Package module-build-service

The Module Build Service for Modularity

The Module Build Service (MBS) coordinates module builds and is responsible
for a number of tasks:

- Providing an interface for module client-side tooling via which module build
  submission and build state queries are possible.
- Verifying the input data (modulemd, RPM SPEC files and others) is available
  and correct.
- Preparing the build environment in the supported build systems, such as koji.
- Scheduling and building of the module components and tracking the build
- Emitting bus messages about all state changes so that other infrastructure
  services can pick up the work.

Version: 3.9.2

General Commands

mbs-frontend manual page for mbs-frontend 3.9.2
mbs-manager manual page for mbs-manager 3.9.2
mbs-upgradedb manual page for mbs-upgradedb 3.9.2