Local Man Pages in your Browser

Ways to view your system’s man pages in a web browser

Jackson Pauls By Jackson Pauls

I often have browser and terminal windows open side by side on my desktop. With this set-up, when unsure of a command I’m about to use in the terminal, it’s handy to be able to load its man page in the browser.

You can use mankier.com for this, but what if you want to view your local copies, not online versions? Here are a few ways to do just that...

man -H

The man(1) command itself can generate an HTML version of a man page and load it into your browser, using the -H option. For example: $ man -Hfirefox man will load the man page for the man command in Firefox:

Man page for man command as rendered by man command


KDE’s Konqueror browser handles man pages natively, so using that you can just type something link man:rsync in the URL bar:

Konqueror browser showing the local rsync man page

Konqueror uses man2html(1) under the hood.


On a Debian-based system, the dwww package lets you search for, browse, and view man pages on your system. Once installed: $ sudo apt-get install dwww point your browser to: http://localhost/dwww/ Note: dwww uses Apache’s HTTP server by default, so make sure that’s running.

Section 1 man pages in dwwww