer Algebra System, Symbolic calculus, Geometry
gi-docgenDocumentation tool for GObject-based libraries
gif2pngA GIF to PNG converter
giflib-utilsPrograms for manipulating GIF format image files
gifsiclePowerful program for manipulating GIF images and animations
gifticlibIO library for the GIFTI cortical surface data format
gifviewLightweight animated-GIF viewer
gigoloGIO/GVFS management application
gimpGNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp3GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp3-devel-toolsGIMP plugin and extension development tools
gimp-devel-toolsGIMP plugin and extension development tools
girlGNOME Internet Radio Locator program
gitFast Version Control System
git-absorbGit commit --fixup, but automatic
git-annexManage files with git, without checking their contents into git
git-autofixupAutofixup - create fixup commits for topic branches
git-colaA sleek and powerful git GUI
git-core-docDocumentation files for git-core
git-cpan-patchPatch CPAN modules using Git
git-credential-azureGit credential helper for Azure Repos
git-credential-oauthGit credential helper for GitHub and other forges using OAuth
git-cryptTransparent file encryption in git
git-cvsGit tools for importing CVS repositories
git-daemonGit protocol daemon
git-emailGit tools for sending patches via email
git-extrasLittle git extras
git-famePretty-print git repository collaborators sorted by contributions
git-filter-repoQuickly rewrite git repository history (git-filter-branch replacement)
git-ftpGit powered FTP client written as shell script
gitgGTK+ graphical interface for the git revision control system
git-guiGraphical interface to Git
git-instawebRepository browser in gitweb
gitkGit repository browser
git-lfsGit extension for versioning large files
git-merge-changelogGit merge driver for ChangeLog files
git-octopusGit commands for continuous delivery
git-p4Git tools for working with Perforce depots
git-publishPrepare and store patch revisions as git tags
git-remote-gcryptGNU Privacy Guard-encrypted git remote
git-remote-hgMercurial wrapper for git
git-reviewA Git helper for integration with Gerrit
git-reviseEfficiently update, split, and rearrange git commits
git-secretA bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository
git-secretsPrevents committing secrets and credentials into git repos
git-subtreeGit tools to merge and split repositories
git-svnGit tools for interacting with Subversion repositories
git-toolsAssorted git-related scripts and tools
gitwebSimple web interface to git repositories
git-xcleanerInteractive git branch removal TUI
gjots2A hierarchical note jotter - organize your ideas, notes, facts in a tree
gkermitA utility for transferring files using the Kermit protocol
gkrellmMultiple stacked system monitors in one process
gkrellm-daemonThe GNU Krell Monitors Server
glabA GitLab CLI tool bringing GitLab to your command line
glabelsA program for creating labels and business cards for GNOME
gladeUser Interface Designer for GTK+
glancesA cross-platform system monitoring tool
gleGraphics Layout Engine
glib2A library of handy utility functions
glib2-develA library of handy utility functions
glib-develLibraries and header files for glib development
glimpsePowerful file indexing and query system
glivImage viewing utility
glmark2Benchmark for OpenGL 2.0
globalSource code tag system
globus-common-progsGrid Community Toolkit - Common Library Programs
globus-gass-copy-progsGrid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy Programs
globus-gram-client-toolsGrid Community Toolkit - Job Management Tools (globusrun)
globus-gram-job-managerGrid Community Toolkit - GRAM Jobmanager
globus-gsi-cert-utils-progsGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library Programs
globus-proxy-utilsGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Utility Programs
globus-simple-caGrid Community Toolkit - Simple CA Utility
glusterfs-coreutilsCore Utilities for the Gluster Distributed File System
gmicGREYC's Magic for Image Computing
gmp-ecmElliptic Curve Method for Integer Factorization
gmsh-commonCommon files for gmsh
gnMeta-build system that generates build files for Ninja
gnofract4dGnofract 4D is a Gnome-based program to draw fractals
gnokiiLinux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phones
gnome-abrtA utility for viewing problems that have occurred with the system
gnome-battery-benchMeasure power usage in defined scenarios
gnome-bluetoothBluetooth graphical utilities
gnome-calculatorA desktop calculator
gnome-color-managerColor management tools for GNOME
gnome-commanderA nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop
gnome-contactsContacts manager for GNOME
gnome-control-centerUtilities to configure the GNOME desktop
gnome-dictionaryA dictionary application for GNOME
gnome-doc-utilsDocumentation utilities for GNOME
gnome-firmwareInstall firmware on devices
gnome-keyringFramework for managing passwords and other secrets
gnome-logsLog viewer for the systemd journal
gnome-multi-writerWrite an ISO file to multiple USB devices at once
gnome-packagekit-commonCommon files required for gnome-packagekit
gnome-packagekit-installerPackageKit package installer
gnome-packagekit-updaterPackageKit package updater
gnome-panelGNOME Flashback panel
gnome-phone-managerGnome Phone Manager
gnome-photosAccess, organize and share your photos on GNOME
gnome-pkg-toolsTools for the Debian GNOME Packaging Team
gnome-power-managerGNOME power management service
gnome-remote-desktopGNOME Remote Desktop screen share service
gnome-screenshotA screenshot utility for GNOME
gnome-sessionGNOME session manager
gnome-shellWindow management and application launching for GNOME
gnome-softwareA software center for GNOME
gnome-subtitlesSubtitle editor for Gnome
gnome-system-logA log file viewer for GNOME
gnome-terminalTerminal emulator for GNOME
gnoteNote-taking application
gnuboy-sdlNintendo GameBoy Color emulator (SDL version)
gnuboy-xNintendo GameBoy Color emulator (X version)
gnucapThe Gnu Circuit Analysis Package
gnucashFinance management application
gnucobolCOBOL compiler
gnulib-develDevel files of gnulib
gnumericSpreadsheet program for GNOME
gnupg1A GNU utility for secure communication and data storage
gnupg2Utility for secure communication and data storage
gnupg2-smimeCMS encryption and signing tool and smart card support for GnuPG
gnupg-pkcs11-scdGnuPG-compatible smart-card daemon with PKCS#11 support
gnuplot-commonThe common gnuplot parts
gnuradioSoftware defined radio framework
gnusim8085Graphical simulator for 8085 assembly language
gnustep-baseGNUstep Base library package
gnustep-makeGNUstep makefile package
gnutls-utilsCommand line tools for TLS protocol
goaccessReal-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer
gobject-introspection-develLibraries and headers for gobject-introspection
gocrGNU Optical Character Recognition program
golang-github-aliyun-cliAlibaba Cloud CLI
golang-github-aliyun-ossutilAlibaba Cloud (Aliyun) Object Storage Service (OSS) CLI
golang-github-cpuguy83-md2manConverts markdown into roff (man pages)
golang-github-dustinkirkland-petnameAn RFC1178 implementation
golang-github-heistp-irttIsochronous Round-Trip Tester
golang-github-letsencrypt-pebblePebble is a miniature version of Boulder, a small RFC 8555 ACME test server
golang-github-prometheusPrometheus monitoring system and time series database
golang-github-prometheus-alertmanagerPrometheus Alertmanager
golang-github-shulhan-bindataA small utility which generates Go code from any file
golang-github-zmap-zcertificateCommand line utility for parsing certificates
golang-github-zmap-zlint-3X.509 Certificate Linter focused on Web PKI standards and requirements
goodvibesLightweight Radio Player
google-authenticatorOne-time pass-code support using open standards
google-chromethe web browser from Google
googlerAccess google search, google site search, google news from the terminal
gostsumGOST file digesting utilities
gotchaA library for wrapping function calls to shared libraries
gourceSoftware version control visualization
go-vendor-toolsTools for handling Go library vendoring in Fedora
goverlayProject that aims to create a Graphical UI to help manage Linux overlays
gp2cPARI/GP script to C program translator
gpacMPEG-4 multimedia framework
gpasteClipboard management system
gperfA perfect hash function generator
gphoto2Software for accessing digital cameras
gpickAdvanced color picker
gpluginGObject based library that implements a reusable plugin system
gplugin-gtk4GTK4 applications for gplugin
gpmA mouse server for the Linux console
gpodderPodcast receiver/catcher written in Python
gpredictReal-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program
gpscorrelateA GPS photo correlation / geotagging tool
gpsdService daemon for mediating access to a GPS
gpsd-clientsClients for gpsd
gpsd-xclientsGraphical clients for gpsd
gpsmanA GPS manager
gputilsDevelopment utilities for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) microcontrollers
gqrxSoftware defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt
graceNumerical Data Processing and Visualization Tool
grafanaMetrics dashboard and graph editor
grampsGenealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
GraphicsMagickAn ImageMagick fork, offering faster image generation and better quality
GraphicsMagick-c++-develC++ bindings for the GraphicsMagick library
GraphicsMagick-develLibraries and header files for GraphicsMagick app development
graphvizGraph Visualization Tools
graphviz-smyrnaGraphviz interactive graph viewer
grassGRASS GIS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
gravity-beams-and-evaporating-starsA game about hurling asteroids into the sun
grcGeneric Colorizer
greetdA generic greeter daemon
grepPattern matching utilities
grepcidrFilter IPv4 and IPv6 addresses matching CIDR patterns
grepmailSearch mailboxes for a particular email
gretlA tool for econometric analysis
grfcodecA suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files
gridsite-clientsClients to gridsite including htcp, htrm, htmv
griloContent discovery framework
grimScreenshot tool for Sway
grimshotHelper for screenshots within sway
gripFront-end for CD rippers and Ogg Vorbis encoders
grisbiPersonal finances manager
grive2Google Drive client
groffA document formatting system
groff-baseParts of the groff formatting system required to display manual pages
groff-perlParts of the groff formatting system that require Perl
groff-x11Parts of the groff formatting system that require X Windows System
gromacs-commonGROMACS shared data and documentation
gromit-mpxAn on-screen annotation tool
gronMake JSON greppable
grpc-cliCommand-line tool for gRPC
grsyncA Gtk+ GUI for rsync
grub2-emuGRUB user-space emulation.
grub2-toolsSupport tools for GRUB.
grub2-tools-efiSupport tools for GRUB.
grub2-tools-extraSupport tools for GRUB.
grub2-tools-minimalSupport tools for GRUB.
grub-customizerGraphical GRUB2 settings manager
gscan2pdfGUI for producing a multipage PDF from a scan
gsequencerAudio processing engine
gshutdownGShutDown is an advanced shut down utility for GNOME
gsi-opensshAn implementation of the SSH protocol with GSI authentication
gsi-openssh-clientsSSH client applications with GSI authentication
gslThe GNU Scientific Library for numerical analysis
gsl-develLibraries and the header files for GSL development
gsmartcontrolGraphical user interface for smartctl
gsm-toolsGSM speech compressor tools
gsoap-develDevel libraries and headers for linking with gSOAP generated stubs
gsoundSmall gobject library for playing system sounds
gspectrumSpectrum viewer
gssdp-utilsVarious GUI utuls for gssdp
gst123Command line multimedia player based on gstreamer
gst-editing-servicesGstreamer editing services
gstreamer1GStreamer streaming media framework runtime
gstreamer1-plugins-base-toolsTools for GStreamer streaming media framework base plugins
gsviewPostScript and PDF previewer
gtModified Timidity which supportes enhanced gus format patches
gt5A diff-capable 'du-browser'
gthumbImage viewer, editor, organizer
gtimelogUnobtrusively keep track of your time
gtk2GTK+ graphical user interface library
gtk2-develDevelopment files for GTK+
gtk3GTK+ graphical user interface library
gtk3-develDevelopment files for GTK+
gtk4GTK graphical user interface library
gtk4-develDevelopment files for GTK
gtk4-devel-toolsDeveloper tools for GTK
GtkAda-develDevelopment files for GTKada 2
gtk+-develDevelopment tools for GTK+ (GIMP ToolKit) applications
gtk-gnutellaGUI based Gnutella Client
gtkgreetGTK based greeter for greetd
gtkpodGraphical song management program for Apple's iPod
gtktermSerial port terminal
gtk-update-icon-cacheIcon theme caching utility
gtkwaveWaveform Viewer
gtorrentviewerA GTK2-based viewer and editor for BitTorrent meta files
gtranslatorGettext po file editor for GNOME
gtsGNU Triangulated Surface Library
gts-develDevelopment files for gts
gtypistGNU typing tutor
guacdProxy daemon for Guacamole
guestfs-toolsTools to access and modify virtual machine disk images
guileA GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
guile22A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
guile30A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
guiltScripts to manage quilt-like patches on top of git
gummiA simple LaTeX editor
gupnp-develDevelopment package for gupnp
gutenprintPrinter Drivers Package
guvcviewGTK+ UVC Viewer and Capturer
gvA X front-end for the Ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter
gvfsBackends for the gio framework in GLib
gvfs-fuseFUSE support for gvfs
gvnc-toolsCommand line VNC tools
gxemulInstruction-level machine emulator
gxkbX11 keyboard indicator and switcher
gyazoScreen capture (screenshot) tool
gzipGNU data compression program
h264encAn interactive menu-driven frontend for mencoder
halibutTeX-like software manual tool
hamlibRun-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers
haproxyHAProxy reverse proxy for high availability environments
hardinfo2System Information and Benchmark for Linux Systems
harmonyseqMIDI sequencer designed for live performances
hash-slingerGenerate and verify various DNS records such as SSHFP, TLSA and OPENPGPKEY
hatariAn Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator suitable for playing games
hatari-uiExternal user interface for Hatari
hatchA modern project, package, and virtual env manager
hatoolsImproved shell scripting in High Availability environment
haxeMulti-target universal programming language
hcxtoolsPortable solution for conversion WiFi dump files to hashcat formats
hdfA general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data
hdf5A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data
hdf5-develHDF5 development files
hd-idleSpin down idle [USB] hard disks
heimdal-develHeader and other development files for Heimdal kerberos
heimdal-workstationHeimdal kerberos programs for use on workstations
helloPrints a familiar, friendly greeting
help2manCreate simple man pages from --help output
herbstluftwmA manual tiling window manager
hercstudioGUI front-end to the Hercules mainframe Emulator
herculesHercules S/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture emulator
hexchatA popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client
hexeditA hexadecimal file viewer and editor
hexerInteractive binary editor
hfsutilsTools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes
hfsutils-x11A Tk-based front end for browsing and copying files
hid-replayHID Input device recorder and replay
highlightUniversal source code to formatted text converter
hikariStacking Wayland compositor with tiling capabilities
hivexRead and write Windows Registry binary hive files
hledgerCommand-line interface for the hledger accounting system
hlintHaskell source code suggestions
hmmerBiosequence analysis using profile hidden Markov models
hmmer-easelEasel collection of small tools
hnbHierarchical Notebook
hostapdIEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
hostnameUtility to set/show the host name or domain name
hot-tuxGraphical CPU utilization monitoring utility
hqxHigh quality upscaling program for pixel-art
hspellA Hebrew spell checker
hstrSuggest box like shell history completion
hstsparserHSTS Digital Forensics parser
html2psHTML to PostScript converter
html2wikiConvert HTML to wiki markup
html-xml-utilsA number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files
htopInteractive process viewer
htslib-toolsAdditional htslib-based tools
httpd-develDevelopment interfaces for the Apache HTTP Server
httpd-toolsTools for use with the Apache HTTP Server
httperfTool for measuring web server performance
httpieA Curl-like tool for humans
httpingPing alike tool for http requests
http_pingHTTP latency measuring utility
httpryA specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic
httptunnelTunnels a data stream in HTTP requests
httrackWebsite copier and offline browser
hubA command-line tool that makes git easier to use with GitHub
huginA panoramic photo stitcher and more
hugin-baseCommand-line tools and libraries required by hugin
hugoThe world’s fastest framework for building websites
hugs98Haskell Interpreter
hunspellA spell checker and morphological analyzer library
hunspell-develFiles for developing with hunspell
huntTool for demonstrating well known weaknesses in the TCP/IP protocol suite
hutA CLI tool for Sourcehut
hwlocPortable Hardware Locality - portable abstraction of hierarchical architectures
hwloc-guiThe gui-based hwloc program(s)
hxtoolsA collection of several tools
hydraVery fast network log-on cracker
hydra-frontendThe GTK+ front end for hydra
hydrapaperSet two different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME
hydrogenAdvanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
hylafax+-clientClient programs for HylaFAX fax servers
hyperestraierA full-text search system
hyperfineCommand-line benchmarking tool
hyprlandDynamic tiling Wayland compositor that doesn't sacrifice on its looks
hyprpickerA wlroots-compatible Wayland color picker
i2c-tools-perli2c tools written in Perl
i3Improved tiling window manager
i3blocksA feed generator for text based status bars
i3lockSimple X display locker like slock
i3statusStatus bar generator for i3bar, dzen2, xmobar or similar programs
iaitoGUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework
ibacmInfiniBand Communication Manager Assistant
ibpA tool to show which IBP beacons are transmitting
ibusIntelligent Input Bus for Linux OS
ibus-fbtermIBus front-end for fbterm
ibus-fepIBus client for text terminals (non frame buffer)
ibus-setupIBus setup utility
ibus-tableThe Table engine for IBus platform
icatOutput images in terminal
iceauthDisplay the authorization information used in connecting with ICE
icecreamDistributed compiler
icedaxA utility for sampling/copying .wav files from digital audio CDs
icedtea-webOpen Source implementation of JSR-56 better known as Java Web Start
icemonIcecream GUI monitor
icewmWindow manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency
iconIcon programming language
icoutilsUtility for extracting and converting Microsoft icon and cursor files
icuInternational Components for Unicode
id3libLibrary for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
id3v2Command line ID3 tag editor
idevicerestoreRestore/upgrade firmware of iOS devices
idn2IDNA2008 internationalized domain names conversion tool
idrisFunctional Programming Language with Dependent Types
iec16022Generate ISO/IEC 16022 2D barcodes
ifmInteractive Fiction Mapper
ifstatInterface statistics
ifuseMount Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices
ignuitMemorization aid based on the Leitner flashcard system
igt-gpu-toolsTest suite and tools for DRM drivers
iiIRC IT, simple FIFO based IRC client
ike-scanIKE protocol tool to discover, fingerprint and test IPsec VPN servers
ikiwikiA wiki compiler
ima-evm-utilsIMA/EVM support utilities
ImageMagickAn X application for displaying and manipulating images
ImageMagick-c++-develC++ bindings for the ImageMagick library
ImageMagick-develLibrary links and header files for ImageMagick app development
imakeimake source code configuration and build system
imapfilterA flexible client side mail filtering utility for IMAP servers
imapsyncTool to migrate email between IMAP servers
im-chooserDesktop Input Method configuration tool
imgpMulti-core batch image resizer and rotator
impressiveA program that displays presentation slides
imsettingsDelivery framework for general Input Method configuration
imvImage viewer for X11 and Wayland
imvirtDetects several virtualizations
imwheelMouse Event to Key Event Mapper Daemon
incronInotify cron system
incusPowerful system container and virtual machine manager
incus-agentIncus guest agent
incus-clientContainer hypervisor based on LXC - Client
incus-toolsContainer hypervisor based on LXC - Extra Tools
indentA GNU program for formatting C code
inewsSends Usenet articles to a local news server for distribution
infoA stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation
initscriptsBasic support for legacy System V init scripts
inkscapeVector-based drawing program using SVG
inkscape-viewViewing program for SVG files
innThe InterNetNews system, an Usenet news server
innoextractTool to extract installers created by Inno Setup
innotopA MySQL and InnoDB monitor program
inotify-toolsCommand line utilities for inotify
input-leapShare mouse and keyboard between multiple computers over the network
input-padOn-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse
insightGraphical debugger based on GDB
inxiA full featured system information script
iopingSimple disk I/O latency monitoring tool
ioportAccess I/O ports
iowatcherUtility for visualizing block layer IO patterns and performance
iozoneFilesystem benchmarking utility
IP2LocationTools for mapping IP address to geolocation information
ipa-hcc-serverIPA server plugin for Hybrid Cloud Console integration
ipcalcIP network address calculator
ipeDrawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PostScript formats
iperfMeasurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance
iperf3Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance
ipmctlUtility for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules
ipmitoolUtility for IPMI control
ipsilonAn Identity Provider Server
ipsilon-clientTools for configuring Ipsilon clients
iptables-legacyLegacy tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities
ipv6genIPv6 prefix generator
irqbalanceIRQ balancing daemon
irsimSwitch-level simulator used even for VLSI
irssiModular text mode IRC client with Perl scripting
isa-l-toolsIntel(R) Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library - tool
isomasterAn easy to use GUI CD image editor
isomd5sumUtilities for working with md5sum implanted in ISO images
isrcsubmitScript to submit ISRCs from disc to MusicBrainz
isyncTool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes
itstoolITS-based XML translation tool
iverilogIcarus Verilog is a verilog compiler and simulator
iwdWireless daemon for Linux
iwyuC/C++ source files #include analyzer based on clang
j4-dmenu-desktopGeneric menu for desktop managers
jack-audio-connection-kitThe Jack Audio Connection Kit
jack-examplesExamples for JACK
jack-keyboardVirtual keyboard for JACK MIDI
jack-toolsTools for JACK
jacktripA system for high-quality audio network performance over the Internet
jalvA simple but fully featured LV2 host for Jack
jalv-gtkGTK implementation of jalv
jalv-qtQT implementation of jalv
jalv_selectA little gtkmm GUI to select lv2 plugins from a list and run them with jalv.
janetA dynamic language and bytecode vm
jasperImplementation of the JPEG-2000 standard, Part 1
jasper-utilsNonessential utilities for jasper
java-11-openjdk-develOpenJDK 11 Development Environment
java-11-openjdk-headlessOpenJDK 11 Headless Runtime Environment
java-17-openjdk-develOpenJDK 17 Development Environment
java-17-openjdk-headlessOpenJDK 17 Headless Runtime Environment
java-1.8.0-openjdk-develOpenJDK 8 Development Environment
java-1.8.0-openjdk-headlessOpenJDK 8 Headless Runtime Environment
java-21-openjdk-develOpenJDK 21 Development Environment
java-21-openjdk-headlessOpenJDK 21 Headless Runtime Environment
java-jd-decompilerJAVA library having JAVA decompiler of "Java Decompiler project"
java-latest-openjdk-develOpenJDK 22 Development Environment
java-latest-openjdk-headlessOpenJDK 22 Headless Runtime Environment
javapackages-commonNon-essential macros and scripts for Java packaging support
javapackages-toolsMacros and scripts for Java packaging support
java-runtime-decompilerApplication for extraction and decompilation of JVM byte code
jbig2decA decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
jbigkitJBIG1 lossless image compression tools
jcSerialize the output of CLI tools and file-types to structured JSON
jcalUnix cal-like interface to libjalali
jdayA simple command to convert calendar dates to julian dates
jdupesDuplicate file finder and an enhanced fork of 'fdupes'
jedFast, compact editor based on the S-Lang screen library
jeditProgrammer's text editor
jelloQuery JSON at the command line with Python syntax
jetringGPG keyring maintenance using changesets
jfbtermJapanese Console for Linux Frame Buffer Device
jflexFast Scanner Generator
jgmenuSimple X11 application menu
jgmenu-lxLXDE jgmenu plugin
jgmenu-pmenuPmenu jgmenu plugin
jheadTool for displaying EXIF data embedded in JPEG images
jigdoEase distribution of large files over the Internet
jlFunctional sed for JSON
jmtpfsFUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP devices
joSmall utility to create JSON objects
joeAn easy to use, modeless text editor
joseTools for JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)
jpeginfoError-check and generate informative listings from JPEG files
jpegoptimUtility to optimize JPEG files
jpilotpilot desktop software
jpnevulatorSerial line sniffer including very simple terminal emulator
jqCommand-line JSON processor
jrnlCollect your thoughts and notes without leaving the command line
json-glib-develDevelopment files for json-glib
jsonnetA data templating language based on JSON
json-tableCommand-line tool to transform nested JSON into tabular data
jstest-gtkSimple joystick tester based on Gtk+
juliaHigh-level, high-performance dynamic language for technical computing
juppCompact and feature-rich WordStar-compatible editor
justJust a command runner
jwhoisInternet whois/nicname client
jwmJoe's Window Manager
k4dirstatGraphical Directory Statistics for Used Disk Space
kaffeineKDE media player based on VLC
kafs-clientThe basic tools for kAFS and mounter for the AFS dynamic root
kakasiA Japanese character set conversion filter
kakasi-develFiles for development of applications which will use KAKASI
kakouneCode editor heavily inspired by Vim
kalziumPeriodic Table of Elements
kanshiDynamic display configuration for Wayland
kapowA punch clock program
kasumi-commonAnthy dictionary management common files between kasumi and kasumi-unicode
kateAdvanced Text Editor
kawaScheme programming language
kbackupBack up your data in a simple, user friendly way
kbdTools for configuring the console (keyboard, virtual terminals, etc.)
kbddPer window keyboard layout
kbibtexA BibTeX editor for KDE
kbruchPractice Fractions
kBuildA cross-platform build environment
kcatGeneric command line non-JVM Apache Kafka producer and consumer
kcbenchBenchmark that compiles a Linux kernel
kccKanji Code Converter
kcovCode coverage tool without special compilation options
kde-dev-scriptsKDE SDK scripts
kdelibsKDE Libraries
kdelibs-develHeader files for compiling KDE 4 applications
kdenliveNon-linear video editor
kde-runtimeKDE Runtime
kdesuRuns a program with elevated privileges
kdesvnSubversion client for KDE
kdiff3Compare + merge 2 or 3 files or directories
keditbookmarksBookmark organizer and editor
keepalivedHigh Availability monitor built upon LVS, VRRP and service pollers
keepassPassword manager
keepassxcCross-platform password manager
kernel-toolsAssortment of tools for the Linux kernel
keychainAgent manager for OpenSSH, ssh.com, Sun SSH, and GnuPG
keydbMultithreaded Fork of Redis
keyutilsLinux Key Management Utilities
kf5-kconfigwidgets-develDevelopment files for kf5-kconfigwidgets
kf5-kdelibs4supportKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 4 module with porting aid from KDELibs 4
kf5-kdesignerpluginKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 integration module for Qt Designer
kf5-kdoctoolsKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 addon for generating documentation
kf5-kjsKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 functional module with JavaScript interpreter
kf5-kjsembedKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon for binding JS objects to QObjects
kf5-kpackageKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 library to load and install packages as plugins
kf5-kross-coreNon-gui part of the Kross framework
kf5-plasmaKDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 framework is foundation to build a primary user interface
kf6-kdoctoolsKDE Frameworks 6 Tier 2 addon for generating documentation
kf6-kpackageKDE Frameworks 6 Tier 2 library to load and install packages as plugins
kf6-kwalletKDE Frameworks 6 Tier 3 solution for password management
kfindKDE Find File Utility
khalCLI calendar application
kid3-commonEfficient command line ID3 tag editor
kigInteractive Geometry
kilnSimple static site generator.
kircTiny IRC client written in POSIX C99
kissatKeep It Simple SAT solver
kittyCross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator
kiwix-toolsCommon code base for all Kiwix ports
klatexformulaApplication for easy image creating from a LaTeX equation
klavaroTyping tutor
kmagA screen magnifier
kmetronomeA MIDI metronome using the Drumstick library
kmidimonDrumstick MIDI monitor
kmousetoolA program that clicks the mouse for you
kmouthA program that speaks for you
kmplotMathematical Function Plotter
kmsconTerminal emulator based on linux kernel mode setting.
kmymoneyPersonal finance
knockA port-knocking server/client
knock-serverA port-knocking server/client
knot-dnssecutilsDNSSEC tools shipped with the Knot DNS server
knot-utilsDNS client utilities shipped with the Knot DNS server
kodiMedia center
kodi-eventclientsMedia center event client remotes
koverWYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support
krazy2Krazy is a tool for checking code against the KDE coding guidelines
krb5-auth-dialogKerberos 5 authentication dialog
krb5-develDevelopment files needed to compile Kerberos 5 programs
krb5-serverThe KDC and related programs for Kerberos 5
krb5-workstationKerberos 5 programs for use on workstations
kronometerA stopwatch application by KDE
krunvmCreate microVMs from OCI images
krusaderAn advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE
kscKernel source code checker
kshThe Original ATT Korn Shell
ks-installTake a Fedora/CentOS/RHEL kickstart file and make a VM
ksshaskpassA ssh-add helper that uses kwallet and kpassworddialog
kstA data viewing program
kstartDaemon version of kinit for Kerberos v5
ktikzKDE Editor for the TikZ language
ktouchTouch Typing Tutor
kubernetesOpen Source Production-Grade Container Scheduling And Management Platform
kubernetes-clientKubernetes client tools
kubernetes-kubeadmKubernetes tool for standing up clusters
kubernetes-systemdSystemd services for control plane and/or node
kvircFree portable IRC client
kxstitchProgram to create cross stitch patterns
kyotocabinetA straightforward implementation of DBM
kyuaTesting framework for infrastructure software
LabPlotData Analysis and Visualization
labwcA Wayland window-stacking compositor
lagrangeA Beautiful Gemini Client
lameFree MP3 audio compressor
lammpsMolecular Dynamics Simulator
lasem-renderSimple MathML converter
lastpass-cliCommand line interface to LastPass.com
latex2htmlConverts LaTeX documents to HTML
latex2rtfLaTeX to RTF converter that handles equations, figures, and cross-references
latexmkA make-like utility for LaTeX files
LaTeXMLConverts TeX and LaTeX to XML/HTML/ePub/MathML
lavalauncherlavalauncher is a simple launcher for Wayland
lazarus-ideLazarus RAD IDE for Free Pascal
lazarus-toolsLazarus IDE helper programs
lazygalA static web gallery generator
lbdbAddress Database for mutt
lbzip2Fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility
lbzip2-utilsUtilities for working with bzip2 compressed files
lcdprocDisplay real-time system information on a 20x4 back-lit LCD
lcdtestDisplays monitor test patterns
lcmsColor Management System
lcms2-utilsUtility applications for lcms2
lcovLTP GCOV extension code coverage tool
ldapdiffTool for incremental LDAP directory updates based on ldif files
ldapviAn interactive LDAP client
ldb-toolsTools to manage LDB files
ldns-utilsDNS(SEC) utilities for querying dns
leafpadGTK+ based simple text editor
lecmLet's Encrypt Certificate Manager
ledgerA powerful command-line double-entry accounting system
legofyMake images look as if they are made out of 1x1 LEGO blocks
leiLocal Email Interface for public-inbox
lemonldap-ng-commonLemonLDAP-NG configuration
lemonldap-ng-managerLemonLDAP-NG administration interface
lensfun-toolsTools for managing lensfun data
lessA text file browser similar to more, but better
lfortranA modern Fortran compiler
lfscSMT proof checker
lftpA sophisticated file transfer program
L-functionC++ L-function class library and command line interface
lgogdownloaderGOG.com download client
lhaArchiving and compression utility for LHarc/lha/lzh archives
lib3ds-devel3D Studio file format library
lib3ds-tools3D Studio file format library
libabigailSet of ABI analysis tools
libabw-toolsTools to transform AbiWord files into other formats
libappstream-glibLibrary for AppStream metadata
libappstream-glib-builderLibrary and command line tools for building AppStream metadata
libasonA library for manipulating ASON values
libatf-cAutomated Testing Framework - C bindings
libatf-shAutomated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings
libatf-sh-develAutomated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings (headers)
libavc1394Audio/Video Control library for IEEE-1394 devices
libbonoboBonobo component system
libbytesize-toolsVarious nice tools based on libbytesize
libcaca-develDevelopment files for libcaca, the library for Colour AsCii Art
libcapLibrary for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
libcdioCD-ROM input and control library
libcdio-paranoiaCD paranoia on top of libcdio
libcdr-toolsTools to transform CorelDRAW drawings into other formats
libcgroup-toolsCommand-line utility programs, services and daemons for libcgroup
libchewingIntelligent phonetic input method library for Traditional Chinese
libcmis-toolsCommand line tool to access CMIS
libcom_err-develCommon error description library
libcouchbase-toolsCouchbase client tools
libcryptuiInterface components for OpenPGP
libcurl-develFiles needed for building applications with libcurl
libdatrie-develDevelopment files for libdatrie
libdb-utilsCommand line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases
libdc1394-toolsTools for use with libdc1394
libdca-toolsVarious tools for use with libdca
libdicom-toolsTools for decoding DICOM files
libdigidocppLibrary offers creating, signing and verification of digitally signed documents
libdsk-toolsTools for use with libdsk
libdv-toolsBasic tools to manipulate Digital Video streams
libdwarf-toolsTools for accessing DWARF debugging information
libdxfrwLibrary to read/write DXF files
libe-book-toolsTools to transform e-books into other formats
libesedbLibrary to access the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File (EDB) format
libetonyek-toolsTools to transform Apple iWork documents into other formats
libevdev-utilsKernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library Utilities Package
libextractorSimple library for keyword extraction
libfabricOpen Fabric Interfaces
libfaketimeManipulate system time per process for testing purposes
libfepLibrary to implement FEP (front end processor) on ANSI terminals
libfm-gtk-utilsGTK+ related utility package for libfm
libfplll-toolsCommand line tools that use libfplll
libfreehand-toolsTools to transform Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand documents into other formats
libfreenect-fakenectLibrary to play back recorded data for libfreenect
libfyamlComplete YAML parser and emitter
libgcrypt-develDevelopment files for the libgcrypt package
libgda5Library for writing gnome database programs
libgeotiffGeoTIFF format library
libgpg-error-develDevelopment files for the libgpg-error package
libgpiod-utilsUtilities for GPIO
libgsfGNOME Structured File library
libgsf-develSupport files necessary to compile applications with libgsf
libguestfsAccess and modify virtual machine disk images
libguestfs-develDevelopment tools and libraries for libguestfs
libguestfs-rescuevirt-rescue shell
libgxps-toolsCommand-line utility programs for manipulating XPS files
libheif-toolsTools for manipulating HEIF files
libhidUser space USB HID access library
libibverbs-utilsExamples for the libibverbs library
libicns-utilsUtilities for libicns
libicu-develDevelopment files for International Components for Unicode
libIDL-develDevelopment libraries and header files for libIDL
libidnInternationalized Domain Name support library
libiec61883-utilsUtilities for use with libiec61883
libimobiledevice-utilsUtilites for libimobiledevice
libinputInput device library
libinput-testlibinput integration test suite
libinput-utilsUtilities and tools for debugging libinput
libiodbciODBC Driver Manager
libiodbc-develHeader files and libraries for iODBC development
libircclient-develDevelopment files for libircclient
libiscsi-utilsiSCSI Client Utilities
libixion-toolsTesting tools for libixion
libjcatLibrary for reading Jcat files
libjpeg-turbo-utilsUtilities for manipulating JPEG images
libjxl-utilsUtilities for manipulating JPEG XL images
libkate-utilsEncoder/Decoder utilities for libkate
libkcapi-toolsUtility applications for the libkcapi package
libkiwixCommon code base for all Kiwix ports
libldmA tool to manage Windows dynamic disks
liblockfileThis implements a number of functions found in -lmail on SysV systems
libloc-toolsTools for downloading and querying IPFire Location database
liblouisutdml-utilsUtilities that convert various file formats into braille
liblouis-utilsCommand-line utilities to test liblouis
liblurLogitech Unifying Receiver library
libmawkEmbed awk scripting language in any application written in C
libmaxminddbC library for reading MaxMind DB files
libmbim-utilsUtilities to use the MBIM protocol from the command line
libmemcached-awesome-toolslibmemcached-awesome tools
libmikmod-develHeader files and documentation for compiling mikmod applications
libmodulemdModule metadata manipulation library
libmp4v2Library for working with files using the mp4 container format
libmspub-toolsTools to transform Microsoft Publisher documents into other formats
libmwaw-toolsTools to transform the supported formats into other formats
libnbdNBD client library in userspace
libnbd-develDevelopment headers for libnbd
libnet10-develDevelopment files for the libnet library
libnet-develDevelopment files for the libnet library
libnfc-examplesExamples using libnfc
libnfs-utilsUtilities for accessing NFS servers
libnotifyDesktop notification library
libnxtUtility for flashing LEGO Mindstorms NXT firmware
liboggzSimple programming interface for Ogg files and streams
libomxil-bellagioOpenMAX Integration Layer
libopenshot-audio-demoProgram for demonstrating libopenshot-audio
liborcus-toolsTools for working with liborcus
libosinfoA library for managing OS information for virtualization
libotrOff-The-Record Messaging library and toolkit
libpagemaker-toolsTools to transform Adobe PageMaker documents into other formats
libpano13-toolsTools that use the libpano13 library
libpcap-develLibraries and header files for the libpcap library
libpinyin-toolsTools for libpinyin
libplistLibrary for manipulating Apple Binary and XML Property Lists
libpreludedb-develLibraries and headers for PreludeDB
libprelude-develLibraries and headers for developing Prelude sensors
libpstUtilities to convert Outlook .pst files to other formats
libpwqualityA library for password generation and password quality checking
libqmi-utilsUtilities to use the QMI protocol from the command line
libquicktime-utilsUtilities for working with Quicktime files
libqxp-toolsTools to transform QuarkXPress documents into other formats
librabbitmq-toolsExample tools built using the librabbitmq package
libratbag-ratbagdDBus daemon to access programmable input devices
libraw1394Library providing low-level IEEE-1394 access - 2.1.2-
librdmacm-utilsExamples for the librdmacm library
librecadComputer Assisted Design (CAD) Application
libreoffice-coreCore modules for LibreOffice
librepA lightweight Lisp environment
librep-develDevelopment files for librep
libreport-clilibreport's command line interface
libreport-gtkGTK front-end for libreport
libreport-newtlibreport's newt interface
libreport-plugin-bugzillalibreport's bugzilla plugin
libreport-plugin-kerneloopslibreport's kerneloops reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-loggerlibreport's logger reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-mailxlibreport's mailx reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-mantisbtlibreport's mantisbt plugin
libreport-plugin-reportuploaderlibreport's reportuploader plugin
libreport-plugin-systemd-journallibreport's systemd journal reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-ureportlibreport's micro report plugin
librsvg2-toolsExtra tools for librsvg
librsyncRsync remote-delta algorithm library
libsbwC++ Broker library
libseccomp-develDevelopment files used to build applications with libseccomp support
libsecretLibrary for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets
libshoutIcecast source streaming library
libsixel-utilsSIXEL encoder and decoder utilities
libskk-toolsTools for libskk
libsmiA library to access SMI MIB information
libsndfile-utilsCommand Line Utilities for libsndfile
libsolv-demoApplications demoing the libsolv library
libsolv-toolsPackage dependency solver tools
libsolv-tools-baseUtilities used by libzypp to manage .solv files
libss-develCommand line interface parsing library
libstaroffice-toolsTools to transform StarOffice documents into other formats
libstoragemgmtStorage array management library
libstoragemgmt-arcconf-pluginFiles for Microsemi Adaptec and Smart Family support for libstoragemgmt
libstoragemgmt-hpsa-pluginFiles for HP SmartArray support for libstoragemgmt
libstoragemgmt-local-pluginFiles for local pseudo plugin of libstoragemgmt
libstoragemgmt-megaraid-pluginFiles for LSI MegaRAID support for libstoragemgmt
libstoragemgmt-nfs-pluginFiles for NFS local filesystem support for libstoragemgmt
libstoragemgmt-smis-pluginFiles for SMI-S generic array support for libstoragemgmt
libstoragemgmt-targetd-pluginFiles for targetd array support for libstoragemgmt
libtasn1-toolsSome ASN.1 tools
libtelnet-develHeader files for libtelnet
libtexprintf-toolsThe utftex and utfinfo binaries
libtiff-toolsCommand-line utility programs for manipulating TIFF files
libtoolThe GNU Portable Library Tool
libtracefsLibrary for access kernel tracefs
libtree-lddLike ldd but as a tree
libuninumLibrary for converting unicode strings to numbers
libusbmuxd-utilsUtilities for communicating with Apple's iOS devices
libuserA user and group account administration library
libuvPlatform layer for node.js
libvirt-clientClient side utilities of the libvirt library
libvirt-client-qemuAdditional client side utilities for QEMU
libvirt-daemon-commonFiles and utilities used by daemons
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemuQEMU driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon
libvirt-login-shellLogin shell for connecting users to an LXC container
libvirt-sandboxlibvirt application sandbox framework
libvisio-toolsTools to transform Microsoft Visio diagrams into other formats
libwacomTablet Information Client Library
libwacom-utilsTablet Information Client Library Utilities Package
libwebp-toolsThe WebP command line tools
libwhirlpoolWhirlpool cryptographic hash function library
libwpd-toolsTools to transform WordPerfect documents into other formats
libwpg-toolsTools to convert WordPerfect Graphics images to other formats
libwps-toolsTools to transform Microsoft Works documents into other formats
libxkbcommon-utilsX.Org X11 XKB parsing utilities
libxkbcommon-x11-utilsX.Org X11 XKB parsing utilities
libxlsRead binary Excel files from C/C++
libxml2Library providing XML and HTML support
libxml2-develLibraries, includes, etc. to develop XML and HTML applications
libxmlbLibrary for querying compressed XML metadata
libxoA Library for Generating Text, XML, JSON, and HTML Output
libXpm-develX.Org X11 libXpm development package
libxsltLibrary providing the Gnome XSLT engine
libyang-toolsYANG validator tools
libyaz-develDevelopment files for yaz
libykneomgrYubiKey NEO CCID Manager C Library
libyubikeyC library for decrypting and parsing Yubikey One-time passwords
libzip-toolsCommand line tools from libzip
libzmf-toolsTools to transform Zoner documents into other formats
licensecheckSimple license checker for source files
license-validateValidate SPEC license string
lifeographA diary program
lifereaAn RSS/RDF feed reader
lightControl backlight controllers
lightdmA cross-desktop Display Manager
light-lockerSimple session-locker for lightdm
lightsparkAn alternative Flash Player implementation
lilvAn LV2 Resource Description Framework Library
limnoriaA modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot) with enhancements and bug fixes
linbox-develDevelopment libraries/headers for linbox
lingotA musical instruments tuner
linkcheckerCheck HTML documents for broken links
link-grammarA full-service natural language dependency parser
linksWeb browser running in both graphics and text mode
linsmithA Smith charting program
linuxconsoletoolsTools for connecting joysticks & legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem
linuxdoc-toolsA text formatting package based on SGML
lirc-configLIRC Configuration Tools and Data
lirc-coreLIRC core, always needed to run LIRC
lirc-tools-guiLIRC GUI tools
lis-binlis executables
lizardfs-clientLizardFS client
llmnrdLink-Local Multicast Resolution Daemon
llvmThe Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm11The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm11-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm12The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm12-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm13The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm13-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm14The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm14-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm15The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm15-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm16The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm16-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm17The Low Level Virtual Machine
llvm17-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
llvm-develLibraries and header files for LLVM
lmdbMemory-mapped key-value database
lmmsLinux MultiMedia Studio
lm_sensorsHardware monitoring tools
lnavCurses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files
lockfile-progsCommand-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and mailboxes
log4c-develHeader files, libraries and development documentation for log4c
logcheckAnalyzes log files and sends noticeable events as email
logjamGTK2 client for LiveJournal
logstalgiaWeb server access log visualizer
logwatchAnalyzes and Reports on system logs
lollypopMusic player for GNOME
loookOpenOffice.org document search tool
loraxTool for creating the anaconda install images
loutA document formatting system
loveA free 2D game engine which enables easy game creation in Lua
lowdownSimple markdown translator
lpfLocal package factory - build non-redistributable rpms
lprintA Label Printer Application
lrslib-utilsSample programs that use lrslib
lrzszThe lrz and lsz modem communications programs
lsb_releaseLinux Standard Base Release Tool using os-release(5)
lsdvdSmall application for listing the contents of DVDs
lshwHardware lister
lshw-guiGraphical hardware lister
lsofA utility which lists open files on a Linux/UNIX system
lswPrints all window titles of DISPLAY to standard output
lsyncdFile change monitoring and synchronization daemon
ltraceTracks runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables
lttng-toolsLTTng control and utility programs
lttng-ust-develLTTng Userspace Tracer library headers and development files
luaPowerful light-weight programming language
luajitJust-In-Time Compiler for Lua
luitLocale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
lumina-archiverArchiver for Lumina Desktop
lumina-configConfiguration utility for Lumina Desktop
lumina-desktopA lightweight, portable desktop environment
lumina-fileinfoDesktop file editor for Lumina Desktop
lumina-fmFile manager for Lumina Desktop
lumina-infoBasic information utility for Lumina Desktop
lumina-mediaplayerMediaplayer for Lumina Desktop
luminance-hdr-dataArchitecture-independent data files for luminance-hdr
lumina-openxdg-open style utility for Lumina Desktop
lumina-photoImage viewer for Lumina Desktop
lumina-screenshotScreenshot utility for Lumina Desktop
lumina-searchSearch utility for Lumina Desktop
lumina-texteditText file editor for Lumina Desktop
lumina-xconfigX server display configuration tool for Lumina Desktop
lutrisInstall and play any video game easily
lvA Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
lv2-x42-pluginsA number of LV2 plugins
lxappearanceFeature-rich GTK+ theme switcher for LXDE
lxcLinux Resource Containers
lxcfsFUSE based filesystem for LXC
lxc-libsRuntime library files for lxc
lxde-commonDefault configuration files for LXDE
lxdreamSega Dreamcast emulator
lxdvdripA command line tool to rip&burn a video DVD
lxhotkeyHotkeys management utility
lxinputKeyboard and mouse settings dialog for LXDE
lxi-toolsTools to manage network attached LXI compatible instruments
lxlauncherOpen source replacement for Launcher on the EeePC
lxmusicLightweight XMMS2 client with simple user interface
lxpanelA lightweight X11 desktop panel
lxqt-configConfig tools for LXQt desktop suite
lxqt-openssh-askpassAskpass openssh transition dialog for LXQt desktop suite
lxqt-panelMain panel bar for LXQt desktop suite
lxqt-policykitPolicyKit agent for LXQt desktop suite
lxqt-runnerApplication runner agent for LXQt desktop suite
lxqt-sessionMain session for LXQt desktop suite
lxqt-sudoGUI frontend for sudo/su
lxrandrSimple monitor configuration tool
lxsessionLightweight X11 session manager
lxtaskLightweight and desktop independent task manager
lxterminalDesktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator
lynxA text-based Web browser
lyx-commonCommon files of lyx
lz4Extremely fast compression algorithm
lzipLZMA compressor with integrity checking
lziprecoverData recovery tool and decompressor for files in the lzip compressed format
lzopReal-time file compressor
m4GNU macro processor
maatkitEssential command-line utilities for MySQL
Macaulay2System for algebraic geometry and commutative algebra
macchangerAn utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces
mactel-bootIntel Mac boot files
magicA very capable VLSI layout tool
MagicPointX based presentation software
maildir-utilsA command-line mail organization utility
maildropMail delivery agent with filtering abilities
mailprocessingMaildir and IMAP processor/filter
maimCommand-line screen capture tool
mairixA program for indexing and searching email messages
makeA GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users
makebootfatUtility for creation bootable FAT disk
makepasswdGenerates (pseudo-)random passwords of a desired length
makeselfMake self-extractable archives on Unix
makoLightweight Wayland notification daemon
malagaA programming language for automatic language analysis
mame-toolsAdditional tools for MAME
man2htmlConvert man pages to HTML - CGI scripts
man2html-coreConvert man pages to HTML
man-dbTools for searching and reading man pages
mandocA suite of tools for compiling mdoc and man
maneditUNIX Manual Page Editor
mangohudVulkan and OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load
man-pagesLinux kernel and C library user-space interface documentation
maradnsAuthoritative and recursive DNS server made with security in mind
marcoMATE Desktop window manager
mariadbA very fast and robust SQL database server
mariadb-backupThe mariabackup tool for physical online backups
mariadb-rocksdb-engineThe RocksDB storage engine for MariaDB
mariadb-s3-engineThe S3 storage engine for MariaDB
mariadb-serverThe MariaDB server and related files
mariadb-server-galeraThe configuration files and scripts for galera replication
mariadb-server-utilsNon-essential server utilities for MariaDB/MySQL applications
mariadb-testThe test suite distributed with MariaDB
markedA markdown parser for Node.js built for speed
mat2Metadata removal tool, supporting a wide range of commonly used file formats
mate-appletsMATE Desktop panel applets
mate-calcMATE Desktop calculator
mate-commonmate common build files
mate-control-centerMATE Desktop control-center
mate-desktopShared code for mate-panel, mate-session, caja, etc
mate-dictionaryA dictionary for MATE Desktop
mate-disk-usage-analyzerA disk usage analyzing tool for MATE Desktop
mate-mediaMATE media programs
mate-menuAdvanced Menu for the MATE Desktop
mate-notification-daemonNotification daemon for MATE Desktop
mate-panelMATE Desktop panel and applets
mate-power-managerMATE power management service
mate-screensaverMATE Screensaver
mate-screenshotA utility to take a screen-shot of the desktop
mate-search-toolA file searching tool for MATE Desktop
mate-session-managerMATE Desktop session manager
mate-settings-daemonMATE Desktop settings daemon
mate-system-logA log file viewer for the MATE desktop
mate-system-monitorProcess and resource monitor
mate-terminalTerminal emulator for MATE
mathglCross-platform library for making high-quality scientific graphics
mathgl-mglviewExecute MathGL scripts and show in an window
mathicgbGroebner basis computations
mathomaticSmall, portable symbolic math program
mathomatic-toolsVarious small math tools from mathomatic
mawkInterpreter for the AWK programming language
maximaSymbolic Computation Program
MayaviScientific data 3-dimensional visualizer
mbufferMeasuring Buffer is an enhanced version of buffer
mcUser-friendly text console file manager and visual shell
mcabberConsole Jabber instant messaging client
mcomix3-baseUser-friendly, customizable image viewer for comic books
mcomix3-thumbnailerThumbnailer for mcomix3
mcppAlternative C/C++ preprocessor
mcrconConsole based rcon client for minecraft servers
mcryptReplacement for crypt()
mctc-libModular computation tool chain library
md4cMarkdown for C
md5deepA set of cross-platform tools to compute hashes
mdbtoolsAccess data stored in Microsoft Access databases
mdns-scanScan for mDNS/DNS-SD services published on the local network
mecabYet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer
mediainfoSupplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (CLI)
mediainfo-guiSupplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (GUI)
medusaSpeedy, parallel, and modular, login brute-forcer
megatoolsCommand line client for MEGA
meldVisual diff and merge tool
mellowplayer-docDocumentation files for mellowplayer
memcachedHigh Performance, Distributed Memory Object Cache
memkindUser Extensible Heap Manager
memstompWarns of memory argument overlaps to various functions
menulibreFreeDesktop.org compliant menu editor
mercurialA fast, lightweight Source Control Management system
mercurial-chgA fast Mercurial command without slow Python startup
mesaflashConfiguration and diagnostic tool for Mesa Electronics boards
mesonHigh productivity build system
metacityUnobtrusive window manager
metacity-develDevelopment files for metacity
metamathConstruct mathematics from basic axioms
metapixelPhotomosaic Generator
meteoForecast application using OpenWeatherMap API
metisSerial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering
mfiler3Two pane file manager under UNIX console
mfiler42 pane file manager with a embedded shell
mftraceUtility for converting TeX bitmap fonts to Type 1 or TrueType fonts
mgTiny Emacs-like editor
mgettyA getty replacement for use with data and fax modems
mgetty-sendfaxProvides support for sending faxes over a modem
mgetty-viewfaxAn X Window System fax viewer
mgetty-voiceA program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine
mhonarcPerl mail-to-HTML converter
micromambaTiny version of the mamba package manager
mikmodConsole music module player
millerName-indexed data processing tool
mimedefangE-mail filtering framework using Sendmail's Milter interface
mimicMycroft's TTS engine
mimmsMMS stream downloader
mine_detectorMine Detector, a mine-finding game
mingw32-crossreportAnalysis tool to help cross-compilation to Windows
mingw32-nsiswrapperHelper program for making NSIS Windows installers
minicomA text-based modem control and terminal emulation program
mininetEmulator for rapid prototyping of Software Defined Networks
miniproUtility for MiniPro TL866A/TL866/CS programmer
minisat2Minimalistic SAT solver
minisignA dead simple tool to sign files and verify digital signatures
mirmonMonitor the status of mirrors
mjpegtoolsTools to manipulate MPEG data
mjpegtools-guiGUI tools to manipulate MPEG data
mk-configureA build system on top of bmake
mkfontscaleTool to generate legacy X11 font system index files
mkpasswdEncrypt a password with crypt(3) function using a salt
mkrdnsAutomatic reverse DNS zone generator
mkshMirBSD enhanced version of the Korn Shell
mkvtoolnixMatroska container manipulation utilities
mkvtoolnix-guiQT Graphical interface for Matroska container manipulation
mleA small, flexible, terminal-based text editor
mlmmjA simple and slim mailing list manager inspired by ezmlm
mltToolkit for broadcasters, video editors, media players, transcoders
mltonOptimizing compiler for Standard ML
mm3d3D model editor
mm-commonCommon build files of the C++ bindings
mmc-utilsConfigure MMC storage devices from userspace
mm-develHeader files and libraries for mm development
mmg2dSurface remesher
mmg3dVolume remesher
mmgsSurface remesher
mmsripMMS Streams Recorder
mmvMove/copy/link multiple files
mocMusic on Console - Console audio player for Linux/UNIX
mockBuilds packages inside chroots
ModemManagerMobile broadband modem management service
modem-manager-guiGraphical interface for ModemManager
mod_mdCertificate provisioning using ACME for the Apache HTTP Server
mod_qosQuality of service module for Apache
module-build-serviceThe Module Build Service for Modularity
modulemd-toolsCollection of tools for modular (in terms of Fedora Modularity origin) content creators
moeA powerful clean text editor
mogilefsdMogileFS tracker daemon
mogstoredMogileFS storage daemon
mokutilTool to manage UEFI Secure Boot MoK Keys
moldA Modern Linker
monGeneral-purpose resource monitoring system
mongooseAn easy-to-use self-sufficient web server
monitManages and monitors processes, files, directories and devices
mono-addinsAddins for mono
mono-basicVisualBasic.NET support for mono
mono-coreThe Mono CIL runtime, suitable for running .NET code
mono-dataDatabase connectivity for Mono
mono-develDevelopment tools for Mono
monodevelopA full-featured IDE for Mono and Gtk#
monodocThe mono documentation system
mono-extrasProvides the infrastructure for running and building daemons and services with Mono as well as various stub assemblies
monotoneA free, distributed version control system
mono-toolsA collection of tools for mono applications
mono-tools-gendarmeInspect your .NET and Mono assemblies
mono-webASP.NET, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono
mopidyAn extensible music server written in Python
moreutilsAdditional unix utilities
moserialSerial terminal for the gnome desktop
moshMobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo
mosquittoOpen Source MQTT v5/v3.1.x Broker
mostmore, less, most
mot-admsAn electrical compact device models converter
motifRun-time libraries and programs
motif-develDevelopment libraries and header files
motionA motion detection system
mousetweaksMouse accessibility support for the GNOME desktop
mozoMATE Desktop menu editor
mp3fsFUSE filesystem to transcode FLAC to MP3 on the fly
mp3gainLossless MP3 volume adjustment tool
mp3spltA Free, command-line, AlbumWrap and mp3wrap file exctractor
mp3splt-gtkGtk frontend for mp3splt
mpageA tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page
mpcCommand-line client for MPD
mpdThe Music Player Daemon
mpdasAn MPD audioscrobbling client
mpdscribbleA mpd client which submits information about tracks being played to Last.fm
mpeg2decMPEG-2 decoder program
mpg123Real time MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player/decoder for layers 1, 2 and 3
mpgtxAn MPEG toolbox
mplayer-commonMPlayer common files
mpopClient for receiving mail from POP3 mailboxes
mpqcAb-inito chemistry program
mpqc-develDevelopment headers and libraries for mpqc
mpris-scrobblerUser daemon to submit currently playing song to LastFM, LibreFM, ListenBrainz
mpsolveMultiprecision polynomial solver
mpsshParallel ssh tool
mpvMovie player playing most video formats and DVDs
mqttcliSimple MQTT CLI pub/sub client
mrs_toolsNIfTI-MRS (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) tools
mrtgMulti Router Traffic Grapher
mscgenMessage Sequence Chart rendering program
msghackAlter PO files in ways
msktutilProgram for interoperability with Active Directory
msmtpSMTP client
msolvePolynomial System Solving through Algebraic Methods
msortSort files in sophisticated ways
mstflintMellanox firmware burning tool
mtd-utilsUtilities for dealing with MTD (flash) devices
mtoolsPrograms for accessing MS-DOS disks without mounting the disks
mtpaintPainting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork
mt-stTool for controlling tape drives
mtxSCSI media changer control program
multicatSimple and efficient multicast and transport stream manipulation
multi-git-statusShow uncommitted, untracked and unpushed changes for multiple Git repos
multitailView one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows
multiwatchForks and watches multiple instances of a program in the same context
mumbleLow-latency and high-quality voice-chat program
mumble-overlayStart games with the mumble overlay
mumble-serverMumble voice chat server
mungeEnables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster
munin-nodeNetwork-wide resource monitoring tool (node)
mupA music notation program that can also generate MIDI files
mupdfA lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit
museMidi/Audio Music Sequencer
musescoreMusic Composition & Notation Software
musshMultihost SSH wrapper
muttA text mode mail user agent
mutterWindow and compositing manager based on Clutter
myproxyManage X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials
myreposA multiple SCM repository management tool
mysqlMySQL client programs and shared libraries
mysql-develFiles for development of MySQL applications
mysql-serverThe MySQL server and related files
mysql-testThe test suite distributed with MySQL
mythtv-statusGet the current status of your MythTV system at the command line
mytopA top clone for MySQL
n2nA layer-two peer-to-peer virtual private network
naclNetworking and Cryptography library
nagiAn interpreter for AGI games
nagios-plugins-check-updatesA Nagios plugin to check if Red Hat or Fedora system is up-to-date
nagios-plugins-ssl_certNagios Plugin - check_ssl_cert
nanoA small text editor
nanomsgSocket library that provides several common communication patterns
nanovna-saverTool for reading, displaying and saving data from the NanoVNA
nasThe Network Audio System (NAS)
nasmA portable x86 assembler which uses Intel-like syntax
nats-serverHigh-Performance server for NATS, the cloud native messaging system
nautilusFile manager for GNOME
nautyGraph canonical labeling and automorphism group computation
nawk"The one true awk" descended from UNIX V7
nbcSimple language and compiler to program the LEGO NXT brick
nbdNetwork Block Device user-space tools (TCP version)
nbdfuseFUSE support for libnbd
nbdkit-basic-filtersBasic filters for nbdkit
nbdkit-basic-pluginsBasic plugins for nbdkit
nbdkit-blkio-pluginlibblkio NVMe, vhost-user, vDPA, VFIO plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-bzip2-filterBZip2 filter for nbdkit
nbdkit-cdi-pluginContainerized Data Import plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-curl-pluginHTTP/FTP (cURL) plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-develDevelopment files and documentation for nbdkit
nbdkit-example-pluginsExample plugins for nbdkit
nbdkit-ext2-filterext2, ext3 and ext4 filesystem support for nbdkit
nbdkit-gcs-pluginGooogle Cloud Storage plugin nbdkit
nbdkit-guestfs-pluginlibguestfs plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-gzip-filterGZip filter for nbdkit
nbdkit-iso-pluginVirtual ISO 9660 plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-libvirt-pluginLibvirt plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-linuxdisk-pluginVirtual Linux disk plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-nbd-pluginNBD proxy / forward plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-S3-pluginAmazon S3 and Ceph plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-serverThe nbdkit server
nbdkit-ssh-pluginSSH plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-stats-filterStatistics filter for nbdkit
nbdkit-tar-filterTar archive filter for nbdkit
nbdkit-tmpdisk-pluginRemote temporary filesystem disk plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-torrent-pluginBitTorrent plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-vddk-pluginVMware VDDK plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-xz-filterXZ filter for nbdkit
nbdublkUserspace NBD block device
nbtscanTool to gather NetBIOS info from Windows networks
ncdcModern and lightweight direct connect client
ncduText-based disk usage viewer
ncftpImproved console FTP client
ncidNetwork Caller ID server, client and gateways
ncid-clientNCID (Network Caller ID) client
ncid-gatewaysNCID (Network Caller ID) gateways
ncid-kpopupNCID kpopup module displays Caller ID info in a KDE window
ncid-mysqlNCID mysql module inputs Caller ID information into a SQL database
ncid-mythtvNCID mythtv module sends Caller ID information to MythTV
ncid-sambaNCID samba module sends Caller ID information to windows machines
ncid-speakNCID speak module speaks Caller ID information via voice synthesis
ncl-commonCommon files for NCL and NCAR Graphics
ncmpcA curses client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
ncmpcppFeatureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc
ncoSuite of programs for manipulating NetCDF/HDF4 files
ncompressFast compression and decompression utilities
ncrackA high-speed network auth cracking tool
ncursesNcurses support utilities
ncurses-develDevelopment files for the ncurses library
ncviewA visual browser for netCDF format files
ndctlManage "libnvdimm" subsystem devices (Non-volatile Memory)
ndisc6IPv6 diagnostic tools
ndppdNDP Proxy Daemon
nene, the nice editor
neard-toolsTools for use with neard
nec2cTranslation of NEC2 antenna modeling tool from FORTRAN to C
neditA GUI text editor for systems with X
needrestartRestart daemons after library updates
nemiverA GNOME C/C++ Debugger
nemoFile manager for Cinnamon
nemo-seahorsePGP encryption and signing for Nemo
neochatClient for matrix, the decentralized communication protocol
neomuttText mode Mail Client
neon-develDevelopment libraries and C header files for the neon library
neovimVim-fork focused on extensibility and agility
netatalkOpen Source Apple Filing Protocol(AFP) File Server
netatalk-develDevelopment files for netatalk
netavarkOCI network stack
netcatOpenBSD netcat to read and write data across connections using TCP or UDP
netcdfLibraries for the Unidata network Common Data Form
netcdf-perlPerl extension module for scientific data access via the netCDF API
netfabb-basicFreeware suite for STL editing
netmaskUtility for determining network masks
netopeer2-clinetopeer2 NETCONF CLI client
netpbm-progsTools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats
netperfBenchmark to measure the performance of many different types of networking
net-snmpA collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries
net-snmp-develThe development environment for the NET-SNMP project
net-snmp-guiAn interactive graphical MIB browser for SNMP
net-snmp-perlThe perl-based utilities and the mib2c tool
net-snmp-utilsNetwork management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project
netstat-natA tool that displays NAT connections
netteeNetwork "tee" program
NetworkManagerNetwork connection manager and user applications
network-manager-appletA network control and status applet for NetworkManager
NetworkManager-tuiNetworkManager curses-based UI
newlispLisp-like general purpose scripting
newsbeuterConfigurable text-based feed reader
newsboatRSS/Atom feed reader for the text console
newsxNNTP news exchange utility
newtA library for text mode user interfaces
nexus-toolsApplications for reading and writing NeXus files.
nfdumpNetFlow collecting and processing tools
nfoviewViewer for NFO files
nfs4-acl-toolsThe nfs4 ACL tools
nfsometerNFS Performance Framework Tool
NFStestNFS Testing Tool
nghttp2Experimental HTTP/2 client, server and proxy
ngspiceA mixed level/signal circuit simulator
nhekoDesktop client for the Matrix protocol
nickleA programming language-based prototyping environment
nicotine+A graphical client for Soulseek
nicstatCLI utility that prints out network statistics for all network interface
nikolapython-nikola documentation
niktoWeb server scanner
nilfs-utilsUtilities for managing NILFS v2 filesystems
nip2Interactive tool for working with large images
nitrocliCLI for interaction with Nitrokey Pro and Nitrokey Storage devices
nitrogenBackground browser and setter for X windows
NixPackage manager that makes package management reliable and reproducible
nkfA Kanji code conversion filter
nloadA tool can monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time
nmapNetwork exploration tool and security scanner
nmap-ncatNmap's Netcat replacement
nmbscanNMB/SMB network scanner
nm-connection-editorA network connection configuration editor for NetworkManager
nmhA capable MIME-email-handling system with a command-line interface
nmlNewGRF Meta Language compiler
nmonNigel's performance Monitor for Linux
nng-utilsCommand line interface for communicating with nng
nnnThe missing terminal file browser for X
node-exporterExporter for machine metrics
nomacsLightweight image viewer
nomarchFree de-archiver for old ARC and ARK archives
nopasteAccess pastebins from the command line
nordugrid-arc-arcctlARC Control Tool
nordugrid-arc-arexARC Resource-coupled EXecution service
nordugrid-arc-clientARC command line clients
nordugrid-arc-develARC development files
nordugrid-arc-test-utilsARC test tools
normalizA tool for discrete convex geometry
normalizeAdjust the volume of audio files to a standard level
notcurses-utilsBinaries from the Notcurses project
notmuchSystem for indexing, searching, and tagging email
notmuch-gitManage notmuch tags with git
notmuch-muttNotmuch (of a) helper for Mutt
novncVNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with encryption support
npth-develDevelopment files for npth
nqUnix command line queue utility
nqcNot Quite C compiler
nsdiffcreate an "nsupdate" script from DNS zone file differences
nsntracePerform network trace of a program by using network namespaces
nspr-develDevelopment libraries for the Netscape Portable Runtime
nss-develDevelopment libraries for Network Security Services
nss-sysinitSystem NSS Initialization
nss-toolsTools for the Network Security Services
nss_wrapperA wrapper for the user, group and hosts NSS API
ntpsecNTP daemon and utilities
ntpstatUtility to print NTP synchronization status
nulib2Disk and file archive program for NuFX (.SDK, .BXY) archives
nullmodemA utility to loopback pseudo-terminals
nuspellFast and safe spellchecking C++ library and command-line tool
nvidia-modprobeLoad the NVIDIA kernel module and create NVIDIA character device files
nvidia-persistencedDaemon for maintaining persistent driver state
nvidia-settingsConfigure the NVIDIA graphics driver
nvidia-texture-toolsCollection of image processing and texture manipulation tools
nvidia-xconfigNVIDIA X configuration file editor
nvme-cliNVMe management command line interface
nvme-stasNVMe STorage Appliance Services
nvtopGPU process monitoring for various devices
nxagentNX Agent
nxdialogNX Dialog
nxproxyNX Proxy
nxtrcProgram to interact with LEGO NXT via BlueTooth
nyancatNyancat rendered in your terminal
nyx-docCommand-line monitor for Tor
oathtoolA command line tool for generating and validating OTPs
obfs4The obfourscator, a pluggable transport for Tor
obs-buildA generic package build script
ocaml-autoconfAutoconf macros for OCaml
ocaml-bisect-ppxCode coverage for OCaml and Reason
ocaml-camlp5-develDevelopment files for ocaml-camlp5
ocaml-cinapsTrivial Metaprogramming tool using the OCaml toplevel
ocaml-cudfFormat for describing upgrade scenarios
ocaml-docsDocumentation for OCaml
ocaml-duneComposable build system for OCaml and Reason
ocaml-findlibObjective CAML package manager and build helper
ocaml-gettext-develDevelopment files for ocaml-gettext
ocamlifyInclude files in OCaml code
ocaml-lablgtkObjective Caml interface to gtk+
ocaml-lablgtk3OCaml interface to gtk3
ocaml-lambda-termTerminal manipulation library for OCaml
ocaml-menhirLR(1) parser generator for OCaml
ocamlmodGenerate OCaml modules from source files
ocaml-obuildSimple package build system for OCaml
ocaml-ocamlbuildBuild tool for OCaml libraries and programs
ocaml-ocp-indentA simple tool to indent OCaml programs
ocaml-odocDocumentation compiler for OCaml and Reason
ocaml-omakeBuild system with automated dependency analysis
ocaml-qtestInline (Unit) Tests for OCaml
ocaml-uunfUnicode text normalization for OCaml
ocfs2-toolsTools for managing the Oracle Cluster Filesystem 2
ochushaA GTK+ 2ch.net BBS Browser
oci-seccomp-bpf-hookOCI Hook to generate seccomp json files based on EBF syscalls used by container
oclockA simple analog clock
ocpOpen Cubic Player for MOD/S3M/XM/IT/MIDI music files
ocproxyOpenConnect Proxy
ocradAn Optical Character Recognition program
ocsinventory-agentOpen Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation client
oct2specPython script to generate Octave package spec file
octaveA high-level language for numerical computations
octave-develDevelopment headers and files for Octave
odcsThe On Demand Compose Service
oddjobA D-Bus service which runs odd jobs on behalf of client applications
odt2txtConverts an OpenDocument to plain text
offlineimapPowerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
oggvideotoolsToolbox for manipulating Ogg video files
ogmripDVD ripping and encoding graphical user interface
ogmtoolsTools for Ogg media streams
oidc-agent-cliCommand line tool for obtaining OpenID Connect tokens
oidc-agent-desktopGUI integration for obtaining OpenID Connect tokens
okshPortable OpenBSD ksh, based on the Public Domain Korn Shell
okularA document viewer
OliveTinGive safe and simple access to predefined shell commands from a web interface
omniORB-develDevelopment files for omniORB
omniORB-utilsDevelopment files for omniORB
omplThe Open Motion Planning Library
onedriveOneDrive Free Client written in D
onekoCat chases the cursor
onesixtyoneFast SNMP scanner
oomdUserspace Out-Of-Memory (OOM) killer
ooo2txtConvert OpenOffice documents to simple text
op1svgNormalize SVG files so that the OP-1 understands them
opamSource-based package manager for OCaml
opam-installerStandalone script for opam install files
openbabelChemistry software file format converter
openbabel-guiChemistry software file format converter - GUI version
openboxA highly configurable and standards-compliant X11 window manager
openbox-kdeKDE integration for openbox
opencascade-drawOpenCASCADE CAE platform shared libraries
openchange-clientUser tools for OpenChange libraries
opencryptokiImplementation of the PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) specification v3.0
opencryptoki-icsftokICSF token support for opencryptoki
OpenCTM-cliOpenCTM command-line tools
OpenCTM-viewerOpenCTM Viewer desktop application
opendbx-utilsUtility binaries for opendbx
opendnssecDNSSEC key and zone management software
opendoasPortable fork of the OpenBSDs doas command
openelpOpen Source EchoLink Proxy
openfortivpnClient for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services
openfst-toolsCommand-line tools for working with FSTs
opengrm-ngram-toolsCommand-line tools for working with n-gram language models
openhpiHardware Platform Interface library and tools
OpenImageIO-ivOpenImageIO based image viewer
OpenImageIO-utilsCommand line utilities for OpenImageIO
OpenIPMIIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) library and tools
OpenIPMI-lanservEmulates an IPMI network listener
openjadeA DSSSL implementation
openjdk-asmtoolsSet of tools used to assemble / disassemble proper and improper Java .class files
openjfx8-develOpenJFX development tools and libraries
openjpegJPEG 2000 command line tools
openjpeg2-toolsOpenJPEG 2 command line tools
openldap-clientsLDAP client utilities
openmpt123Command-line tracker music player based on libopenmpt
openmsxAn emulator for the MSX home computer system
openobex-appsApplications for using OBEX
openocdDebugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices
openpaceCryptographic library for EAC version 2
open-policy-agentOpen source, general-purpose policy engine
openscSmart card library and applications
openscadThe Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller
openscap-reportA tool for generating human-readable reports from (SCAP) XCCDF and ARF results
openshadinglanguageAdvanced shading language for production GI renderers
openslide-toolsCommand line tools for openslide
openslpOpen implementation of Service Location Protocol V2
opensmtpdFree implementation of the server-side SMTP protocol as defined by RFC 5321
openspSGML and XML parser
opensshAn open source implementation of SSH protocol version 2
openssh-clientsAn open source SSH client applications
opensslUtilities from the general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation
openssl-perlPerl scripts provided with OpenSSL
opentrepC++ library providing a clean API for parsing travel-focused requests
opentrep-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for opentrep
opentype-sanitizerParses and serializes OpenType/WOFF/WOFF2 font files
openvswitchOpen vSwitch daemon/database/utilities
openvswitch-testOpen vSwitch testing utilities
openxrAn API for writing VR and AR software
optipngPNG optimizer and converter
opus-toolsA set of tools for the opus audio codec
orangefsParallel network file system client
orangefs-serverParallel network file system server
orcaAssistive technology for people with visual impairments
osbuildA build system for OS images
oscOpen Build Service Commander
osinfo-db-toolsTools for managing the osinfo database
osm2pgsqlImport map data from OpenStreetMap to a PostgreSQL database
osmctoolsTools to manipulate OpenStreetMap files
osmium-toolCommand line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data
osmoPersonal organizer
osmpbf-toolsTools for osmpbf
ostreeTool for managing bootable, immutable filesystem trees
ostree-pinTool to update ostree deployment pin
otf2bdfGenerate BDF bitmap fonts from OpenType outline fonts
otter-browserWeb browser controlled by the user, not vice-versa
overlayfs-toolsOverlayFS layers manipulation tools
ovnOpen Virtual Network support
owfs-capiC-API to develop third-part applications which access 1-Wire networks
owfs-develFiles for development of OWFS applications
owfs-fsVirtual file-system on top of owfs-libs providing access to 1-Wire networks
owfs-ftpdFTP daemon providing access to 1-Wire networks
owfs-monStatistics and settings monitor for owserver
owfs-tapPacket sniffer for the owserver protocol
oxipngLossless PNG compression optimizer
ozLibrary and utilities for automated guest OS installs
p0rn-comfortSupport programs for browsing image-gallery sites
p11-kitLibrary for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules
p11-remoteRemoting of PKCS#11 modules across sessions
p7zipVery high compression ratio file archiver
p7zip-pluginsAdditional plugins for p7zip
PackageKitPackage management service
packitA tool for integrating upstream projects with Fedora operating system
pacmanPackage manager for the Arch distribution
padthv1An old-school polyphonic additive synthesizer
painless-password-rotationManages root password rotation with Hashicorp Vault
palCommand line calendar that displays holidays and events
palpA Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes
pam_ablA Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for auto blacklisting
pamixPulseAudio terminal mixer
pamixerPulseAudio command line mixer
pamtesterUtility to test Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
pamu2fcfgConfigures PAM authentication over U2F
pam_wrapperA tool to test PAM applications and PAM modules
pam_yubicoA Pluggable Authentication Module for yubikeys
pandoc-commonpandoc common files
pangoSystem for layout and rendering of internationalized text
paperPrint paper size information
paperkeyAn OpenPGP key archiver
papiPerformance Application Programming Interface
papiloParallel presolve for integer and linear optimization
pappl-develPAPPL - development environment
papsPlain Text to PostScript converter
parParagraph reformatter, vaguely like fmt, but more elaborate
par2cmdlinePAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool
parallelShell tool for executing jobs in parallel
parcelliteA lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
pari-gpPARI calculator
parzipHigh performance parallel pkzip implementation
pasdocDocumentation tool for Pascal and Object Pascal source code
pasdoc-toolsHelper tools for PasDoc
passA password manager using standard Unix tools
passimLocal caching server
pass-otpA pass extension for managing one-time-password (OTP) tokens
passtUser-mode networking daemons for virtual machines and namespaces
passwdqc-utilsPassword quality checker utilities
pastebinitSend anything you want directly to a pastebin from the command line
pasystrayPulseAudio system tray
patchUtility for modifying/upgrading files
patchelfA utility for patching ELF binaries
patchutilsA collection of programs for manipulating patch files
patoolPortable command line archive file manager
paxPOSIX File System Archiver
pax-utilsELF utils that can check files for security relevant properties
pbuilderPersonal package builder for Debian packages
pbzip2Parallel implementation of bzip2
pcbAn interactive printed circuit board editor
pcb-rnd-coreExecutable with the core functionality
pcb-rnd-exportCommon export plugins
pcb-rnd-import-netNetlist/schematics import plugins
pcb-rnd-io-alienFile format compatibility with other PCB design software
pccThe Portable C Compiler
pcmanfmExtremly fast and lightweight file manager
pcmanfm-qtLxQt file manager PCManFM
pcmanx-gtk2Telnet client designed for BBS browsing
pcp2pdfUtility to create PDF reports from PCP archives
pcp-docDocumentation and tutorial for the Performance Co-Pilot
pcre2-develDevelopment files for pcre2
pcre2-toolsAuxiliary utilities for pcre2
pcre-develDevelopment files for pcre
pcre-toolsAuxiliary utilities for pcre
pcsc-lite-develPC/SC Lite development files
pcsc-toolsTools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC
pcsc-tools-gscriptorGUI tool to send command to a smart card
pdc-clientConsole client for interacting with Product Definition Center
pddTiny date, time diff calculator
pdf2djvuPDF to DjVu converter
pdfarrangerPDF file merging, rearranging, and splitting
pdfcrackA Password Recovery Tool for PDF files
pdfgrepTool to search text in PDF files
pdfpcA GTK based presentation viewer application for GNU/Linux
pdfresurrectPDF Analysis and Scrubbing Utility
pdftk-javaGCJ-free toolkit for manipulating PDF documents
pdnsA modern, advanced and high performance authoritative-only name server
pdns-ixfrdistA program to redistribute zones over AXFR and IXFR
pdns-recursorModern, advanced and high performance recursing/non authoritative name server
pdns-toolsExtra tools for pdns
pdshParallel remote shell program
peekAnimated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface
pekwmA small and flexible window manager
pemPersonal Expenses Manager
Pencil2DCreate traditional hand-drawn animation using both bitmap and vector graphics
pepcPower, Energy, and Performance Configurator
perfPerformance monitoring for the Linux kernel
perl-Algorithm-CheckDigitsPerl extension to generate and test check digits
perl-App-a2pAwk to Perl translator
perl-App-ccdiffColored Character diff
perl-App-CmeCheck or edit configuration data with Config::Model
perl-App-cpanminusGet, unpack, build and install CPAN modules
perl-App-cpmFast CPAN module installer
perl-App-FatPackerPack dependencies onto a script file
perl-App-find2perlTranslate find command lines to Perl code
perl-App-GitHooksExtensible plugins system for git hooks
perl-App-grindperlCommand-line tool to help build and test blead perl
perl-App-mymeta_requiresExtract module requirements from MYMETA files
perl-App-pSteroids for your perl one-liners
perl-App-PFTHacker friendly static blog generator
perl-App-s2pConvert sed script to Perl program
perl-Archive-TarA module for Perl manipulation of .tar files
PerlbalReverse-proxy load balance and web-server
perl-Bisect-Perl-UsingGitHelp you to bisect Perl
perlbrewManage perl installations in your $HOME
perl-CarmelCPAN Artifact Repository Manager
perl-CartonPerl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)
perl-Catalyst-Runtime-scriptsScripts for perl-Catalyst-Runtime
perl-CflowFind flows in raw IP flow files
perl-CGI-Application-Structured-ToolsTools to generate and maintain CGI::Application::Structured based web apps
perl-ClipboardCopy and paste with any OS
perl-Code-TidyAllEngine for tidyall, your all-in-one code tidier and validator
perl-Config-GeneratorShared variables for the Config::Generator modules
perl-Convert-Binary-CBinary data conversion using C types
perl-Convert-BinHexConvert to/from RFC1741 HQX7 (Mac BinHex)
perl-Convert-UUPerl module for uuencode and uudecode
perl-CPANQuery, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites
perl-CPAN-ChangesRead and write Changes files
perl-Cpanel-JSON-XSJSON::XS for Cpanel, fast and correct serializing
perl-CPAN-FindDependenciesFind dependencies for modules on CPAN
perl-CPAN-InjectBase class for injecting distributions into CPAN sources
perl-CPAN-MiniCreate a minimal mirror of CPAN
perl-CPAN-ParseDistributionIndex a file from the BackPAN
perl-CPAN-Plugin-SysdepsCPAN client plugin for installing system dependencies
perl-CPANPLUSAmeliorated interface to the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
perl-CPAN-UploaderUpload things to the CPAN
perl-Crypt-Argon2Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions
perl-DancerLightweight yet powerful web application framework
perl-Data-Dump-ColorLike Data::Dump, but with color
perl-Data-Password-zxcvbnDropbox's password estimation logic
perl-Data-StagPerl package for Structured Tags datastructures
perl-Date-ManipDate manipulation routines
perl-DateTime-Format-NaturalCreate machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic
perl-DBD-XBasePerl module for reading and writing the dbf files
perl-DBIA database access API for perl
perl-DBICx-AutoDocGenerate automatic documentation of DBIx::Class::Schema objects
perl-DBI-DumperDump data from a DBI datasource to file
perl-DBIx-ClassExtensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper
perl-DBIx-Class-Schema-LoaderDynamic definition of a DBIx::Class::Schema
perl-DBIx-RunSQLRun SQL commands from a file
perl-debuggerPerl debugger
perl-DepGen-Perl-TestsTests for RPM dependency generator for Perl packages
perl-develHeader files for use in perl development
perl-Devel-CheckLibCheck that a library is available
perl-Devel-CheckOSCheck what OS we're running on
perl-Devel-CoverCode coverage metrics for Perl
perl-Devel-DProfDeprecated Perl code profiler
perl-Devel-FastProfFast perl per-line profiler
perl-Devel-NYTProfPowerful feature-rich perl source code profiler
perl-Devel-PatchPerlPatch perl source a la Devel::PPPort's buildperl.pl
perl-Device-SerialPortLinux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions
perl-diagnosticsProduce verbose warning diagnostics
perl-Digest-SHAPerl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
perl-Dist-MillaCPAN distribution builder
perl-Dist-ZillaDistribution builder; installer not included!
perl-docPerl language documentation
perl-EncodeCharacter encodings in Perl
perl-Encode-develPerl Encode Module Generator
perl-Env-PathAdvanced operations on path variables
perl-eperlEmbedded Perl Language
perl-Eval-WithLexicalsPure Perl eval with persistent lexical variables
perl-Excel-Writer-XLSXCreate a new file in the Excel 2007+ XLSX format
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMakerCreate a module Makefile
perl-ExtUtils-ParseXSModule and a script for converting Perl XS code into C code
perl-ExtUtils-XSppC++ variant of Perl's XS language
perl-Fedora-RebuildRebuilds Fedora packages from scratch
perl-File-Find-Object-RuleAlternative interface to File::Find::Object
perl-File-Find-RulePerl module implementing an alternative interface to File::Find
perl-File-MimeInfoDetermine file type and open application
perl-Finance-YahooQuotePerl interface to get stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance
perl-FsdbA set of commands for manipulating flat-text databases from the shell
perl-Games-Solitaire-VerifyProcess and verify solitaire games
perl-GDPerl interface to the GD graphics library
perl-Gearman-ServerFunction call router and load balancer
perl-GitLab-API-v4Complete GitLab API v4 client
perl-Goo-CanvasPerl interface to the GooCanvas
perl-Graph-EasyConvert or render graphs as ASCII, HTML, SVG or via Graphviz
perl-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewerGtk2 widget for displaying Plain Old Documentation (POD)
perl-hivexPerl bindings for hivex
perl-HTML-FormFuHTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
perl-HTML-FromTextConvert plain text to HTML
perl-HTML-GenTocGenerate a Table of Contents for HTML documents
perl-HTML-TreeHTML tree handling modules for Perl
perl-HTTP-DAVWebDAV client library for Perl5
perl-HTTP-RecorderRecord interaction with web sites
perli11ndocGObject Introspection documentation viewer
perl-Image-ExifToolUtility for reading and writing image meta info
perl-Image-PNG-Libpng-toolsTools for inspecting PNG images
perl-Image-SizeDetermine the size of images in several common formats in Perl
perl-interpreterStandalone executable Perl interpreter
perl-IO-CompressRead and write compressed data
perl-IO-PagerSelect a pager and pipe text to it if destination is a TTY
perl-IPC-DirQueueDisk-based many-to-many task queue
perl-IP-Country-utilsUtility to query and rebuild the IP::Country database
perl-JavaScript-BeautifierBeautify Javascript (beautifier for javascript)
perl-JemplateJavaScript Templating with Template Toolkit
perl-JSON-PPJSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module
perl-JSON-XSJSON serializing/de-serializing, done correctly and fast
perl-KwikiKwiki Wiki Building Framework
perl-libnetcfgConfigure libnet
perl-libwww-perlA Perl interface to the World-Wide Web
perl-Lingua-EN-PluralToSingularChange an English plural to a singular
perl-Lingua-Identify-toolsTools related to Lingua::Identify
perl-Lingua-TranslitTransliterates text between writing systems
perl-Locale-Maketext-GettextJoins the gettext and Maketext frameworks
perl-Locale-Maketext-LexiconExtract translatable strings from source
perl-Log-Log4perlLog4j implementation for Perl
perl-Mail-SPFObject-oriented implementation of Sender Policy Framework
perl-Makefile-ParserSimple parser for Makefiles
perl-MARC-RecordObject-oriented abstraction of MARC record handling
perl-Mason-TidyTidy HTML::Mason/Mason components
perl-mime-constructConstruct/send MIME messages from the command line
perl-MIME-toolsModules for parsing and creating MIME entities in Perl
perl-Module-BuildBuild and install Perl modules
perl-Module-CoreList-toolsTool for listing modules shipped with perl
perl-Module-CPANfileParse cpanfile
perl-Module-FakerBuild fake dists for testing CPAN tools
perl-Module-InfoInformation about Perl modules
perl-Module-Metadata-ChangesManage a module's machine-readable Changes/CHANGES file
perl-Module-PathGet the full path to a locally installed module
perl-Module-ScanDepsRecursively scan Perl code for dependencies
perl-Module-SignatureCPAN signature management utilities and modules
perl-Module-StarterA simple starter kit for any module
perl-Module-Starter-Plugin-CGIAppTemplate based module starter for CGI apps
perl-Module-UsedFind modules loaded by Perl code without running it
perl-Module-UtilModule name tools and transformations
perl-MogileFS-UtilsUtilities for MogileFS
perl-MojoliciousA next generation web framework for Perl
perl-Net-Amazon-EC2-MetadataRetrieves data from EC2 Metadata service
perl-Net-Amazon-S3Use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
perl-Net-Appliance-SessionRun command-line sessions to network appliances
perl-Net-IPv4AddrPerl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses
perl-Net-MQTT-SimpleMinimal MQTT version 3 interface
perl-Net-PcapInterface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library
perl-Net-ServerExtensible, general Perl server engine
perl-Net-SNMPObject oriented interface to SNMP
perl-Panotools-ScriptLibrary for manipulating Hugin .pto files
perl-PAR-PackerPAR Packager
perl-PAR-Packer-TkFront-end to pp written in Perl/Tk
perl-Parse-ErrorString-PerlModule for parsing error messages
perl-ParseUtil-DomainUtility for parsing a domain name into its components
perl-Parse-YappPerl extension for generating and using LALR parsers
perl-PDLThe Perl Data Language
perl-Perl-CriticCritique Perl source code for best-practices
perl-perlindexIndex and search the perl documentation
perl-Perl-Metrics-SimpleCount packages, subs, lines, etc. of many files
perl-Perl-MinimumVersionFind a minimum required version of perl for Perl code
perl-Perl-PrereqScannerTool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites
perl-Perl-PrereqScanner-NotQuiteLiteA tool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites
perl-Perl-TagsGenerate Ctags style tags for Perl source code
perl-Perl-Tidy-SweetenedTweaks to Perl::Tidy to support some syntactic sugar
perl-Perl-VersionParse and manipulate Perl version strings
perl-PintoCurate a repository of Perl modules
perl-PlackPerl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit)
perl-pmtoolsA suite of small programs to help manage Perl modules
perl-pod2pdfConverts Pod to PDF format
perl-Pod-AbstractAbstract document tree for Perl POD documents
perl-Pod-CheckerCheck POD documents for syntax errors
perl-Pod-HtmlConvert POD files to HTML
perl-Pod-LaTeXConvert POD data to formatted LaTeX
perl-podlatorsFormat POD source into various output formats
perl-podlinkcheckCheck Perl POD L<> link references
perl-Pod-MarkdownConvert POD to Markdown
perl-Pod-Markdown-GithubConvert POD to Github's specific markdown
perl-Pod-MinimumVersionPerl version for POD directives used
perl-Pod-ParserBasic perl modules for handling Plain Old Documentation (POD)
perl-Pod-PerldocLook up Perl documentation in Pod format
perl-Pod-POMObject-oriented interface to Perl POD documents
perl-Pod-PseudoPod-LaTeXPod::PseudoPod::LaTeX Perl module
perl-Pod-ReadmeIntelligently generate a README file from POD
perl-Pod-Simple-WikiUtility and perl classes for converting POD to Wiki text
perl-Pod-SpellA formatter for spell-checking POD
perl-Pod-StripperStrip all pod, and output what's left
perl-Pod-TidyReformatting Pod Processor
perl-Pod-UsagePrint a usage message from embedded POD documentation
perl-Pod-WrapWrap pod paragraphs, leaving verbatim text and code alone
perl-Pod-XhtmlGenerate well-formed XHTML documents from POD format documentation
perl-POE-Test-LoopsReusable tests for POE::Loop authors
perl-PPI-TesterA wxPerl-based interactive PPI debugger/tester
perl-PrimaPerl graphic toolkit
perl-Razor-AgentCollaborative, content-based spam filtering network agent
perl-rdapperCommand-line RDAP client
perl-RDF-NSPopular RDF name space prefixes from prefix.cc
perl-RDF-QuerySPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for RDF::Trine
perl-ReplyPlugin-based read-evaluate-print loop for Perl
perl-RPC-XMLSet of classes for core data, message and XML handling
perl-rpm-build-perl-scriptsPerl RPM prov/req scripts
perl-Server-Starter-start_serverperl-Server-Starter start_server script
perl-SOAP-LiteClient and server side SOAP implementation
perl-SOAP-WSDLPerl module for SOAP with WSDL support
perl-Socket-GetAddrInfoRFC 2553's "getaddrinfo" and "getnameinfo" functions
perl-SpellunkerPure perl spelling checker implementation
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcelWrite formatted text and numbers to a cross-platform Excel binary file
perl-SQL-ReservedWordsDetermine if words are reserved by ANSI/ISO SQL standard
perl-SQL-SplitStatementSplit any SQL code into atomic statements
perl-SQL-TranslatorManipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
perl-StarmanHigh-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server
perl-STDThe Standard Perl 6 Grammar
perl-String-ShellQuotePerl module for quoting strings for passing through the shell
perl-SVKA Distributed Version Control System
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Perl6Perl 6 Syntax Highlighter
perl-Sys-Virt-TCKSys::Virt::TCK - libvirt Technology Compatibility Kit
perl-TAP-Formatter-JUnitHarness output delegate for JUnit output
perl-Template-ToolkitTemplate processing system
perl-Term-ReadLine-GnuPerl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library
perl-Test2-HarnessTest2 Harness designed for the Test2 event system
perl-Test-HarnessRun Perl standard test scripts with statistics
perl-Test-InlineTest::Inline Perl module
perl-Test-KwaliteeTest the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it
perl-Test-MojibakeCheck your source for encoding misbehavior
perl-Test-Regexp-PatternTest Regexp::Pattern patterns
perl-Test-Run-CmdLineRun TAP tests from command line using the Test::Run module
perl-Test-SmokePerl core test smoke suite
perl-Text-BibTeXInterface to read and parse BibTeX files
perl-Text-BidiUnicode bidirectional algorithm using libfribidi
perl-Text-LoremGenerate random Latin looking text
perl-Text-MarkdownConvert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML
perl-Text-MultiMarkdownConvert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
perl-Text-RecordParserRead record-oriented files
perl-Text-Template-SimpleSimple text template engine
perl-Text-TextileA humane web text generator
perl-Text-VimColorSyntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim
perl-Text-XslateScalable template engine
perl-TheSchwartzReliable job queue
perltidyTool for indenting and re-formatting Perl scripts
perl-TkPerl Graphical User Interface ToolKit
perl-Tk-GraphVizRender an interactive GraphViz graph
perl-Tk-ObjScannerTk data scanner
perl-Tk-PodPod browser top-level widget
perl-Unicode-MapPerl module for mapping charsets from and to utf16 unicode
perl-Unicode-Map8Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode for Perl
perl-URI-FindFind URIs in plain text
perl-utilsUtilities packaged with the Perl distribution
perl-Verilog-PerlVerilog parsing routines
perl-VM-EC2Perl interface to Amazon EC2
perl-WebService-Rajce-toolsUtilities for accessing www.rajce.idnes.cz
perl-Wiki-ToolkitToolkit for building Wikis
perl-WWW-MechanizeAutomates web page form & link interaction
perl-WWW-OrangeHRM-ClientClient for OrangeHRM
perl-WWW-SearchVirtual base class for WWW searches
perl-WWW-ShortenInterface to URL shortening sites
perl-WWW-SplunkClient for Splunk log search engine
perl-WxInterface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
perl-X10Enables Perl to communicate with X10 devices
perl-XML-EntitiesDecode strings with XML entities
perl-XML-Handler-YAWriterYet another Perl SAX XML Writer
perl-XML-LibXML-PrettyPrintAdd pleasant white space to an XML tree
perl-XML-TwigPerl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode
perl-XML-XPathXPath parser and evaluator for Perl
persepolisA powerful download manager powered by aria2
pesignSigning utility for UEFI binaries
pfscalibrationScripts and programs for photometric calibration
pfstmoPFS tone mapping operators
pfstoolsPrograms for handling high-dynamic range images
pfstools-exrEXR file import for PFS tools
pfstools-glviewGL-based viewer for HDR files
pfstools-imgmagickImageMagick file import for PFS tools
pfstools-octaveOctave interaction with PFS tools
pfstools-qtQt-based viewer for HDR files
pg_activityCommand line tool for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring
pg_auto_failoverPostgres extension and service for automated failover and high-availability
pgbouncerLightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pgcliCLI for Postgres Database. With auto-completion and syntax highlighting
pgiacPerl script for the computer algebra system Giac
pgpdumpPGP packet visualizer
pgp-toolsCollection of several utilities related to OpenPGP
pg_wrapperwrapper for PostgreSQL client commands
phoronix-test-suiteAn Automated, Open-Source Testing Framework
php-bartlett-PHP-CompatInfoFind out version and the extensions required for a piece of code to run
php-cliCommand-line interface for PHP
php-dbgThe interactive PHP debugger
php-develFiles needed for building PHP extensions
php-pearPHP Extension and Application Repository framework
pianobarConsole-based client for Pandora
picocomMinimal serial communications program
picomLightweight compositor for X11
picosatA SAT solver
pidginA Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pigzParallel implementation of gzip
pilot-linkFile transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots
pilot-link-perlPalmPilot utilies written in perl
pinfoAn info file viewer
pintaAn easy to use drawing and image editing program
pipebenchMeasures the speed of STDIN/STDOUT communication
piperGTK application to configure gaming mice
pipewireMedia Sharing Server
pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit-libsPipeWire JACK implementation libraries
pipewire-pulseaudioPipeWire PulseAudio implementation
pipewire-utilsPipeWire media server utilities
pipewire-v4l2PipeWire media server v4l2 LD_PRELOAD support
pipxInstall and run Python applications in isolated environments
pithosA Pandora client for the GNOME Desktop
pixiewpsAn offline Wi-Fi Protected Setup brute-force utility
pkcs11-dumpSmall utility for querying PKCS#11 modules
pkgconfPackage compiler and linker metadata toolkit
pkgdiffA tool for analyzing changes in Linux software packages
plSWI-Prolog - Edinburgh compatible Prolog compiler
planarityImplementations of several planarity-related graph algorithms
planetsA celestial simulator
plankStupidly simple Dock
plantumlProgram to generate UML diagram from a text description
plasma-sdkDevelopment tools for Plasma 6
playerctlCommand-line MPRIS-compatible Media Player Controller
playonlinuxGraphical front-end for Wine
pleaserPlease, a polite regex-first sudo alternative
plocateMuch faster locate
plotutilsGNU vector and raster graphics utilities and libraries
plplotLibrary of functions for making scientific plots
plplot-tkFunctions for scientific plotting with Tk
pluma-dataData files for pluma
pl-xpceA toolkit for developing graphical applications in Prolog
plymouthGraphical Boot Animation and Logger
pmempoolUtilities for Persistent Memory
pmixProcess Management Interface Exascale (PMIx)
pmountEnable normal user mount
pngcheckVerifies the integrity of PNG, JNG and MNG files
pngcheck-extrasHelper utilities distributed with pngcheck
pngcrushOptimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files
pngnqPngnq is a tool for quantizing PNG images in RGBA format
pngquantPNG quantization tool for reducing image file size
pnm2ppaDrivers for printing to HP PPA printers
po4aA tool maintaining translations anywhere
pocketsphinxReal-time speech recognition
po-debconfTool for managing templates file translations with gettext
podmanManage Pods, Containers and Container Images
podman-remote(Experimental) Remote client for managing podman containers
podmanshConfined login and user shell using podman
podofo0.9-toolsTools for podofo0.9
poeditGUI editor for GNU gettext .po files
poezioIRC-like jabber (XMPP) console client
pogoProbably the simplest and fastest audio player for Linux
pokeExtensible editor for structured binary data
policycoreutilsSELinux policy core utilities
policycoreutils-newroleThe newrole application for RBAC/MLS
policycoreutils-python-utilsSELinux policy core python utilities
polkitAn authorization framework
polybarFast and easy-to-use status bar
polymakeAlgorithms on convex polytopes and polyhedra
polymlPoly/ML compiler and runtime system
poppler-utilsCommand line utilities for converting PDF files
PortagePackage management system based on ports collections.
portreserveTCP port reservation utility
posterScales PostScript images to span multiple pages
postfixPostfix Mail Transport Agent
postfix-mta-sts-resolverDaemon providing MTA-STS map to Postfix
postfix-perl-scriptsPostfix utilities written in perl
postgis-clientThe CLI clients for PostGIS
postgresqlPostgreSQL client programs
postgresql15-serverThe programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server
postgresql-contribExtension modules distributed with PostgreSQL
postgresql-serverThe programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server
postgresql-server-develPostgreSQL development header files and libraries
postproofMail abuse incident tool
potraceTransform bitmaps into vector graphics
povrayThe Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
powerlineThe ultimate status-line/prompt utility
power-profiles-daemonMakes power profiles handling available over D-Bus
poxmlText utilities from kdesdk
pplThe Parma Polyhedra Library: a library of numerical abstractions
ppl-utilsUtilities using the Parma Polyhedra Library
pprofCPU and Heap Profiler tool
practrandSoftware package for the Randon number generation & testing
praghaLightweight GTK+ music manager
preludedb-toolsCommand-line tools for libpreludedb
prelude-managerBus communicator for Prelude modules and other IDMEF agents
prelude-toolsCommand-line tools for libprelude
premakeCross-platform build configuration tool
prenamePerl script to rename multiple files
preprocSimple text preprocessor
primecountFast prime counting function implementation
primesieveFast prime number generator
priv_wrapperA library to disable resource limits and other privilege dropping
procdumpSysinternals process dump utility
procenvUtility to show process environment
procmailMail processing program
procps-ngSystem and process monitoring utilities
procServProcess server with telnet console and log access
profanityA console based XMPP client
profile-cleanerScript to vacuum and reindex sqlite databases used by Firefox and by Chrome
profile-sync-daemonSymlinks and syncs browser profile dirs to RAM thus reducing HDD/SDD calls
proftpd-utilsProFTPD - Additional utilities
progressCoreutils Viewer
proj-dataProj data files
projecteurVirtual pointer for the Logitech Spotlight presentation remote
projectM-jackThe projectM visualization plugin for jack
projectM-pulseaudioThe projectM visualization plugin for pulseaudio
prooftreeProof tree visualization for Proof General
prosodyFlexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP
protobuf-compilerProtocol Buffers compiler
proxysqlA high-performance MySQL proxy
proxytunnelTool to tunnel a connection through an standard HTTP(S) proxy
prunerepoRemove old packages from rpm-md repository
prwdA tool to print a reduced working directory
psacctUtilities for monitoring process activities
psadPort Scan Attack Detector (psad) watches for suspect traffic
pscanLimited problem scanner for C source files
psfexModel the Point Spread Function from FITS images
psftoolsConversion tools for .PSF fonts
psiconvA conversion utility for Psion files
psiconv-develDevelopment files for psiconv
psi-notifyAlert when your machine is becoming over-saturated
pskctoolA command line tool for manipulating PSKC data
pslCommandline utility to explore the Public Suffix List
psl-make-dafsaCompiles the Public Suffix List into DAFSA form
ps_memMemory profiling tool
psmiscUtilities for managing processes on your system
psppA program for statistical analysis of sampled data
psshParallel SSH tools
pstoeditTranslates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats
psutilsPostScript utilities
ptrashMove file(s) to $XDG_DATA_HOME/Trash directory
publicanCommon files and scripts for publishing with DocBook XML
public-inboxAn archives-first approach to mailing lists
public-inbox-serverServer-side components for public-inbox
puddletagFeature rich, easy to use tag editor
pulseaudioImproved Linux Sound Server
pulseaudio-module-x11X11 support for the PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-utilsPulseAudio sound server utilities
pulseviewSignal acquisition and analysis GUI for sigrok
pungiDistribution compose tool
puttySSH, Telnet and Rlogin client
pvA tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline
pwgenAutomatic password generation
pwhoisPerl written whois client
pwkickstartHelps to generate kickstart passwords
pwncatTCP/UDP communication suite
pwsafeA unix commandline program that manages encrypted password databases
pxzParallel LZMA compressor using XZ
pybugzCommand line interface for Bugzilla written in Python
pycdlib-toolsTools that rely on pycdlib
pychessChess game for GNOME
pydepsDisplay module dependencies
pyhoca-cliCommand line X2Go client written in Python
pyhoca-guiGraphical X2Go client written in (wx)Python
pyinstrumentPython profiler with colorful output
pykickstartPython utilities for manipulating kickstart files.
PyMcaX-ray Fluorescence Toolkit
pypolicyd-spfSPF Policy Server for Postfix (Python implementation)
pysysbotA simple python jabber bot for getting system information
python2.7Version 2.7 of the Python interpreter
python3Python 3.13 interpreter
python3.10Version 3.10 of the Python interpreter
python3.11Version 3.11 of the Python interpreter
python3.12Version 3.12 of the Python interpreter
python3.6Version 3.6 of the Python interpreter
python3.8Version 3.8 of the Python interpreter
python3.9Version 3.9 of the Python interpreter
python3-abimapA helper for library maintainers to use symbol versioning
python3-alembicDatabase migration tool for SQLAlchemy
python3-antlr4-runtimeANTLR runtime for Python 3
python3-anyconfigPython library to load and dump configuration files in various formats
python3-atomicwritesPython Atomic file writes on POSIX
python3-aw-coreCore library for ActivityWatch
python3-beartypeUnbearably fast runtime type checking in pure Python
python3-behaveTools for the behavior-driven development, Python style
python3-bioreadUtilities to read BIOPAC AcqKnowledge files
python3-bitmathAids representing and manipulating file sizes in various prefix notations
python3-boltonsFunctionality that should be in the standard library
python3-bpythonFancy curses interface to the Python 3 interactive interpreter
python3-brukerapiPython package providing I/O interface for Bruker data sets
python3-btrfsPython module to inspect btrfs filesystems
python3-carbonBack-end data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite
python3-catkin_toolsHTML documentation for catkin_tools
python3-cffsubrStandalone CFF subroutinizer based on the AFDKO tx tool
python3-chardetPython character encoding detector
python3-cinderclientPython API and CLI for OpenStack Cinder
python3-cloudflarePython wrapper for the Cloudflare Client API v4
python3-comprefforCFF table subroutinizer for FontTools
python3-conda-indexCreate repodata.json for collections of conda packages
python3-container-inspectorSuite of analysis utilities and command line tools for Docker container images
python3-csvkitSuite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV
python3-cvelibA library and command line interface for the CVE Project services
python3-dataladKeep code, data, containers under control with git and git-annex
python3-dateparserPython parser for human readable dates
python3-diff-coverAutomatically find diff lines that need test coverage
python3-dijitsoDistributed just-in-time building of shared libraries
python3-djangoA high-level Python Web framework
python3-dkimpyDKIM, ARC, and TLSRPT email signing and verification
python3-duecreditAutomated collection and reporting of citations
python3-dunamaiDynamic version generation
python3-email-validatorA robust email syntax and deliverability validation library
python3-exrexIrregular methods for regular expressions
python3-ezdxfPython package to create/manipulate DXF drawings
python3-fastavroFast Avro for Python
python3-ffcCompiler for finite element variational forms
python3-fslpyThe FSL Python Library
python3-gabbiDeclarative HTTP testing library
python3-geotilerGeoTiler is a library to create map using tiles from a map provider
python3-glanceclientPython API and CLI for OpenStack Glance
python3-glymurInterface to the OpenJPEG library for working with JPEG 2000 files
python3-gradunwarpGradient Unwarping
python3-grokmirrorFramework to smartly mirror git repositories
python3-hatchlingThe build backend used by Hatch
python3-hdfsAPI and command line interface for HDFS
python3-hdfs+avroPackage for python3-hdfs: avro extras
python3-hdmfA package for standardizing hierarchical object data
python3-heatclientPython API and CLI for OpenStack Heat
python3-helpdevHelpDev – Extracts information about the Python environment easily
python3-hexdumpDump binary data to hex format and restore from there
python3-html2textConvert HTML to Markdown-formatted text
python3-httpx+cliMetapackage for python3-httpx: cli extras
python3-hudmanHUD Manager
python3-hypercornASGI Server based on Hyper libraries and inspired by Gunicorn
python3-hypothesisLibrary for property based testing
python3-instantPython module for instant inlining of C and C++ code
python3-ipatestsIPA tests and test tools
python3-ipythonAn enhanced interactive Python shell
python3-jenkinsPython bindings for the remote Jenkins API
python3-jupyter-cacheManage a cache of Jupyter notebooks
python3-jupytextSave Jupyter notebooks as text documents or scripts
python3-k2hr3-osnlAn OpenStack notification listener for K2HR3
python3-keyringPython 3 library to access the system keyring service
python3-libnaclPython bindings for libsodium based on ctypes
python3-libnbdPython 3 bindings for libnbd
python3-libsassSass for Python: A straightforward binding of libsass for Python
python3-libstoragemgmtPython 3 client libraries and plug-in support for libstoragemgmt
python3-linuxdocSphinx-doc extensions for sophisticated C developer
python3-managesieveAccessing a Sieve-Server for managing Sieve scripts
python3-migenA Python toolbox for building complex digital hardware
python3-mizaniScales package for graphics
python3-multiechoCombine multi-echoes from a multi-echo fMRI acquisition
python3-mutagenMutagen is a Python module to handle audio meta-data
python3-mygpoclientPython module to connect to the my.gpodder.org webservice
python3-mypyA static type checker for Python
python3-nb2plotsConvert between Jupyter notebooks and sphinx docs
python3-nbdimeDiff and merge of Jupyter notebooks
python3-niaarmA minimalistic framework for numerical association rule mining
python3-nibabelPython package to access a cacophony of neuro-imaging file formats
python3-nihtestA testing tool for command line utilities
python3-nipyNeuroimaging in Python FMRI analysis package
python3-nitratePython API for the Nitrate test case management system
python3-nodeenvNode.js virtual environment builder
python3-noseDeprecated test runner for Python
python3-nose2Next generation of nicer testing for Python
python3-notcursesPython wrappers for notcurses
python3-novaclientPython API and CLI for OpenStack Nova
python3-num2wordsModule to convert numbers to words
python3-odfpyPython library for manipulating OpenDocument files
python3-odmlFile-format to store metadata in an organized way
python3-openstackclientOpenStack Command-line Client
python3-opentelemetry-instrumentationInstrumentation Tools & Auto Instrumentation for OpenTelemetry Python
python3-opentrepPython bindings for opentrep
python3-osrf-pycommonAPI Documentation for the osrf_pycommon Python modules
python3-ovhLightweight wrapper around OVHcloud's APIs
python3-papermillParameterize and run Jupyter and nteract Notebooks
python3-parsleyParsing and pattern matching made easy
python3-pdfminerTool for extracting information from PDF documents
python3-phyghtmapGenerate OSM contour lines from NASA SRTM data
python3-pipA tool for installing and managing Python3 packages
python3-placThe smartest command line arguments parser in the world
python3-poetry-dynamic-versioningPlugin for Poetry to enable dynamic versioning based on VCS tags
python3-py2packGeneral purpose template engine
python3-pybtexBibTeX-compatible bibliography processor written in Python
python3-pycodestylePython style guide checker
python3-pycryptodomexA self-contained cryptographic library for Python
python3-pyfigletPure-python FIGlet implementation
python3-pyflakesA simple program which checks Python source files for errors
python3-pygmentsSyntax highlighting engine written in Python
python3-pygribPython module for reading and modifying GRIB files
python3-PyLEMSLEMS interpreter implemented in Python
python3-pylibloPython bindings for the liblo OSC library
python3-pynosepynose fixes nose to extend unittest and make testing easier 🐍 πŸ‘ƒ
python3-pynsgrInterface to the NeuroScience Gateway REST interface
python3-pyprojCython wrapper to provide python interfaces to Proj
python3-pyscaffoldTemplate tool for putting up the scaffold of a Python project
python3-pyshaclPython validator for SHACL
python3-pytest-bddBDD library for the py.test runner
python3-pytest-splitPytest plugin to split the test suite into sub-suites
python3-python-ulidUniversally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
python3-qdarkstyleThe most complete dark/light style sheet for C++/Python and Qt applications
python3-qdarkstyle+developMetapackage for python3-qdarkstyle: develop extras
python3-qdarkstyle+exampleMetapackage for python3-qdarkstyle: example extras
python3-qemu-qmpQEMU Monitor Protocol library
python3-qrcodePython QR Code image generator
python3-qtsassCompile SCSS files to valid Qt stylesheets
python3-quartA Python ASGI web microframework with the same API as Flask
python3-r128gainFast audio loudness scanner & tagger
python3-radexreaderReader for the RADEX RD1212 and ONE Geiger counters
python3-rmolPython bindings for rmol
python3-rosdepROS System Dependency Installer
python3-rospkgDocumentation for python-rospkg
python3-scapyInteractive packet manipulation tool and network scanner
python3-schedutilsLinux scheduler python bindings
python3-sconsAn Open Source software construction tool
python3-scssA Scss compiler for Python
python3-setuptools-git-versioningSupport for physical quantities with units, based on numpy
python3-simplevisorPython simple daemons supervisor
python3-spdx-toolsPython library to parse, validate and create SPDX documents
python3-speedtest-cliCommand-line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net
python3-sphinxPython documentation generator
python3-sphinx-autobuildAutobuild a Sphinx directory when a change is detected
python3-sphinx-theme-builder+cliMetapackage for python3-sphinx-theme-builder: cli extras
python3-sphinxygenA script to read Doxygen XML output and emit ReST for Sphinx
python3-streamlinkPython library for extracting streams from various websites
python3-sureIdiomatic assertion toolkit with human-friendly failure messages
python3-swiftclientClient Library for OpenStack Object Storage API
python3-sympyA Python3 library for symbolic mathematics
python3-system-callsSystem calls
python3-tabulatePretty-print tabular data in Python, a library and a command-line utility
python3-tackerclientOpenStack tacker client
python3-tilestacheExample code for TileStache
python3-toml-adaptA simple command-line interface for manipulating toml files
python3-totpcgiPython libraries required for totpcgi
python3-tqdmFast, Extensible Progress Meter
python3-trademgenPython bindings for trademgen
python3-transtats-cliTranstats command line interface to query transtats server
python3-trml2pdfEasy creating PDF using ReportLab's RML
python3-trx-pythonExperiments with new file format for tractography
python3-twistedTwisted is a networking engine written in Python
python3-typer-cliBuild great CLIs; easy to code; based on Python type hints
python3-userpathCross-platform tool for adding locations to the user PATH
python3-vconnectorvSphere Connector Module for Python
python3-versioningitVersioning It with your Version In Git
python3-virt-firmwareTools for virtual machine firmware volumes
python3-websockifyWSGI based adapter for the Websockets protocol - Python 3 version
python3-whisperWhisper is a file-based time-series database format for Graphite
python3-wlocSimple Wi-Fi geolocation library and tool
python3-wsgidavGeneric and extendable WebDAV server based on WSGI
python3-xnatXNAT client that exposes XNAT objects/functions as python objects/functions
python3-xrstExtract Sphinx RST Files
python3-yteYAML template engine with Python expressions
python3-ZConfigStructured Configuration Library
python3-zope-testrunnerZope testrunner script
python-avocado-commonAvocado common files
python-bugzilla-cliCommand line tool for interacting with Bugzilla
pythoncapi-compat-toolsPython C API compatibility
python-josepy-docDocumentation for python-josepy
python-launcherPython launcher for Unix
python-stem-docPython controller library for Tor
python-subliminal-docPython library to search and download subtitles
q4wineQt GUI for wine
qalculateMulti-purpose calculator, text mode interface
qalculate-gtkA multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux
qalculate-qtA multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux
qarteA browser for arte.tv web site
qasconfigALSA configuration browser
qashctlALSA complex mixer
qasmixerALSA simple mixer
qatzipIntel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) QATzip Library
qbittorrentA Bittorrent Client
qbittorrent-noxA Headless Bittorrent Client
qbsCross platform build tool
qcaQt4 Cryptographic Architecture
qcadPowerful 2D CAD system
qcomicbookA viewer for comic book archives
qdbmQuick Database Manager
qdigidocEstonian digital signature and encryption application
qdirstatQt-based directory statistics
qelectrotechAn electric diagrams editor
qemu-commonQEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets
qemu-imgQEMU command line tool for manipulating disk images
qemu-sanity-check-nodepsSimple qemu and Linux kernel sanity checker (no dependencies)
qemu-toolsqemu support tools
qgisA user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System
qhullGeneral dimension convex hull programs
qivQuick Image Viewer
qjackctlQt based JACK control application
qmapshackGPS mapping and management tool
qmaptoolCreate raster maps from paper map scans
qmidiarpAn arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO for ALSA
qmplay2A Qt based media player, streamer and downloader
qodemTerminal emulator and communications package
qpdfCommand-line tools and library for transforming PDF files
qpdfview-commonCommon files for qpdfview
qperfMeasure socket and RDMA performance
qpwgraphPipeWire Graph Qt GUI Interface
qqwingCommand-line Sudoku solver and generator
qrencodeGenerate QR 2D barcodes
qrqMorse telegraphy trainer
qsfQuick Spam Filter
qsopt-exExact linear programming solver
qsstvQt-based slow-scan TV and fax
qsynthQt based Fluidsynth GUI front end
qt3-devel-docsDocumentation for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit
qtchooserWrapper to select between Qt development binary versions
qtelThe Qt EchoLink Client
qtikzEditor for the TikZ language
qtpassCross-platform GUI for pass
qtractorAudio/MIDI multi-track sequencer
QuantLib-develQuantLib development files
QuantLib-docThe documentation for QuantLib
QuantLib-testThe test-suite to check the setup of QuantLib
qucsCircuit simulator
qucs-sQucs circuit simulator which works with SPICE
quiltScripts for working with series of patches
quodlibetA music management program
quotaSystem administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage
qutebrowserA keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebEngine
qv4l2QT v4l2 test control and streaming test application
qwinffAn intuitive media converter GUI for ffmpeg
qxmleditSimple XML Editor and XSD Viewer
R2specPython script to generate R spec file
rabbitsignDigitally sign software for Texas Instruments calculators
racket-minimalA minimal Racket installation
racket-pkgsRacket package collections
radare2The reverse engineering framework
raddumpRADIUS packets interpreter
radeontopAMD Radeon video cards monitoring utility
ragelFinite state machine compiler
rakarrackAudio effects processing rack for guitar
rakudoRaku on MoarVM, JVM, and JS
rancidReally Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
rangerA vim-like file manager
rapid-photo-downloaderImages downloader for external devices
rapidsvnGraphical interface for the Subversion revision control system
raptor2RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
rasdaemonUtility to receive RAS error tracings
rasqalRDF Query Library
rasqal-develDevelopment files for the Rasqal RDF libraries
ratpointsFind rational points on hyperelliptic curves
ratpoisonMinimalistic window manager
ratsRough Auditing Tool for Security
rawtherapeeRaw image processing software
rbenvManage your app's Ruby environment
rbmReproducible Build Manager
rcRe-implementation for Unix of the Plan 9 shell
rcloneRsync for cloud storage
rcmManagement suite for dotfiles
R-coreThe minimal R components necessary for a functional runtime
rcsRevision Control System (RCS) file version management tools
rdesktopX client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server
rdfindProgram that finds duplicate files
rdiff-backupConvenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup
rdistMaintains identical copies of files on multiple machines
rdopkgRPM packaging automation tool CLI
re2cTool for generating C, C++, and go recognizers from regular expressions
readstat-toolsTools for readstat
reaverBrute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup
rebase-helperThe tool that helps you to rebase your package to the latest version
recodeConversion between character sets and surfaces
recollDesktop full text search tool with Qt GUI
recorder-scopeA real-time graphing tool for data collected by recorder library
recutilsA set of tools to access GNU recfile databases
redfish-finderUtility for parsing SMBIOS information and configuring canonical BMC access
redhat-lsbImplementation of Linux Standard Base specification
redirA TCP port redirector for UNIX
redisA persistent key-value database
redlandRDF Application Framework
redland-develLibraries and header files for programs that use Redland
redshiftAdjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day
reflowA utility for reflowing text files using Knuth's paragraphing algorithm
regina-rexxRegina Rexx Interpreter
regina-rexx-develDevelopment files for regina-rexx
remindSophisticated calendar and alarm program
remind-guiGUI for remind, a sophisticated calendar and alarm program
remind-toolsAdditional tools for remind
remminaRemote Desktop Client
remmina-gnome-sessionGnome Shell session for Remmina kiosk mode
renameutilsA set of programs to make renaming and copying of files easier
renrotA program to rename and rotate files according to EXIF tags
repoRepository management tool built on top of git
reposurgeonSCM Repository Manipulation Tool
repreproTool to handle local repositories of Debian packages
reptyrAttach a running process to a new terminal
resallocResource allocator for expensive resources - client tooling
resalloc-ibm-cloudResource allocator scripts for IBM cloud
resalloc-openstackResource allocator scripts for OpenStack
resalloc-serverResource allocator for expensive resources - server part
resolv_wrapperA wrapper for dns name resolving or dns faking
resticFast, secure, efficient backup program
reStreamStream your reMarkable screen over SSH
retextSimple editor for Markdown and reStructuredText
retrace-serverApplication for remote coredump analysis
reuseA tool for compliance with the REUSE recommendations
RexThe friendly automation framework on basis of Perl
rfcdiffCompares two internet draft files and outputs the difference
rfpkgRPM Fusion utility for working with dist-git
rgbX color name database
rgbdsA development package for the Game Boy, including an assembler
rhashGreat utility for computing hash sums
rhbzqueryBugzilla query tool
rhythmboxMusic Management Application
riemann-c-clientThe riemann C client
rifiuti2A Windows Recycle Bin analyser
rigMonitor a system for events and trigger specific actions
ripgrepLine-oriented search tool
ripmimeExtract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages
riverDynamic tiling Wayland compositor
rizinUNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line tool-set
rktimeMulti-zone time display utility
rkwardGraphical frontend for R language
R-littlerlittler: R at the Command-Line via 'r'
rlwrapWrapper for GNU readline
rmlintFinds space waste and other broken things on your filesystem
rmolC++ library of Revenue Management and Optimisation classes and functions
rmol-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for rmol
rmtProvides certain programs with access to remote tape devices
rng-toolsRandom number generator related utilities
rnpOpenPGP (RFC4880) tools
robodocExtract documentation from source code
roc-toolkit-utilsUtilities for roc-toolkit
rofiA window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement
rootNumerical data analysis framework
root-clingCling C++ interpreter
root-coreROOT core libraries
root-hbookHbook library for ROOT
root-hist-factoryRooFit PDFs from ROOT histograms
root-proofPROOF extension for ROOT
rootshShell wrapper for auditing
root-tailDisplays a given file anywhere on your X11 root window
rowsA common, beautiful interface to tabular data, no matter the format
roxtermTerminal emulator
rpcgenRPC protocol compiler
rpkgRPM packaging utility
rpkg-macrosSet of preproc macros for rpkg utility
rplIntelligent recursive search/replace utility
rpmautospecCLI tool for generating RPM releases and changelogs
rpm-buildScripts and executable programs used to build packages
rpmbuild-orderSort RPM packages in dependency order
rpmdeplintTool to find errors in RPM packages in the context of their dependency graph
rpmdevtoolsRPM Development Tools
rpmgrillA utility for catching problems in koji builds
rpminspectBuild deviation analysis and compliance tool
rpmorphanList packages that have no dependencies (like deborphan)
rpm-ostreeHybrid image/package system
rpmreaperA tool for removing packages from system
rpmrebuildA tool to build rpm file from rpm database
rrdtoolRound Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data
rsReshape a data array
rsakeyfindLocate BER-encoded RSA private and public keys in memory images
rsgainSimple but powerful ReplayGain 2.0 tagging utility
rshClients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp)
rsnapshotLocal and remote filesystem snapshot utility
rss2emailDeliver news from RSS feeds to your SMTP server as text or HTML mail
rss-glxReally Slick Screensavers
rsshRestricted shell for use with OpenSSH, allowing only scp and/or sftp
rsvndumpRemote Subversion repository dumping tool
rsyncA program for synchronizing files over a network
rsyslog-cryptoEncryption support
rtRequest tracker
rtl-433Generic radio data receiver
rtlaReal-Time Linux Analysis tools
rt-mailgatert's mailgate utility
rtmpdumpToolkit for RTMP streams
rtorrentBitTorrent client based on libtorrent
rubiksRubiks cube solvers
rubyAn interpreter of object-oriented scripting language
ruby-buildCompile and install Ruby
ruby-default-gemsDefault gems which are part of Ruby StdLib
rubygem-Ascii85Ascii85 encoder/decoder
rubygem-asciidoctorA fast, open source AsciiDoc implementation in Ruby
rubygem-bundlerLibrary and utilities to manage a Ruby application's gem dependencies
rubygem-chakeServerless configuration management tool for chef
rubygem-clockworkA scheduler process to replace cron
rubygem-coverallsA Ruby implementation of the Coveralls API
rubygem-gistUpload content to https://gist.github.com
rubygem-guardGuard keeps an eye on your file modifications
rubygem-irbThe Interactive Ruby
rubygem-jekyllSimple, blog aware, static site generator
rubygem-kramdownFast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter
rubygem-mustacheMustache is a framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views
rubygem-pumaA simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server
rubygem-rakeRake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby
rubygem-rdiscountFast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown in C
rubygem-rdocRDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects
rubygem-ronn-ngBuilds man pages from Markdown
rubygem-rougePure-ruby colorizer based on pygments
rubygem-sprocketsRack-based asset packaging system
rubygem-treetopA Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL
ruff-lspA Language Server Protocol implementation for Ruff
rusersDisplays the users logged into machines on the local network
rustThe Rust Programming Language
rust2rpmGenerate RPM spec files for Rust crates
rvRV: Runtime Verification
rvm-toolsTools for rvm
rwallClient for sending messages to a host's logged in users
rwhoDisplays who is logged in to local network machines
rxvt-unicodeUnicode version of rxvt
rygelA collection of UPnP/DLNA services
rzipA large-file compression program
s390utilsUtilities and daemons for IBM z Systems
s3cmdTool for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service
s3fs-fuseFUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
safecopySafe copying of files and partitions
safekeep-commonThe SafeKeep backup system (common component)
sagator-coreAntivirus/anti-spam gateway for smtp server, core files
saidarSystem information real-time monitor
sakuraTerminal emulator based on GTK and VTE
saltA parallel remote execution system
salt-apiREST API for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-cloudCloud provisioner for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-lintSalt State file (SLS) lint tool
salt-masterManagement component for salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-minionClient component for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-sshAgentless SSH-based version of Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-syndicMaster-of-master component for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
sambaServer and Client software to interoperate with Windows machines
samba-clientSamba client programs
samba-common-toolsTools for Samba clients
samba-pidlPerl IDL compiler
samba-testTesting tools for Samba servers and clients
samba-winbind-clientsSamba winbind clients
samba-winexeSamba Winexe Windows Binary
samdump2Retrieves syskey and extracts hashes from Windows 2k/NT/XP/Vista SAM
samefileCommand-line utility to find identical files on the file system
samplv1A polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx
samtoolsTools for nucleotide sequence alignments in the SAM format
samuraininja-compatible build tool written in C
sandia-omega-hReliable mesh adaptation
sane-airscanSANE backend for AirScan (eSCL) and WSD document scanners
sane-backendsScanner access software
sane-backends-develSANE development toolkit
sane-frontendsGraphical frontend to SANE
saphireYet another shell
sasl-xoauth2The xoauth2 plugin for cyrus-sasl
sasutilsSerial Attached SCSI (SAS) utilities
satyrTools to create anonymous, machine-friendly problem reports
sawfishAn extensible window manager for the X Window System
sayonaraA lightweight Qt Audio player
sbclSteel Bank Common Lisp
sblim-gatherSBLIM Gatherer
sblim-sfcbSmall Footprint CIM Broker
sblim-wbemcliSBLIM WBEM Command Line Interface
sbsigntoolsSigning utility for UEFI secure boot
scSpreadsheet Calculator
scalaHybrid functional/object-oriented language for the JVM
scalascaToolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications
scalpelFast file carver working on disk images
scampcompute astrometric and photometric solutions from sextractor catalogs
scanmemMemory scanner
scansshFast SSH server and open proxy scanner
scd2htmlGenerates HTML for scdoc source files
scdocTool for generating roff manual pages
schismtrackerSound module composer/player
scidavisApplication for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization
scl-utilsUtilities for alternative packaging
scmxxExchange data with Siemens mobile phones
scpioCopy file archives in and out (LEGACY)
scratchProgramming language learning environment for stories, games, music and art
screenA screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal
screenfetchA "Bash Screenshot Information Tool"
screenieA small and lightweight screen wrapper
scribusDesktop Publishing application written in Qt
scrotCommand line screen capture utility
scrubDisk scrubbing program
sdcvConsole version of StarDict program
sddmQML based desktop and login manager
sdlhackForce full-screen games to minimize
sdorfehsA tiling window manager
seafileCloud storage cli client
seahorseA GNOME application for managing encryption keys
seahorse-cajaPGP encryption and signing for caja
seahorse-nautilusPGP encryption and signing for nautilus
seamonkeyWeb browser, e-mail, news, IRC client, HTML editor
seatdMinimal seat management daemon
seaviewGraphical multiple sequence alignment editor
secSimple Event Correlator script to filter log file entries
secvarctlSuite of tools to manipulate and generate Secure Boot variables on POWER
sedA GNU stream text editor
sedimentA function reordering tool set
selintStatic code analysis tool for SELinux policy source files
sendemailLightweight command line SMTP e-mail client
sendmailA widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA)
sendxmppPerl script to send XMPP messages
sensible-utilsUtilities for sensible alternative selection
sepolicy_analysisSELinux policy analysis tool
sequoia-keyring-linterLinter for keyrings
sequoia-sopImplementation of the Stateless OpenPGP Interface using Sequoia
sequoia-sqCommand-line frontends for Sequoia
sequoia-sqvSimple OpenPGP signature verification program
sequoia-wotImplementation of OpenPGP's web of trust
serdA lightweight C library for RDF syntax
sessregUtility to manage utmp/wtmp entries for X sessions
setBfreeA DSP Tonewheel Organ emulator
setconfUtility for changing settings in configuration text files
setools-consolePolicy analysis command-line tools for SELinux
setools-console-analysesPolicy analysis command-line tools for SELinux
setools-guiPolicy analysis graphical tools for SELinux
setroubleshoot-serverSELinux troubleshoot server
setuptoolA text mode system configuration tool
setxkbmapX11 keymap client
setzerLaTeX editor written in Python with Gtk
sevmgrC++ Simulation-Oriented Discrete Event Management Library
sevmgr-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for sevmgr
sexppS-expressions parser and generator tools
sextractorExtract catalogs of sources from astronomical images
sfnt2woff-zopfliCreate WOFF files with Zopfli compression
sfwbarS* Floating Window Bar
sgml-commonCommon SGML catalog and DTD files
sgpioSGPIO captive backplane tool
shaFile hashing utility
sha3sumCompute and check SHA3 message digest
shadow-utilsUtilities for managing accounts and shadow password files
shadow-utils-subidA library to manage subordinate uid and gid ranges
shairport-syncAirTunes emulator. Multi-Room with Audio Synchronisation
shapelib-toolsshapelib utility programs
sharedmeataxeMatrix representations over finite fields
shared-mime-infoShared MIME information database
sharutilsThe GNU shar utilities for packaging and unpackaging shell archives
shcShell script compiler
SheepShaverPower Macintosh emulator
ShellCheckShell script analysis tool
shelldapA shell-like interface for browsing LDAP servers
shellinaboxWeb based AJAX terminal emulator
sherlock-projectHunt down social media accounts by username across social networks
shfmtShell formatter
shigofumiCommand line client for accessing the Czech Data Boxes
shntoolA multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility
shotcutA free, open source, cross-platform video editor
shotwellA photo organizer for the GNOME desktop
shtoolA portable shell tool
shutterGTK+3-based screenshot application written in Perl
SIBsim4Align expressed RNA sequences on a DNA template
sidplayfpSID chip music module player
siegeHTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility
signifySign and verify signatures on files
sigrok-cliBasic hardware access drivers for logic analyzers
sigulA signing server and related software client
simarrangeSTL 2D plate packer with collision simulation
simcrsC++ Simulated Travel-Oriented Distribution System library
simcrs-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for simcrs
simfqtC++ Simulated Fare Quote System Library
simfqt-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for simfqt
Simple-FuzzerA simple fuzz test-case builder
simple-scanSimple scanning utility
simplescreenrecorderSimple Screen Recorder is a screen recorder for Linux
sinceStateful tail replacement
SingularComputer Algebra System for polynomial computations
Singular-emacsEmacs interface to Singular
sipcalcAn "advanced" console based ip subnet calculator
sipsakSIP swiss army knife
sipviciousSet of tools to audit SIP based VoIP systems
sirikaliGUI front end to encfs,cryfs,gocryptfs and securefs
sirilAstronomical image processing software
sjinnSimple tool for sending & receiving data from RS-232 devices
skfUtility binary files in Simple Kanji Filter
skiIA-64 user and system mode simulator
skimFuzzy Finder in rust!
skopeoInspect container images and repositories on registries
slJoke command for when you type 'sl' instead of 'ls'
slang-slshInterpreter for S-Lang scripts
slapi-nisNIS Server and Schema Compatibility plugins for Directory Server
sleuthkitThe Sleuth Kit (TSK)
slick-greeterA slick-looking LightDM greeter
slimSimple Login Manager
slimdataTools and library for reading and writing slim compressed data
slirp4netnsslirp for network namespaces
sloccountMeasures source lines of code (SLOC) in programs
slockSimple X display locker
slopCommand line tool to perform region SeLect OPeration with mouse
slowhttptestAn Application Layer DoS attack simulator
slrnA threaded Internet news reader
slrn-pullOffline news reading support for the SLRN news reader
slurmSimple Linux Utility for Resource Management
slurm-contribsPerl tools to print Slurm job state information
slurm-guiSlurm gui and visual tools
slurm-openlavaOpenlava/LSF wrappers for transition from OpenLava/LSF to Slurm
slurm-torqueTorque/PBS wrappers for transition from Torque/PBS to Slurm
slurpSelect a region in Sway
smaclientProvides access to z/VM System Management functions
smbios-utils-binBinary utilities that use libsmbios
smbios-utils-pythonPython executables that use libsmbios
smokepingLatency Logging and Graphing System
smplayerA graphical frontend for mplayer and mpv
smtppingSmall tool for measuring SMTP parameters
s-nailEnvironment for sending and receiving mail, providing functionality of POSIX mailx
snakemakeWorkflow management system to create reproducible and scalable data analyses
snapraidDisk array backup for many large rarely-changed files
sndfile-toolsA collection of programs to do interesting things with sound files
sngLossless editing of PNGs via a textual representation
snmpcheckAn utility to get information via SNMP protocols
snobol4A port of Macro SNOBOL4
snownewsA text mode RSS/RDF newsreader
SoapySDRA Vendor Neutral and Platform Independent SDR Support Library
socatBidirectional data relay between two data channels ('netcat++')
socket_wrapperA library passing all socket communications through Unix sockets
socnetvA Social Networks Analyser and Visualiser
softhsmSoftware version of a PKCS#11 Hardware Security Module
sordA lightweight Resource Description Framework (RDF) C library
sosA set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system
soundfont-utilsUtilities for converting from / to various soundfont formats
sound-juicerClean and lean CD ripper
soundtrackerSound module composer/player
source-highlightProduces a document with syntax highlighting
soxA general purpose sound file conversion tool
spamassassinSpam filter for email which can be invoked from mail delivery agents
spamassassin-compileSpamassassin sa-compile
spamass-milterMilter (mail filter) for spamassassin
sparseA semantic parser of source files
spaxPortable archive exchange
spdrs60SRCP based locking table for digital model railroads
spec2sclConvert RPM specfiles to be SCL ready
spectacleScreenshot capture utility
spectre-meltdown-checkerSpectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker for Linux
spectrographicTurn an image into sound whose spectrogram looks like the image
speech-dispatcherTo provide a high-level device independent layer for speech synthesis
speech-dispatcher-utilsVarious utilities for speech-dispatcher
speedtest-cliCommand line interface for testing internet bandwidth
speex-toolsThe tools package for speex
sphinxFree open-source SQL full-text search engine
spicctrlSony Vaio laptop SPIC control program
spice-gtkA GTK+ widget for SPICE clients
spice-vdagentAgent for Spice guests
spimAn assembly language MIPS32 simulator
spi-toolsSimple command line tools to help using Linux spidev devices
splatAnalyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links
splintAn implementation of the lint program
sporStore file modes (permission/ownership) recursively
sqlgreyPostfix grey-listing policy service
sqliteLibrary that implements an embeddable SQL database engine
sqlite2Embeddable SQL engine in a C library
sqlshCommand interpreter for DBI shells
sqlt-graphsqlt-graph tool to create a graph from a database schema
squashfs-toolsUtility for the creation of squashfs filesystems
squashfs-tools-ngA new set of tools and libraries for working with SquashFS images
squashfuseFUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives
squeak-vmThe Squeak virtual machine
squeezeliteHeadless music player for streaming from Lyrion Music Server
squidThe Squid proxy caching server
squidclamavHTTP Antivirus for Squid based on ClamAv and the ICAP protocol
squirrelHigh level imperative/OO programming language
srainModern, beautiful IRC client written in GTK+ 3
srcSimple Revision Control
srecordManipulate EPROM load files
srmSecure file deletion
srmioSchoberer Radmesstechnik (SRM) PowerControl access
ssdeepCompute context triggered piecewise hashes
ssh-auditAn SSH server & client configuration security auditing tool
sshexportInstall your SSH keys on remote sites
sshpassNon-interactive SSH authentication utility
sshuttleTransparent Proxy VPN
ssldumpSSL/TLS network protocol analyzer
sslscanSecurity assessment tool for SSL/TLS
sslsplitTransparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
sssd-commonCommon files for the SSSD
ssssShamir's secret sharing scheme
stA simple terminal implementation for X
staden-io_libGeneral purpose library to handle gene sequencing machine trace files
stalonetrayA stand alone notification area
starAn archiving tool with ACL support
starplot3-dimensional perspective star map viewer
statgrabSysctl-style interface to the statistics from libstatgrab
stats-collectA tool for collecting and visualising system statistics and telemetry
statsd-perlA Perl port of Flickr/Etsy's statsd metrics daemon
statserialA tool which displays the status of serial port modem lines
stdairC++ Standard Airline IT Object Library
stdair-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for stdair
steghideA steganography program
stellariumPhoto-realistic nightsky renderer
stgitStack-based patch management for Git
stlinkSTM32 discovery line Linux programmer
stoken-cliCommand line tool for stoken
stoken-guiGraphical interface program for stoken
stompcltVersatile STOMP client
stpConstraint solver/decision procedure
straceTracks and displays system calls associated with a running process
strawberryAudio player and music collection organizer
streamripperShoutcast and icecast compatible streams recorder
stressA tool to put given subsystems under a specified load
stressapptestStressful Application Test - userspace memory and IO test
stress-ngStress test a computer system in various ways
strongswanAn OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution
stubbyApplication that act as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver
st-userSources and tools for user configuration of st
subnetcalcIPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator
subtitleeditorGTK+3 tool to edit subtitles for GNU/Linux/*BSD
subversionA Modern Concurrent Version Control System
subversion-toolsSupplementary tools for Subversion
sudoAllows restricted root access for specified users
sunpinyin-dataLittle-endian data files for sunpinyin
superminTool for creating supermin appliances
surfSimple web browser
surf-geometryTool to visualize some real algebraic geometry
surfrawShell Users Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web
suricataIntrusion Detection System
svn2clCreate a ChangeLog from a Subversion log
svn-bisectBinary search through svn revisions
svt-av1Scalable Video Technology for AV1 Encoder
svxlink-reflectorAn audio reflector for connecting SvxLink Servers
svxlink-serverSvxLink - A general purpose voice services system
swaksCommand-line SMTP transaction tester
swappyWayland native snapshot editing tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS
swarpTool that resamples and co-adds together FITS images
swatchTool for actively monitoring log files
swatchdogTool for actively monitoring log files
swayi3-compatible window manager for Wayland
swaybgWallpaper tool for Wayland compositors
swayidleAn idle daemon for wayland compositors
swaylockScreen locker for Wayland
swftoolsSWF manipulation and generation utilities
swift-langThe Swift programming language
swigConnects C/C++/Objective C to some high-level programming languages
switchdeskA desktop environment switcher
switcheroo-controlD-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU
sxhkdSimple X hotkey daemon
sxivSimple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer
sylpheedGTK+ based, lightweight, and fast email client
symlinksA utility which maintains a system's symbolic links
sympaPowerful multilingual List Manager
sympolSymmetric polyhedra tool
sympowSpecial Values of Symmetric Power Elliptic Curve L-Functions
synapseA semantic launcher written in Vala
syncevolutionSyncML client for evolution
syncplaySynchronize playback of various video players via internet
syncthingContinuous File Synchronization
syncthing-toolsContinuous File Synchronization (server tools)
synthv1A 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer
sysconftoolMacros for aclocal to install configuration files
sysfsutilsUtilities for interfacing with sysfs
syslinuxSimple kernel loader which boots from a FAT filesystem
syslinux-extlinuxThe EXTLINUX bootloader, for booting the local system.
syslinux-perlSyslinux tools written in perl
syslog-ngNext-generation syslog server
syslog-ng-slogsecure logging support for syslog-ng
sysreporterBasic system reporter with emailing
sysrepo-toolssysrepo executable tools
sysstatCollection of performance monitoring tools for Linux
system-config-languageA graphical interface for modifying the system language
system-config-printerA printer administration tool
system-config-printer-appletPrint job notification applet
systemdSystem and Service Manager
systemd-bootchartBoot performance graphing tool
systemd-containerTools for containers and VMs
systemd-networkdSystem daemon that manages network configurations
systemd-swapCreating hybrid swap space from zram swaps, swap files and swap partitions
systemd-udevRule-based device node and kernel event manager
systemd-ukifyTool to build Unified Kernel Images
system-switch-mailThe Mail Transport Agent Switcher
systemtap-clientProgrammable system-wide instrumentation system - client
systemtap-develProgrammable system-wide instrumentation system - development headers, tools
systemtap-jupyterISystemtap jupyter kernel and examples
systemtap-runtime-virthostSystemtap Cross-VM Instrumentation - host
systemtap-sdt-develStatic probe support tools
sysusageSystem monitoring based on Perl, rrdtool, and sysstat
szipFast command line tool for snappy compression and decompression
t1lib-appst1lib demo applications
t1utilsCollection of Type 1 and 2 font manipulation utilities
tabbedSimple Xembed container manager
tabbed-userTabbed sources and tools for user configuration
tackTerminfo action checker
tagsoupA SAX-compliant HTML parser written in Java
talkTalk client for one-on-one Internet chatting
tangNetwork Presence Binding Daemon
tangerinePerl dependency metadata tool
tarGNU file archiving program
tarantoolIn-Memory Database
tarsnapOnline encrypted backup service (client)
taskTaskwarrior - a command-line TODO list manager
taskdSecure server providing multi-user, multi-client access to task data
taskopenScript for taking notes and open urls with taskwarrior
taskshShell command that wraps Taskwarrior commands
task-spoolerPersonal job scheduler
tcalcThe terminal calculator
tclTool Command Language, pronounced tickle
tcpflowNetwork traffic recorder
tcpreenA TCP/IP re-engineering and monitoring program
tcpreplayReplay captured network traffic
tcptrackDisplays information about tcp connections on a network interface
tcputilsUtilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts
tcshAn enhanced version of csh, the C shell
teamdTeam network device control daemon
teamgitVisual tool for Git
techtalk-psePresentation software designed for technical people
teckitEncoding conversion library and mapping compiler
teemLibraries for processing and visualizing scientific raster data
tegrarcmSend code to a Tegra device in recovery mode
telepathy-mission-controlCentral control for Telepathy connection manager
telnetThe client program for the Telnet remote login protocol
templates_parser-toolsTools for AWS templates engine
termicGCC powered interactive C/C++ terminal created with BASH
terminatorStore and run multiple GNOME terminals in one window
terminatorXReal-time Audio Synthesizer
terminologyEFL based terminal emulator
tesseractRaw OCR Engine
tesseract-toolsTraining tools for tesseract
testcloudTool for running cloud images locally
testsslTesting TLS/SSL encryption
tetex-dvipostLaTeX post filter command to support change bars and overstrike mode
texi2htmlA highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator
texinfoTools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files
texinfo-texTools for formatting Texinfo documentation files using TeX
texlive-a2pingAdvanced PS, PDF, EPS converter
texlive-afm2plConvert AFM to TeX property list (.pl) metrics
texlive-albatrossFind fonts that contain a given glyph
texlive-alephExtended TeX
texlive-amstexAmerican Mathematical Society plain TeX macros
texlive-araraAutomation of LaTeX compilation
texlive-attachfile2Attach files into PDF
texlive-autospA Preprocessor that generates note-spacing commands for MusiXTeX scores
texlive-axodraw2Feynman diagrams in a LaTeX document
texlive-bib2glsConvert .bib files to glossaries-extra.sty resource files
texlive-bibcopStyle checker for .bib files
texlive-bibtexProcess bibliographies (bib files) for LaTeX or other formats
texlive-bibtex8BibTeX variant supporting 8-bit encodings
texlive-bibtexuBibTeX variant supporting Unicode (UTF-8), via ICU
texlive-bundledocBundle together all the files needed to build a LaTeX document
texlive-chklrefCheck for problems with labels in LaTeX
texlive-chktexCheck for errors in LaTeX documents
texlive-citation-style-languageBibliography formatting with Citation Style Language
texlive-cjkutilscjkutils package
texlive-clojure-pamphletA simple literate programming tool based on clojure's pamphlet system
texlive-contextThe ConTeXt macro package
texlive-crossrefwareScripts for working with crossref.org
texlive-ctanbibExport ctan entries to bib format
texlive-ctanifyPrepare a package for upload to CTAN
texlive-ctan-o-matUpload or validate a package for CTAN
texlive-ctieC version of tie (merging Web change files)
texlive-cwebA Web system in C
texlive-cyrillicSupport for Cyrillic fonts in LaTeX
texlive-detexStrip TeX from a source file
texlive-dosepsbinDeal with DOS binary EPS files
texlive-dtlTools to dis-assemble and re-assemble DVI files
texlive-dvi2ttyProduce ASCII from DVI
texlive-dviasmA utility for editing DVI files
texlive-dvicopyCopy DVI files, flattening VFs
texlive-dvidviConvert one DVI file into another
texlive-dviljkDVI to Laserjet output
texlive-dviout-utilDVI output utilities
texlive-dvipdfmxAn extended version of dvipdfm
texlive-dvipngA fast DVI to PNG/GIF converter
texlive-dvipossupport DVI pos: specials used by ConTeXt DVI output
texlive-dvipsA DVI to PostScript driver
texlive-dvisvgmConvert DVI, EPS, and PDF files to Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG)
texlive-eplainExtended plain TeX macros
texlive-epstopdfConvert EPS to 'encapsulated' PDF using Ghostscript
texlive-etexAn extended version of TeX, from the NTS project
texlive-findhyphFind hyphenated words in a document
texlive-fontinstHelp with installing fonts for TeX and LaTeX
texlive-fontoolsTools to simplify using fonts (especially TT/OTF ones)
texlive-fontwareTools for virtual font metrics
texlive-git-latexdiffCall latexdiff on two Git revisions of a file
texlive-glossariesCreate glossaries and lists of acronyms
texlive-gsftopkConvert "ghostscript fonts" to PK files
texlive-hitexA TeX extension writing HINT output for on-screen reading
texlive-hyperxmpEmbed XMP metadata within a LaTeX document
texlive-jadetexMacros supporting Jade DSSSL output
texlive-kpathseaPath searching library for TeX-related files
texlive-l3buildA testing and building system for (La)TeX
texlive-lacheckLaTeX checker
texlive-latexA TeX macro package that defines LaTeX
texlive-latex2manTranslate LaTeX-based manual pages into Unix man format
texlive-latexdiffDetermine and mark up significant differences between LaTeX files
texlive-latex-git-logTypeset git log information
texlive-lcdftypetoolsA bundle of outline font manipulation tools
texlive-light-latex-makellmk: A build tool for LaTeX documents
texlive-ltximgSplit LaTeX files to sanitise a conversion process
texlive-luafindfontSearch fonts in the LuaTeX font database
texlive-luaotfloadOpenType 'loader' for Plain TeX and LaTeX
texlive-luatexThe LuaTeX engine
texlive-makeindexProvides sorted index from unsorted raw data
texlive-mathspicA Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX
texlive-metafontA system for specifying fonts
texlive-metapostA development of Metafont for creating graphics
texlive-mfwareSupporting tools for use with Metafont
texlive-mkjobtexmfGenerate a texmf tree for a particular job
texlive-mptopdfmpost to PDF, native MetaPost graphics inclusion
texlive-m-txA preprocessor for pmx
texlive-musixtexSophisticated music typesetting
texlive-musixtntA MusiXTeX extension library that enables transformations of the effect of notes commands
texlive-omegawareA wide-character-set extension of TeX
texlive-optexLuaTeX format based on Plain TeX and OPmac
texlive-pagelayoutLayout graphic rich documents
texlive-patgenGenerate hyphenation patterns
texlive-pdfbook2Create booklets from PDF files
texlive-pdfjamShell scripts interfacing to pdfpages
texlive-pdftexA TeX extension for direct creation of PDF
texlive-pdftosrcExtract source file or stream from PDF file
texlive-pdfxupCreate n-up PDF pages with minimal margins
texlive-pedigree-perlGenerate TeX pedigree files from CSV files
texlive-perltexDefine LaTeX macros in terms of Perl code
texlive-pkfix-helperMake PostScript files accessible to pkfix
texlive-pmxPreprocessor for MusiXTeX
texlive-pmxchordsProduce chord information to go with pmx output
texlive-ps2epsProduce Encapsulated PostScript from PostScript
texlive-ps2pkGenerate a PK font from an Adobe Type 1 font
texlive-psutilsThe TeXLive fork of the PS Utilities
texlive-ptexA TeX system for publishing in Japanese
texlive-purifyepsMake EPS work with both LaTeX/dvips and pdfLaTeX
texlive-rubikDocument Rubik cube configurations and rotation sequences
texlive-seetexkUtilities for manipulating DVI files
texlive-spixYet another TeX compilation tool: simple, human readable, no option, no magic
texlive-splitindexUnlimited number of indexes
texlive-srcredactA tool for redacting sources
texlive-sty2dtxCreate a .dtx file from a .sty file
texlive-synctexengine-level feature synchronizing output and source
texlive-texA sophisticated typesetting engine
texlive-texaccentsConvert composite accented characters to Unicode
texlive-texdiffCompares two (La)TeX documents to create a merged version showing changes
texlive-texdirflattenCollect files related to a LaTeX job in a single directory
texlive-texdocDocumentation access for TeX distributions
texlive-texdoctkEasy access to package documentation
texlive-texfotFilter clutter from the output of a TeX run
texlive-texlive.infraBasic TeX Live infrastructure
texlive-texlive-scriptsTeX Live infrastructure programs
texlive-texlive-scripts-extraTeX Live scripts
texlive-texlogfilterFilter LaTeX engines output or log file
texlive-texlogsieveFilter and summarize LaTeX log files
texlive-texsisPlain TeX macros for Physicists
texlive-texwareUtility programs for use with TeX
texlive-thumbpdfThumbnails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf
texlive-tieAllow multiple web change files
texlive-tikztosvgA utility for rendering TikZ diagrams to SVG
texlive-tpic2pdftexUse tpic commands in PDFTeX
texlive-ttfutilsconvert TrueType to TFM and PK fonts
texlive-upmendexMultilingual index processor
texlive-velthuisTypeset Devanagari
texlive-vlnaAdds ~ after non-syllabic preposition, for Czech/Slovak
texlive-webThe original literate programming system
texlive-webquizA LaTeX package for writing online quizzes
texlive-xdviA DVI previewer for the X Window System
texlive-xetexUnicode and OpenType-enabled TeX engine
texlive-xindyA general-purpose index processor
texlive-xml2pmxConvert MusicXML to PMX and MusiXTeX
texlive-xpdfopenCommands to control PDF readers, under X11
TeXmacsStructured WYSIWYG scientific text editor
texttopapsCUPS filter based on paps
texworksA simple IDE for authoring TeX documents
tfdocgenTiLP framework documentation generator
tftpThe client for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
tgif2-D drawing tool
the_silver_searcherSuper-fast text searching tool (ag)
thinkfanA simple fan control program
thonnyPython IDE for beginners
thttpdA tiny, turbo, throttleable lightweight HTTP server
ThunarThunar File Manager
tidyUtility to clean up and pretty print HTML/XHTML/XML
tigText-mode interface for the git revision control system
tigervncA TigerVNC remote display system
tigervnc-serverA TigerVNC server
tigervnc-server-minimalA minimal installation of TigerVNC server
tikzitDiagram editor for pgf/TikZ
tildaA Gtk based drop down terminal for Linux and Unix
tiledTiled Map Editor
tilixTiling terminal emulator
tilpTexas Instruments handheld(s) <-> PC communication program
timeshiftSystem restore tool for Linux
timewTimewarrior tracks and reports time
timgA terminal image and video viewer
timidity++A software wavetable MIDI synthesizer
tinBasic Internet news reader
tinycdbUtility and library for manipulating constant databases
tinyfugueA MU* client
tioSimple TTY terminal I/O application
tipcutilsTIPC utilities package for Linux
tiptopPerformance monitoring tool based on hardware counters
titoolsCommand-line programs for communicating with a TI calculator
tkThe graphical toolkit for the Tcl scripting language
tkrzwA straightforward implementation of DBM
tldrSimplified and community-driven man pages
tlfHam radio contest logger
tlockTerminal lock
tlpOptimize laptop battery life
tmispell-voikkoAn Ispell compatible front-end for spell-checking modules
tmtTest Management Tool
tmuxA terminal multiplexer
tn52505250 Telnet protocol and Terminal
tnefExtract files from email attachments like WINMAIL.DAT
tnftpFTP (File Transfer Protocol) client from NetBSD
tntnetA web application server for web applications
todocliCommand line To Do application
tofrodosConverts text files between MSDOS and Unix file formats
tog-pegasusOpenPegasus WBEM Services for Linux
toiletDisplay large colorful characters in text mode
tokyocabinetA modern implementation of a DBM
tomboyNote-taking application
tomcliCLI for working with TOML files. Pronounced "tom clee."
toolboxTool for interactive command line environments on Linux
toplinePer-core/NUMA CPU and disk utilization plain-text grapher
torAnonymizing overlay network for TCP
torqueTera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager
torque-clientClient part of TORQUE
torque-guiGraphical clients for TORQUE
torsocksUse SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor
totemMovie player for GNOME
totem-video-thumbnailerTotem video thumbnailer
touchcalCalibration utility for touch screens
toxiproxyTCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for resiliency testing
tpm2-toolsA bunch of TPM testing toolS build upon tpm2-tss
tpm2-tss-engine-utilitiesUtility binary for openssl using tpm2-tss software stack
tpm-toolsManagement tools for the TPM hardware
tpm-tools-pkcs11Management tools using PKCS#11 for the TPM hardware
t-protA filter which improves the readability of email messages and Usenet posts
trace-cmdA user interface to Ftrace
trackerDesktop-neutral metadata database and search tool
tracker-minersTracker miners and metadata extractors
trademgenC++ Simulated Travel Demand Generation Library
trademgen-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for trademgen
transfigUtility for converting FIG files (made by xfig) to other formats
transflacTranscode FLAC to lossy formats
translate-shellA command-line online translator
translate-toolkitTools to assist with translation and software localization
transmission-cliTransmission command line implementation
transmission-commonTransmission common files
transmission-daemonTransmission daemon
transmission-gtkTransmission GTK interface
transmission-qtTransmission Qt interface
transmission-remote-gtkGTK remote control for the Transmission BitTorrent client
trash-cliCommand line interface to the freedesktop.org trashcan
travelccmC++ Travel Customer Choice Model (CCM) Library
travelccm-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for travelccm
treeFile system tree viewer
treescanScan directory trees, list directories/files, stat, sync, grep
trelbyThe free, multiplatform, feature-rich screenwriting program
trellisLattice ECP5 FPGA bitstream creation/analysis/programming tools
trendA General-Purpose, Efficient Trend Graph
triehashGenerator for order-preserving minimal perfect hash functions in C
trojanAn unidentifiable mechanism that helps you avoid censorship
trojitaIMAP e-mail client
trurlCommand line tool for URL parsing and manipulation
tse3MIDI Sequencer Engine
tslibTouchscreen Access Library
tss2IBM's TCG Software Stack (TSS) for TPM 2.0 and related utilities
tsungA distributed multi-protocol load testing tool
ttcpA tool for testing TCP connections
ttembedRemove embedding limitations from TrueType fonts
ttf2pt1TrueType to Adobe Type 1 font converter
ttfautohintAutomated hinting utility for TrueType fonts
ttfautohint-guiGUI for ttfautohint based on Qt
tthTeX to HTML/MathML translators
ttmkfdirUtility to create fonts.scale files for truetype fonts
tty-copyCopy content to system clipboard via TTY and terminal using ANSI OSC52 sequence
tubaBrowse the Fediverse
tuigreetGraphical console greeter for greetd
tuned-switcherSimple utility to manipulate the Tuned service
tuptimeReport historical system real time
tuxguitarA multitrack tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT
tuxpaintDrawing program designed for young children
tvheadendTV streaming server and digital video recorder
tvlsimTravel Market Simulator
tvlsim-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for tvlsim
tvtimeA high quality TV viewer
twaTiny web auditor with strong opinions
tweakAn efficient hex editor
twineTwine is a utility for publishing Python packages on PyPI
twinkleSIP-based VoIP client
twlogRecords basic ham radio log information
twolameOptimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoding library based on tooLAME
txt2manConvert flat ASCII text to man page format
txt2regexRegular expression wizard that converts human sentences to regexes
txt2rssConvert from txt to rss
tzclockGTK+ graphical Clock displaying the time around the world
u2f-hostCommand-line tool for U2F devices
u2f-serverServer-side command-line tool for U2F devices
uacmeLightweight SSL certificate verification and issue client
uadeUnix Amiga DeliTracker Emulator
uARMSolverUniversal Association Rule Mining Solver
uberftpGridFTP-enabled ftp client
ubertoothA Bluetooth wireless development platform for experimentation
uboot-toolsU-Boot utilities
ucblogoAn interpreter for the Logo programming language
uchardetAn encoding detector library ported from Mozilla
ucommon-binGNU uCommon system and support applications
ucommon-develHeaders for building GNU uCommon applications
ucppEmbeddable, quick, light and fully compliant ISO C99 preprocessor
udavViewer and editor for mathgl graphs
udev-hid-bpfHID-BPF quirk loader tool
udftoolsLinux UDF Filesystem userspace utilities
udisksStorage Management Service
udisks2Disk Manager
udnsDNS resolver library for both synchronous and asynchronous DNS queries
udpcastUDP broadcast file distribution and installation
udpxyUDP-to-HTTP multicast traffic relay daemon
ufdbGuardA URL filter for squid
ufrawRaw image data retrieval tool for digital cameras
ugeneIntegrated bioinformatics toolkit
ugrepA more powerful, ultra fast, user-friendly, compatible grep
uhdUniversal Hardware Driver for Ettus Research products
uid_wrapperA wrapper for privilege separation
uimA multilingual input method library
uispUniversal In-System Programmer for Atmel AVR and 8051
umrAMDGPU Userspace Register Debugger
unarMulti-format extractor
unbound-utilsUnbound DNS lookup utilities
unclutter-xfixesHides the cursor on inactivity (rewrite of unclutter)
uncrustifyReformat Source
unicornscanScalable, accurate, flexible and efficient network probing
unifdefTool for removing ifdef'd lines
unifontTools and glyph descriptions in a very simple text format
unisonFile Synchronizer
unitsA utility for converting amounts from one unit to another
unixcwShared library for Morse programs
unixODBCA complete ODBC driver manager for Linux
unoconvA tool to convert documents from/to any format supported by LibreOffice
unpaperPost-processing of scanned and photocopied book pages
unrarWrapper package for unrar-free
unrar-freeFree software version of the non-free unrar utility
unrtfRTF (Rich Text Format) to other formats converter
unzipA utility for unpacking zip files
upowerPower Management Service
uptimedA daemon to record and keep track of system up times
upxUltimate Packer for eXecutables
ureadUtilities for unformatted fortran files
uredirUDP port redirector
urjtagA tool for communicating over JTAG with flash chips and CPUs
urlscanExtract and browse the URLs contained in an email (urlview replacement)
urlviewURL extractor/launcher
urlwatchA tool for monitoring webpages for updates
uronodeAlternative packet radio system for Linux
ursa-majorA utility for working with module's koji tags in koji's tag inheritance.
usbauth-notifierNotifier for USB Firewall to use with desktop environments
usbguardA tool for implementing USB device usage policy
usbguard-notifierA tool for detecting usbguard policy and device presence changes
usb_modeswitchUSB Modeswitch gets mobile broadband cards in operational mode
usbredir-toolsusbredir utility tools
usbrelayA library and command line tool to control USB-connected relays based on hidapi
usbutilsLinux USB utilities
usd3D VFX pipeline interchange file format
usermode-gtkGraphical tools for certain user account management tasks
usnic-toolsDiagnostic tool for Cisco usNIC devices
ustr-develDevelopment files for ustr
ustreamerLightweight and fast MJPG-HTTP streamer
util-linuxCollection of basic system utilities
util-linux-coreThe most essential utilities from the util-linux suite
utopImproved toplevel for OCaml
utoxThe lightweight Tox client
utracUniversal Text Recognizer and Converter
uucpA set of utilities for operations between systems
uudeviewApplications for uuencoding, uudecoding, ...
uuidUniversally Unique Identifier library
uuid-develDevelopment support for Universally Unique Identifier library
uvcdynctrlCommand line interface to libwebcam
uxplayAirPlay Unix mirroring server
v4l2loopbackUtils for V4L2 loopback devices
v4l-utilsUtilities for video4linux and DVB devices
v4l-utils-devel-toolsUtilities for v4l2 / DVB driver development and debugging
vacationAutomatic mail answering program
vagalumeLast.fm client for GNOME and Maemo
vagrantBuild and distribute virtualized development environments
valaA modern programming language for GNOME
valadocVala documentation generator
vala-language-serverLanguage server for the Vala programming language
valgrindDynamic analysis tools to detect memory or thread bugs and profile
vanityhashHexadecimal hash fragment creation tool
varnishHigh-performance HTTP accelerator
vbindiffVisual binary diff
vcdimagerVideoCD (pre-)mastering and ripping tool
vcftoolsVCF file manipulation tools
vcshVersion Control System for $HOME
vdirsyncerSynchronize calendars and contacts
vdrVideo Disk Recorder
vdr-epgsearchPowerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR
vdr-markadAdvanced commercial detection for VDR
verbisteFrench conjugation system
verilatorA fast simulator for synthesizable Verilog
veuszGUI scientific plotting package
vgrepUser-friendly pager for grep
v-hacd-toolsCommand-line tools based on the V-HACD library
vhost-device-scmiVhost-user SCMI backend device
vhost-device-soundVirtio-sound device using the vhost-user protocol
videomorphSmall GUI wrapper for FFMPEG based on PyQt5
viewniorElegant image viewer
vifmVifm is a file manager with curses interface
vikingGPS data editor and analyzer
vileVI Like Emacs
vimbA fast and lightweight vim like web browser
vim-commonThe common files needed by any version of the VIM editor
vimivAn image viewer with vim-like keybindings
vim-X11The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System - GVim
vinagreVNC client for GNOME
vinciAlgorithms for volume computation
vips-toolsCommand-line tools for vips
virt-bootstrapSystem container rootfs creation tool
virtdetectDetect if a UNIX system is running as a virtual machine
virt-installUtilities for installing virtual machines
virt-managerDesktop tool for managing virtual machines via libvirt
virt-p2vConvert a physical machine to run on KVM
virt-topUtility like top(1) for displaying virtualization stats
virt-v2vConvert a virtual machine to run on KVM
virt-viewerVirtual Machine Viewer
virt-whatDetect if we are running in a virtual machine
virt-win-regAccess and modify the Windows Registry of a Windows VM
visA vim-like editor with structural regex from plan9
visidataTerminal interface for exploring and arranging tabular data
vitVisual Interactive Taskwarrior full-screen terminal interface
vkeybdVirtual MIDI keyboard
vkmarkVulkan benchmarking suite
vlc-cliVLC media player command line interface
vm-dump-metricsVirtualization host metrics dump
vmpkVirtual MIDI Piano Keyboard
vnstatConsole-based network traffic monitor
vnstat-vnstatiImage output support for vnstat
vobcopyUtility to copy DVD .vob files to disk
voikko-toolsTest tools for libvoikko
vokoscreenScreencast creator
volumeiconLightweight volume control for the system tray
voms-clients-cppVirtual Organization Membership Service Clients
voms-clients-javaVirtual Organization Membership Service Java clients
vorbisgainAdds tags to Ogg Vorbis files to adjust the volume
vorbis-toolsThe Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec tools
voro++Library for 3D computations of the Voronoi tessellation
votcaVersatile Object-oriented Toolkit for Coarse-graining Applications
vpncIPSec VPN client compatible with Cisco equipment
vpollerExecutable binaries for Distributed vSphere API Proxy
vrms-rpmReport non-free software
vrqVerilog tool framework with plugins for manipulating source code
vttesttest VT100-type terminal
w3mPager with Web browsing abilities
wabtThe WebAssembly Binary Toolkit
waffle-develDevelopment headers and libraries for waffle
wapitiA web application vulnerability scanner
wavbreakerGUI tool to losslessly split WAV, MP2 and MP3 files into multiple parts
wavemonNcurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices
wavpackA completely open audiocodec
wayfireA modular and extensible wayland compositor
wayland-logoutSimple program that sends SIGTERM to a wayland compositor
wayland-utilsWayland utilities
waypipeWayland forwarding proxy
wayvncA VNC server for wlroots based Wayland compositors
wboxHTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server
wcdWherever Change Directory: chdir for DOS and Unix
wcslib-utilsUtility programs provided by wcslib
wcstoolsSoftware utilities to display and manipulate the WCS of a FITS image
wdiffCompare files on a word per word basis
webalizerA flexible Web server log file analysis program
websecWeb Secretary - Web page monitoring software with highlighting
weechatPortable, fast, light and extensible IRC client
weldr-clientCommand line utility to control osbuild-composer
welle-ioReceiver for DAB and DAB+ broadcast radio
westonReference compositor for Wayland
wevA tool for debugging events on a sway Wayland window
wfSimple word frequency counter
wf-recorderScreen recorder for wlroots-based compositors eg swaywm
wget2An advanced file and recursive website downloader
whatmaskConvert between different netmask types and show information
whatsupNode up/down detection utility
whatwebWeb scanner to identify what are the websites running
whereamiDisplays work location
whichDisplays where a particular program in your path is located
whohasCommand line tool for query package lists
whoisImproved WHOIS client
whowatchDisplay information about users currently logged on
wiggleA tool for applying patches with conflicts
wiki2beamerConverts a simple wiki-like syntax to complex LaTeX beamer code
wildmidiSoftsynth midi player
wimlib-utilsTools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting WIM files
WindowMakerA fast, feature rich Window Manager
wine-commonCommon files
wine-develWine development environment
winetricksWork around common problems in Wine
wipeSecure file erasing tool
wireless-regdbRegulatory database for 802.11 wireless networking
wiresharkNetwork traffic analyzer
wireshark-cliNetwork traffic analyzer
withlockLocking wrapper script
wkhtmltopdfSimple shell utility to convert html to pdf
wl-clipboardCommand-line copy/paste utilities for Wayland
wl-mirrorSimple Wayland output mirror client
wlogoutWayland based logout menu
wlopmwlr-output-power-management-v1 client
wlrctlManipulate Wayland compositors using wlroots protocols
wlsunsetDay/night gamma adjustments for Sway
wmacpiDockapp for laptop acpi/apm information
wmapmloadWmapmload monitors your apm status in an lcd display fashion
wmbusmetersRead the wireless mbus protocol to acquire utility meter readings
wmCalClockA Calendar clock with antialiased text
wmctrlCommand line tool to interact with an X Window Manager
wmenuEfficient dynamic menu for Wayland
wmweather+Weather status dockapp
wobA lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for Wayland
wodimA command line CD/DVD recording program
WoeUSBWindows USB installation media creator
woffEncoding and decoding for Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
wofiA launcher/menu program for wlroots based wayland compositors
wolWake On Lan client
wordgrinderA command line word processor
wordgrinder-x11X11 version of WordGrinder
wordnetA lexical database for the English language
wordnet-browserTk browser for WordNet
workerFile Manager for the X11
wp-cliThe command line interface for WordPress
writerperfectA collection of tools to transform various file formats into ODF
writerperfect-abwA collection of tools to transform various file formats into AbiWord
writerperfect-epubA collection of tools to transform various file formats into EPUB
wsdlpullC++ Web Services client library
wsjtxWeak Signal communication by K1JT
wsmancliWS-Management-Command line Interface
wtypexdotool type for Wayland
wultA tool for measuring C-state latency in Linux
wvMSWord 6/7/8/9 binary file format to HTML converter
wvdialA heuristic autodialer for PPP connections
wwlCalculates distance and azimuth between two Maidenhead locators
wxmacmolpltA graphics program for plotting 3-D molecular structures and normal modes
wxMaximaGraphical user interface for Maxima
x11dockerRun GUI applications and desktops in Linux containers
x11perfX11 server performance test program
x11-ssh-askpassA passphrase dialog for X and not only for OpenSSH
x11traceA program for X11 protocol tracing
x11vncVNC server for the current X11 session
x2goagentX2Go Server's X2Go Agent Xserver
x2goclientX2Go Client application
x2godesktopsharingShare X11 desktops with other users via X2Go
x2gokdriveclientX2Go KDrive Client application
x2goserverX2Go Server
x2gowswrapperHelper utility for X2Go HTML5 client
x3270An X Window System based IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator
x3270-textIBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator for text mode
x3270-x11IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator for the X Window System
xa6502/65816 cross-assembler
xalan-cXalan XSLT processor for C/C++
xapian-coreThe Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library
xarThe eXtensible ARchiver
xarchiverArchive manager for Xfce
xastirAmateur Station Tracking and Reporting system for amateur radio
xautolockLaunches a program when your X session has been idle
xautomationTools to automate tasks in X, even detecting on screen images
xawtvTV applications for video4linux compliant devices
xawtv-motvMoTV Analog Television Viewer
xawtv-mttAnalog TV Teletext viewing application
xbacklightAdjust backlight brightness using RandR
xbanishBanish the mouse cursor when typing, show it again when the mouse moves
xbindkeysBinds keys or mouse buttons to shell commands under X
xcaGraphical X.509 certificate management tool
xcalcScientific Calculator X11 Client
xchmA GUI front-end to CHMlib
xcircuitElectronic circuit schematic drawing program
xclipCommand line clipboard grabber
xclipboardUtility to collect and display text selections
xclockThe classic X Window System clock utility
xcompmgrX11 composite manager
xconversHam radio convers client similar to IRC for X/GTK
xcursorgenPrepare X11 cursor sets for use with libXcursor
xdaliclockA clock for the X Window System
xdeltaA binary file delta generator
xde-menuMenu system for the X Desktop Environment
xdemorseGTK based application for decoding and displaying Morse code signals
xdesktopwavesSimulation of water waves on the X Window System desktop
xdg-dbus-proxyFiltering proxy for D-Bus connections
xdg-user-dirsHandles user special directories
xdg-utilsBasic desktop integration functions
xdialogX11 drop in replacement for cdialog
xdmsExtracts Amiga DMS archives
xdotoolFake keyboard/mouse input
xdpyinfoX11 display information utility
xdriinfoX application to query configuration information of DRI drivers
xedX-Apps [Text] Editor (Cross-DE, backward-compatible, GTK3, traditional UI)
xeditSimple text editor for X
xen-runtimeCore Xen runtime environment
xerces-j2Java XML parser
xevX Event utility
xeyesA follow the mouse X demo
xfburnSimple CD burning tool for Xfce
xfce4-dev-toolsXfce developer tools
xfce4-dictA Dictionary Client for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-notifydSimple notification daemon for Xfce
xfce4-panel-profilesA simple application to manage Xfce panel layouts
xfce4-power-managerPower management for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-screensaverScreensaver application for Xfce Desktop
xfce4-screenshooterScreenshot utility for the Xfce desktop
xfce4-sensors-pluginSensors plugin for the Xfce panel
xfce4-sessionXfce session manager
xfce4-terminalTerminal Emulator for the Xfce Desktop environment
xfce4-whiskermenu-pluginAn alternate application launcher for Xfce
xfce-theme-managerA theme manager for Xfce
xfdesktopDesktop manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment
xfeX File Explorer File Manager
xfhellGTK based Ham Radio application for the Hellschreiber communications mode
xfigAn X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics
xfmpcA MPD client for the Xfce desktop environment
xfontselTool to list X11 core protocol fonts
xforms-develDevelopment files for the XForms toolkit library
xgammaX utility to query and alter the gamma correction of a monitor
xgnokiiGraphical Linux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phones
xgrepA grep-like utility for XML files
xgridlocA GTK+ application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators
xhostManage hosts or users allowed to connect to the X server
xine-lib-develXine library development files
xine-uiA skinned xlib-based gui for xine-lib
xine-ui-aaxineASCII art player for terminals
xinputUtility to query X Input devices
xiphosBible study and research tool
xisxwaylandTool to check if the X server is XWayland
xkbcompXKB keymap compiler
xkbsetTool to configure XKB extensions
xkb-switchSwitch your X keyboard layouts from the command line
xkeycapsGraphical front end to xmodmap
xkillUtility to force-close an X client's connection
xl2tpdLayer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon (RFC 2661)
xloadTool to display system load average
xloadimageImage viewer and processor
xlockmoreScreen lock and screen saver
xlogLogging program for Hamradio Operators
xlogoDisplay the X11 logo
xlsatomsX11 atom list utility
xlsclientsX client list utility
xlsfontsX font list utility
xmagDisplay a magnified snapshot of an X11 screen
xmakeA cross-platform build utility based on Lua
xmakemolProgram for visualizing atomic and molecular systems
xmbdfedBitmap Font Editor
xmedconA medical image conversion utility and library
xmessageDisplay a message in a window
xml-commons-resolverResolver subproject of xml-commons
xmlindentXML stream reformatter
xmlrpc-c-appsSample XML-RPC applications
xmlsec1Library providing support for "XML Signature" and "XML Encryption" standards
xmlsec1-develLibraries, includes, etc. to develop applications with XML Digital Signatures and XML Encryption support.
xmlstarletCommand Line XML Toolkit
xmltoA tool for converting XML files to various formats
xmltomanScripts for converting XML to roff or HTML
xmltvA set of utilities to manage your TV viewing
xmltv-grabbersBackends for xmltv
xmltv-guiGraphical frontends to xmltv
xmms2A modular audio framework and plugin architecture
xmodmapEdit and display the X11 core keyboard map
xmonad-coreA tiling window manager
xmountA on-the-fly convert for multiple hard disk image types
xmountainsA fractal terrain generator
xmpA multi-format module player
xmppcA command-line interface (CLI) XMPP Client
xmpsolveQt GUI for mpsolve
xnec2cGTK based graphical wrapper for nec2c
xnvme-toolsCommand-line tools for storage I/O and NVMe-native development
xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cudaCUDA driver for xorg-x11-drv-nvidia
xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-legacyXorg X11 synaptics input driver
xorg-x11-drv-wacomXorg X11 wacom input driver
xorg-x11-font-utilsX.Org X11 font utilities
xorg-x11-server-commonXorg server common files
xorg-x11-server-x2gokdriveKDrive graphical server backend for X2GoServer
xorg-x11-server-XdmxDistributed Multihead X Server and utilities
xorg-x11-server-XephyrA nested server
xorg-x11-server-XnestA nested server
xorg-x11-server-XorgXorg X server
xorg-x11-server-XvfbA X Windows System virtual framebuffer X server
xorg-x11-xauthX.Org X11 X authority utilities
xorg-x11-xinitX.Org X11 X Window System xinit startup scripts
xorrisoISO-9660 and Rock Ridge image manipulation tool
xosdOn-screen display library for X
xosd-develDevelopment files for the XOSD on-screen display library
xosviewAn X Window System utility for monitoring system resources
xournalppHandwriting note-taking software with PDF annotation support
xpaThe X Public Access messaging system
xpadSticky notepad for GTK
xpanesAwesome tmux-based terminal divider
xpdfA PDF file viewer for the X Window System
xpenguinsCute little penguins that walk along the tops of your windows
xplanetRender a planetary image into an X window
xpraRemote display server for applications and desktops
xpropX property display utility
xpsk31GTK+ graphical version of lpsk31 for Ham Radio
xqCommand-line XML and HTML beautifier and content extractor
xqillaXQuery and XPath 2.0 library, built on top of Xerces-C
xrandrCommandline utility to change output properties
xrdbX server resource database utility
xrdpOpen source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server
xreaderSimple document viewer
xreader-thumbnailerSystem thumbnailer using xreader libraries
xrefreshRefresh all or part of an X screen
xrestopX Resource Monitor
xroarA Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy CoCo emulator
xrootd-clientXrootd command line client tools
xrootd-fuseXrootd FUSE tool
xrootd-vomsVOMS attribute extractor plugin for XRootD
xsaneX Window System front-end for the SANE scanner interface
xschemSchematic capture and Netlisting EDA tool
xscopeX Window Protocol Viewer
xscreensaver-baseA minimal installation of xscreensaver
xsdW3C XML schema to C++ data binding compiler
xsecurelockX11 screen lock utility with security in mind
xselCommand line clipboard and X selection tool
xsensorsAn X11 interface to lm_sensors
xsetUser preference utility for X
xsetrootRoot window parameter setting utility for X
xsettingsdProvides settings to X11 clients via the XSETTINGS specification
xspA small web server that hosts ASP.NET
xss-lockUse external locker as X screen saver
xssstateA simple tool to retrieve the X screen saver state
xstdcmapUtility to define standard colormap properties
xtables-addonsExtensions targets and matches for iptables
xtbSemiempirical Extended Tight-Binding Program Package
xtermTerminal emulator for the X Window System
xterm-resizeSet environment and terminal settings to current window size
xtideCalculate tide all over the world
x-tileA GTK application to tile windows in different ways
xtrlockMinimal X display lock program
xvInteractive image display program for X
xvattrUtility for getting and setting Xv attributes
xvidtuneVideo mode tuner for Xorg
xvinfoX video extension query utility
xvkbdVirtual Keyboard for X Window System
xwaxOpen source vinyl emulation software for Linux
xwayland-runSet of utilities to run headless X/Wayland clients
xwdDump an X window to file
xwininfoX window info utility
xwmTiny XCB floating window manager
xwritsReminds you take wrist breaks
xwudTool to display an X window image
xxdA hex dump utility
xxhashExtremely fast hash algorithm
xxkbKeyboard layout indicator and switcher
xylibLibrary for reading x-y data from several file formats
xyzshInteractive shell and text processing tool
xzLZMA compression utilities
xzgvPicture viewer
xz-lzma-compatOlder LZMA format compatibility binaries
yabauseA Sega Saturn emulator
yacreaderCross platform comic reader and library manager
yadDisplay graphical dialogs from shell scripts or command line
yambarModular status panel for X11 and Wayland
yamllintA linter for YAML files
yankTool for selecting and copying text from stdin without a mouse
yapetYet Another Password Encryption Tool
yaraPattern matching Swiss knife for malware researchers
yashYet Another SHell
yasmModular Assembler
yazZ39.50/SRW/SRU toolkit
ydotoolGeneric command-line automation tool (no X!)
yggdrasilRemote data transmission and processing client
yices-toolsCommand line tools that use the yices library
ykclientYubikey management library and client
ykocliFront-end script for ykman to obtain TOTP tokens
ykpersYubikey personalization program
yoshimiRewrite of ZynAddSubFx aiming for better JACK support
yosysYosys Open SYnthesis Suite, including Verilog synthesizer
yosys-develDevelopment files to build Yosys synthesizer plugins
yosyshq-abcSequential logic synthesis and formal verification
youtube-dlA small command-line program to download online videos
yp-toolsNIS (or YP) client programs
ytalkA chat program for multiple users
yt-dlpA command-line program to download videos from online video platforms
ytreeA filemanager similar to XTree
yubico-piv-toolTool for interacting with the PIV applet on a YubiKey
yubihsm-shellTools to interact with YubiHSM 2
yubikey-personalization-guiGUI for Yubikey personalization
yubikey-valThe YubiKey Validation Server
zMaintains a jump-list of the directories you actually use
z3Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver
z80asmZ80 Assembler
z80dasmZ80 Disassembler
zabbixOpen-source monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure
zathuraA lightweight document viewer
zbarBar code reader
zcfanZero-configuration fan daemon for ThinkPads
zchunkCompressed file format that allows easy deltas
zeitgeistFramework providing Desktop activity awareness
zenityDisplay dialog boxes from shell scripts
zenonAutomated theorem prover for first-order classical logic
zerotier-oneSmart Ethernet Switch for Earth
zidravZorba's Incredible Data Repairer And Verifier
zigProgramming language for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software
zileZile Is Lossy Emacs
ZimDesktop wiki & notekeeper
zimplZuse Institut Mathematical Programming Language
zintBarcode generator library
zipA file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP
zipiosC++ library for reading and writing Zip files
zisofs-toolsUtilities for creating compressed CD-ROM filesystems
zita-ajbridgeAllows ALSA devices to be JACK clients
zita-resamplerFast, high-quality sample rate conversion library
zmapNetwork scanner for Internet-wide network studies
zncAn advanced IRC bouncer
znc-develDevelopment files needed to compile ZNC modules
zoxideSmarter cd command for your terminal
zpaqIncremental journaling back-up archiver
zpsA small utility for listing and cleaning up zombie processes
zshPowerful interactive shell
zsh-loversA collection of tips, tricks and examples for the Z shell
zsshSSH and Telnet client with ZMODEM file transfer capability
zstdZstd compression library
zswap-cliCommand-line tool to control zswap options
zulucryptQt GUI front end to cryptsetup
zulucrypt-consoleConsole tools of zulucrypt
zvbiRaw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library
zydis-toolsTools for zydis
zypp-toolsTools for libzypp users
zzufTransparent application input fuzzer