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RPM Spec Tool

Examples (TL;DR)


Querying Spec Files

rpmspec {-q|--query} [select-options] [query-options] SPEC_FILE ...

Parsing Spec Files to Stdout

rpmspec {-P|--parse} SPEC_FILE ...

Invoking Macro Shell

rpmspec {–shell} [SPEC_FILE ...]


rpmspec is a tool for querying a spec file. More specifically for querying hypothetical packages which would be created from the given spec file. So querying a spec file with rpmspec is similar to querying a package built from that spec file. But is is not identical. With rpmspec you can't query all fields which you can query from a built package. E. g. you can't query BUILDTIME with rpmspec for obvious reasons. You also cannot query other fields automatically generated during a build of a package like auto generated dependencies.


[--rpms] [--srpm]


[--qf,--queryformat QUERYFMT] [--target TARGET_PLATFORM]

Query Options

The general form of an rpm spec query command is

rpm {-q|--query} [select-options] [query-options]

You may specify the format that the information should be printed in. To do this, you use the

--qf|--queryformat QUERYFMT

option, followed by the QUERYFMT format string. See rpm(8) for details.

Select Options

--rpms Operate on the all binary package headers generated from spec. --builtrpms Operate only on the binary package headers of packages which would be built from spec. That means ignoring package headers of packages that won't be built from spec i. e. ignoring package headers of packages without file section. --srpm Operate on the source package header(s) generated from spec.


Get list of binary packages which would be generated from the rpm spec file:

 $ rpmspec -q rpm.spec

Get summary infos for single binary packages generated from the rpm spec file:

 $ rpmspec -q --qf "%{name}: %{summary}\n" rpm.spec
 rpm: The RPM package management system
 rpm-libs: Libraries for manipulating RPM packages
 rpm-build-libs: Libraries for building and signing RPM packages

Get the source package which would be generated from the rpm spec file:

 $ rpmspec -q --srpm rpm.spec

Parse the rpm spec file to stdout:

 $ rpmspec -P rpm.spec
 Summary: The RPM package management system
 Name: rpm
 Version: 4.14.0

Run interactive macro shell for debugging macros:

 $ rpmspec --shell
 > %define foo bar
 > %foo
 > %(date)
 Tue Apr 13 03:55:37 PM EEST 2021
 > %getncpus

Run interactive macros shell in spec context:

 $ rpmspec --shell popt.spec

See Also

popt(3), rpm(8), rpmdb(8), rpmkeys(8), rpmsign(8), rpm2cpio(8), rpmbuild(8)

rpmspec --help - as rpm supports customizing the options via popt aliases it's impossible to guarantee that what's described in the manual matches what's available.

http://www.rpm.org/ <URL:http://www.rpm.org/>


Marc Ewing <marc@redhat.com>
Jeff Johnson <jbj@redhat.com>
Erik Troan <ewt@redhat.com>
Panu Matilainen <pmatilai@redhat.com>

Referenced By

rpm(8), rpmbuild(8), rpmdb(8), rpmkeys(8), rpmsign(8).

29 October 2010