chocolate-setup - Man Page

configuration tool for chocolate-doom


chocolate-setup [Options]


Chocolate Doom is a modern Doom engine designed to behave as similar to the original Doom game as is possible.

chocolate-setup is a tool for configuring Chocolate Doom. It provides a menu-based interface for the display, joystick, keyboard, mouse, sound and compatibility settings.

chocolate-setup can also be used to start and join network games.


-config <file>

Load configuration from the specified file, instead of default.cfg.

-extraconfig <file>

Load extra configuration from the specified file, instead of chocolate-doom.cfg.

See Also

chocolate-doom(6), default.cfg(5), chocolate-doom.cfg(5)


Chocolate Doom is written and maintained by Simon Howard.

This manual was written by Jon Dowland.

Referenced By

chocolate-doom(6), chocolate-doom.cfg(5), chocolate-heretic(6), chocolate-heretic.cfg(5), chocolate-hexen(6), chocolate-hexen.cfg(5), chocolate-server(6), chocolate-strife(6), chocolate-strife.cfg(5), default.cfg(5), heretic.cfg(5), hexen.cfg(5), strife.cfg(5).

The man pages chocolate-doom-setup(6), chocolate-heretic-setup(6), chocolate-hexen-setup(6) and chocolate-strife-setup(6) are aliases of chocolate-setup(6).