Package python3-ZConfig

Structured Configuration Library

ZConfig is a configuration library intended for general use. It supports a
hierarchical schema-driven configuration model that allows a schema to specify
data conversion routines written in Python. ZConfig’s model is very different
from the model supported by the ConfigParser module found in Python’s standard
library, and is more suitable to configuration-intensive applications.

ZConfig schema are written in an XML-based language and are able to “import”
schema components provided by Python packages. Since components are able to
bind to conversion functions provided by Python code in the package (or
elsewhere), configuration objects can be arbitrarily complex, with values that
have been verified against arbitrary constraints. This makes it easy for
applications to separate configuration support from configuration loading even
with configuration data being defined and consumed by a wide range of separate

Version: 4.0

General Commands

zconfig zconfig – Script to check validity of a configuration file
zconfig_schema2html zconfig_schema2html – Print an HTML version of a schema