fips-mode-setup - Man Page

Check or enable the system FIPS mode.


fips-mode-setup [COMMAND]


fips-mode-setup(8) is used to check and control the system FIPS mode.

When enabling the system FIPS mode the command completes the installation of FIPS modules if needed by calling fips-finish-install and changes the system crypto policy to FIPS.

Then the command modifies the boot loader configuration to add fips=1 and boot=<boot-device> options to the kernel command line.

When disabling the system FIPS mode the system crypto policy is switched to DEFAULT and the kernel command line option fips=0 is set.


The following options are available in fips-mode-setup tool.



The kernel FIPS mode flag.

See Also

update-crypto-policies(8), fips-finish-install(8)


Written by Tomáš Mráz.

Referenced By

crypto-policies(7), fips-finish-install(8), update-crypto-policies(8).