ManKier Blog

From troff to HTML5

Writing a parser to convert troff man pages to HTML5

NPM module: explain-command

npm install explain-command, then run “explain” on your command line.

Explaining Shell Commands in the Shell

Use the explain API to explain commands - from the command line!

Explaining Linux Commands

New feature provides an overview of commands and their options.

Operators in bash Conditional Expressions

How do I find out what [ -f file ] does? I can’t seem to Google it...

Local Man Pages in your Browser

Ways to view your system’s man pages in a web browser

Online Man Page Resources

Alternatives to ManKier

Use the “man” Command in Chrome

Configure Google Chrome to go straight to any man page with a handy omnibox shortcut.

Use the “man” Command in Firefox

Show off l33t skills by going straight to man pages from Firefox’s URL bar!