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ipsec__plutorun - Man Page

internal script to (re)start pluto on old SYSV initscript systems


_plutorun is called by _realsetup to configure and bring up pluto(8). It invokes pluto, and watches to makes sure that pluto is restarted if it fails, as the SYSV initscripts do not provide a restart facility. When other init systems are used, such as systemd or upstart, _plutorun is not used.

See Also

ipsec(8), ipsec_setup(8), ipsec__realsetup(8), pluto(8).


Man page written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <https://www.freeswan.org/> by Michael Richardson. Original program written by Henry Spencer. Updated for the Libreswan project <https://libreswan.org/> by Paul Wouters


Paul Wouters

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