Package libmetalink-devel

Files needed for developing with libmetalink

Files needed for building applications with libmetalink.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
metalink_checksum_t The structure that holds a hash value of an entire resource.
metalink_chunk_checksum_t The structure that holds piece hashes for a resource.
metalink_delete Free the allocated resources for metalink_t structure.
metalink_file_t The structure that holds information of a single file.
metalink_parse_file Parse Metalink file and create metalink_t object.
metalink_parse_update Parse Metalink file and create metalink_t object.
metalink_piece_hash_t The structure that holds hash value of a piece.
metalink_resource_t The structure that holds an URL of a resource and its metadata.
metalink_t Metalink top level structure.