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zmonvif-probe.pl - Man Page

ZoneMinder ONVIF probing tool


 zmonfig-probe.pl [-v] probe <soap version>
                  [-v] <command> <device URI> <soap version> <user> <password>\n";

  Commands are:
    probe     - scan for devices on the local network and list them
    profiles  - print the device's supported stream configurations
    metadata  - print some of the device's configuration settings
    move      - move the device (only ptz cameras)
    other     - Any command supported by the ONVIF Media element.

  Common parameters:
    -v        - increase verbosity
  Device access parameters (for all commands but 'probe'):
    device URL    - the ONVIF Device service URL
    soap version  - SOAP version (1.1 or 1.2)
    user          - username of a user with access to the device
    password      - password for the user



 -c, --continuous           - Run continuously
 -f, --force                - Run even if pid file exists
 -i, --interactive          - Ask before applying any changes
 -m, --monitor_id           - Only consider the given monitor
 -r, --report               - Just report don't actually do anything
 -s, --storage_id           - Specify a storage area to audit instead of all
 -v, --version              - Print the installed version of ZoneMinder


2024-02-04 zoneminder