Package python3-opentelemetry-instrumentation

Instrumentation Tools & Auto Instrumentation for OpenTelemetry Python

This package provides a couple of commands that help automatically instruments a program:


This command inspects the active Python site-packages and figures out which
instrumentation packages the user might want to install. By default it prints
out a list of the suggested instrumentation packages which can be added to a
requirements.txt file. It also supports installing the suggested packages when
run with --action=install flag.


The instrument command will try to automatically detect packages used by your
python program and when possible, apply automatic tracing instrumentation on
them. This means your program will get automatic distributed tracing for free
without having to make any code changes at all. This will also configure a
global tracer and tracing exporter without you having to make any code changes.
By default, the instrument command will use the OTLP exporter but this can be
overriden when needed.

Version: 0.23~b2

General Commands

opentelemetry-bootstrap opentelemetry-bootstrap – detects installed libraries and automatically installs the relevant instrumentation packages for them
opentelemetry-instrument opentelemetry-instrument – automatically instruments a Python program and its dependencies and then runs the program