ManKier API

Search for man pages, get inforation about them, or explain whole commands.

Man Page Data

Search man pages starting with who:

Result (up to 20 entries):

  "q": "who",
  "truncated": false,
  "results": [
    {"text": "who(1)", "url": "//"},
    {"text": "whoami(1)", "url": "//"}

Get a description for a man page:


  "name": "who",
  "num": "1",
  "html_description": "<p>Print information about users who are currently [...]",
  "section_name": "General commands",
  "url": "//"

Get all the connections from and to a man page, and also any connections between its connections:


  {"f": "talk.1", "t": "who.1"},
  {"f": "write.1", "t": "who.1"},

Add callback parameter if you need it:

Requests are served with this header:
Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

Explain a Shell Command

Explain tar -xf tarball.tar.gz, wrapping text at 70 chars (optional): -xf tarball.tar.gz


    GNU `tar' saves many files together into a single tape or disk
    archive, and can restore individual files from the archive.

    -x (-x, --extract, --get)
    extract files from an archive

    -f tarball.tar.gz (-f, --file=ARCHIVE)
    use archive file or device ARCHIVE