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strncpy(3p) copy fixed length string, returning a pointer to the array end
strncpy(3) Alias of stpncpy(3)

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bson_strncpy(3) bson_strncpy()
string_copying(7) copying strings and character sequences
stpncpy(3) zero a fixed-width buffer and copy a string into a character sequence with truncation and zero the rest of it
string.h(0p) string operations
memstomp(1) detect function calls with overlapping memory regions
LibC.h(3) include/Zycore/LibC.h
ne_set_server_auth(3) register authentication callbacks
string(3) string operations
pmstrncpy(3) safe string copy
strlcpy.3bsd(3) size-bounded string copying and concatenation
unix(7) sockets for local interprocess communication
perlclib(1) Internal replacements for standard C library functions
db2x_manxml(1) Make man pages from Man-XML
hardening-check(1) check binaries for security hardening features
perlhacktips(1) Tips for Perl core C code hacking
gcc(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler
perltoc(1) perl documentation table of contents
bind(2) bind a name to a socket
libpng(3) Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Reference Library 1.6.37
memcpy(3) copy memory area

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