Package libmodbus-devel

Development files for libmodbus

libmodbus is a C library designed to provide a fast and robust implementation of
the Modbus protocol. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, QNX and Windows.

This package contains libraries, header files and developer documentation needed
for developing software which uses the libmodbus library.

Version: 3.0.8

Library Functions

modbus_close close a Modbus connection
modbus_connect establish a Modbus connection
modbus_flush flush non-transmitted data
modbus_free free a libmodbus context
modbus_get_byte_from_bits get the value from many bits
modbus_get_byte_timeout get timeout between bytes
modbus_get_float get a float value
modbus_get_header_length retrieve the current header length
modbus_get_response_timeout get timeout for response
modbus_get_socket get the current socket of the context
modbus_mapping_free free a modbus_mapping_t structure
modbus_mapping_new allocate four arrays of bits and registers
modbus_new_rtu create a libmodbus context for RTU
modbus_new_tcp create a libmodbus context for TCP/IPv4
modbus_new_tcp_pi create a libmodbus context for TCP Protocol Independent
modbus_read_bits read many bits
modbus_read_input_bits read many input bits
modbus_read_input_registers read many input registers
modbus_read_registers read many registers
modbus_receive receive a indication request
modbus_receive_confirmation receive a confirmation request
modbus_receive_from receive a indication request from a socket
modbus_reply send a reponse to the received request
modbus_reply_exception send an exception reponse
modbus_report_slave_id returns a description of the controller
modbus_rtu_get_serial_mode get the current serial mode
modbus_rtu_set_serial_mode set the serial mode
modbus_send_raw_request send a raw request
modbus_set_bits_from_byte set many bits from a single byte value
modbus_set_bits_from_bytes set many bits from an array of bytes
modbus_set_byte_timeout set timeout between bytes
modbus_set_debug set debug flag of the context
modbus_set_error_recovery set the error recovery mode
modbus_set_float set a float value
modbus_set_response_timeout set timeout for response
modbus_set_slave set slave number in the context
modbus_set_socket set socket of the context
modbus_strerror return the error message
modbus_tcp_listen create and listen a TCP Modbus socket
modbus_write_and_read_registers write and read many registers in a single transaction
modbus_write_bit write a single bit
modbus_write_bits write many bits
modbus_write_register write a single register
modbus_write_registers write many registers


libmodbus a fast and portable Modbus library