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ManKier was from the start funded by contextual advertising placed on the site via an advertising network. With the rise of concerns about online tracking, and to improve the user experience, ManKier is moving to a direct relationship with advertisers to fund the site.

According to Cloudflare statistics over 10,000 unique visitors use ManKier each day on average: more on weekdays, fewer on weekends. Around a third of requests are from the United States. According to Google Search Console data, the top 5 countries with users finding ManKier from search are: United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and India. The breakdown by device is 93% Desktop, 7% Mobile.


If you would like your company to be seen ManKier users, please reach out by email: jackson@mankier.com.

We're looking for sponsors relevant to the site's userbase. The sponsor can provide a URL to identify inbound clicks e.g. sponsor.example.com/?source=mankier.com. Clicking anywhere on the sponsorship message at the top will take the user to this link.