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Package gcin

An input method focused on Chinese users


Gcin is an input method with support of Gtk and Qt. Although gcin is focused
mainly on Traditional Chinese. However, it is also very useful for
Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages.

Version: 2.9.0

General Commands

gcin an input method server
gcin-exit send quit message to gcin
gcin-gb-toggle gcin's Chinese conversion toggle tool
gcin-kbm-toggle gcin's virtual keyboard toggle tool
gcin-message gcin's notification tool
gcin-tools configuration tools of gcin
gcin2tab converts text input method table to gcin's .gtab format
gtab-merge gcin's .gtab data merging tool
juyin-learn show Chinese characters' phonations
phoa2d gcin's Bopomofo tools
sim2trad clipboard data conversion for traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese
ts-contribute tsin vocabulary uploader for gcin
ts-edit tsin vocabulary database editor for gcin
tsa2d32 gcin's Tsin tools
tslearn learns user's personal phrase data