Package java-latest-openjdk-devel

OpenJDK 22 Development Environment

The OpenJDK 22 development tools.


General Commands

jar-java-22 create an archive for classes and resources, and manipulate or restore individual classes or resources from an archive
jarsigner-java-22 sign and verify Java Archive (JAR) files
javac-java-22 read Java declarations and compile them into class files
javadoc-java-22 generate HTML pages of API documentation from Java source files
javap-java-22 disassemble one or more class files
jcmd-java-22 send diagnostic command requests to a running Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
jconsole-java-22 start a graphical console to monitor and manage Java applications
jdb-java-22 find and fix bugs in Java platform programs
jdeprscan-java-22 static analysis tool that scans a jar file (or some other aggregation of class files) for uses of deprecated API elements
jdeps-java-22 launch the Java class dependency analyzer
jfr-java-22 print and manipulate Flight Recorder files
jhsdb-java-22 attach to a Java process or launch a postmortem debugger to analyze the content of a core dump from a crashed Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
jinfo-java-22 generate Java configuration information for a specified Java process
jlink-java-22 assemble and optimize a set of modules and their dependencies into a custom runtime image
jmap-java-22 print details of a specified process
jmod-java-22 create JMOD files and list the content of existing JMOD files
jpackage-java-22 tool for packaging self-contained Java applications.
jps-java-22 list the instrumented JVMs on the target system
jrunscript-java-22 run a command-line script shell that supports interactive and batch modes
jshell-java-22 interactively evaluate declarations, statements, and expressions of the Java programming language in a read-eval-print loop (REPL)
jstack-java-22 print Java stack traces of Java threads for a specified Java process
jstat-java-22 monitor JVM statistics
jstatd-java-22 monitor the creation and termination of instrumented Java HotSpot VMs
jwebserver-java-22 launch the Java Simple Web Server
serialver-java-22 return the serialVersionUID for one or more classes in a form suitable for copying into an evolving class