Explaining Linux Commands

New feature provides an overview of commands and their options.

Jackson Pauls By Jackson Pauls

ManKier can now provide a quick overview of a command and its options:

Explaining du -s * .[^.]* | sort -n | tail

Here’s a link for the command in the screenshot above: du -s * | sort -n | tail.
(The description text at the top is customised - can be added in an input box when sharing a link.)

The parser is a quick hack, but most commands and their options are supported, and an attempt is made to cope with option parameters and pipes. A couple more examples:

strings /dev/urandom | grep -o '[[:alnum:]]' | head -n 16 | tr -d '\n'

tar -tf file.tar.gz | xargs rm -r

Try it yourself: type a command in the explain input box. It does autocomplete!