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Use the “man” Command in Chrome

Configure Google Chrome to go straight to any man page with a handy omnibox shortcut.

Jackson Pauls By Jackson Pauls

In this tab, go to Chrome’s settings:

Go to Chrome settings

Scroll down to “Search” and click “Manage search engines...”

Manage search engines

Under “Other search engines” click on the keyword box next to the “Mankier” search engine. Set the keyword to “man”:
(Note: sometimes engines aren’t automatically picked up by Chrome. If Mankier’s missing, here is the search template to use: https://www.mankier.com/?q=%s )

Edit the keyword for the Mankier search engine

That’s it! Now you can type “man ...” in your address bar to go straight to the corresponding man page.

For example, type “man grep”. Once you’ve typed “man” followed by space, the omnibox shows that you’re going to “Search Mankier”. Then type grep and hit return:

Typing man grep in the omnibox

You’ll go straight to the grep(1) man page:

grep man page loaded