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Package coin-or-Couenne

An exact solver for nonconvex MINLPs


Couenne (Convex Over and Under ENvelopes for Nonlinear Estimation) is a
branch&bound algorithm to solve Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP)
problems of the form:
      min f0(x,y)
             fi(x,y) <= 0     i=1,2..., m
             x in Rn, y in Zp

where all fi(x,y) are, in general, nonlinear functions.

Couenne aims at finding global optima of nonconvex MINLPs. It implements
linearization, bound reduction, and branching methods within a
branch-and-bound framework. Its main components are:

  * an expression library;
  * separation of linearization cuts;
  * branching rules;
  * bound tightening methods.

Version: 0.5.8

General Commands

couenne manual page for Couenne 0.5.8 -- an Open-Source solver for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization