ipsec_look man page

ipsec_look ā€” get a quick summary of Libreswan status


ipsec look


Look is used to get a quick overview of what the status of Libreswan is. It is the equivalent to running the commands ipsec eroute, ipsec spigrp, ipsec tncfg, ipsec spi and netstat -rn. However a bit of processing is done to combine the outputs.

Some of the above commands, and therefore ipsec look, are only supported with the KLIPS or MAST stack, and will give errors when used on BSD, Windows or Linux with NETKEY.

See Also

ipsec(8), ipsec_tncfg(8), ipsec_spi(8), ipsec_spigrp(8), ipsec_eroute(5), netstat(8).


Man page written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <http://www.freeswan.org/> by Michael Richardson. Original program written by Henry Spencer.


Paul Wouters

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