naev - Man Page

A 2D space trading and combat game.


naev [Options] [DATA]


Naev is a space trading and combat game, inspired by Escape Velocity.

Played from a top-down perspective with isometric sprites, the player is free to explore the galaxy as they see fit, trading or pirating their way to a vast fortune.

Naev is set in a futuristic science fiction environment, in which the player finds themself in the wake of a massive galactic cataclysm which erupted from the Sol system and destroyed everything within tens of light years, resulting in a massive, volatile nebula.


-d--datapath dir

Adds a new datapath to be mounted (i.e., appends it to the search path for game assets). May be used more than once.


Enables the universe editor (accessible via main menu).


Generates CSV output from ndata for development purposes.

-F--fps number

Limits frames per second to number

-f,  --fullscreen

Runs the game in full-screen mode

-H number

Sets the window height to number

-h,  --help

Display a help message and exit

-J--Joystick string

Use joystick whose name contains string

-j--joystick number

Use joystick number

-M,  --mute

Disables sound

-m--mvol number

Sets the music volume to number

-S,  --sound

Forcibly enables sound

-s--svol number

Sets the sound volume to number

-V,  --vsync

Limits frames per second to screen refresh rate

-v,  --version

Prints the version and exits

-W number

Sets the window width to number


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Naev is developed by the Naev Team.
An exhaustive list of contributors can be found at:

Visit the official homepage:


2021-01-17 NAEV