Package eurephia-admin

The eurephia command line administration utility

This package contains the command line utility to administer and configure

Miscellanea (Section 7)
eurephiadm is a generic command line tool for administering and configuring the eurephia plug-in for OpenVPN.
The eurephiadm adminaccess is used to grant eurephia users access to the different administration modules in eurephia.
When a remote user fails to authenticate correctly, the attemp will be logged. After a certain amount of attempts the IP address, certificate and/or user...
After a configured amount of failed attempts, IP addresses, certificates and/or user names will get blacklisted. The eurephiadm blacklist command can be used to...
Certificate management for eurephia
The config command let you add, change or delete configuration parameters in the eurephia database in an easy way. To be allowed to do so, you must have been...
The eurephia plug-in can take advantage of the OS firewall to give a fine grained access control of each OpenVPN client. The preconfigured firewall chains...
This command will query the lastlog records, which contains information about all logins done with the eurephia-auth plug-in.
For a user to connect to a eurephia enabled OpenVPN server, a user account must have been created and activated and an SSL certificate available to the user...
eurephiadm users manages eurephia user accounts. It provides an interface for listing, creating new, modify and delete user accounts.