isnssetup - Man Page

a simple script to bootstrap an iSNS server, including security




isnssetup is a command line utility for for bootstrapping your iSNS installation. It sets up the authentication credentials, sets up the ServerAddress to be localhost, and registers the appropriate values in the iSNS database. The isnssetup script does not take any options.

Running this script performs the following steps:

Note that this script is supplied as an example, although you should be able to use it directly if you wish. You have to be root to run this script successfully.


This script does not take systemd into account, so you may have to modify it to get it to work on a modern system.

See Also

RFC 4171, isnsadm(8), isnsd(8), isns_config(5).


Olaf Kirch <>


4 Dec 2020