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wxMoveEvent.3erl - Man Page

Functions for wxMoveEvent class


A move event holds information about window position change.

These events are currently generated for top level (see wxTopLevelWindow) windows in all ports, but are not generated for the child windows in wxGTK.

See: {X,Y}, Overview events

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxEvent

wxWidgets docs: wxMoveEvent


Use wxEvtHandler:connect/3 with wxMoveEventType to subscribe to events of this type.

Data Types

wxMoveEvent() = wx:wx_object()
wxMove() = 
    #wxMove{type = wxMoveEvent:wxMoveEventType(),
            pos = {X :: integer(), Y :: integer()},
            rect =
                {X :: integer(),
                 Y :: integer(),
                 W :: integer(),
                 H :: integer()}}
wxMoveEventType() = move


getPosition(This) -> {X :: integer(), Y :: integer()}

This = wxMoveEvent()

Returns the position of the window generating the move change event.

getRect(This) ->
           {X :: integer(),
            Y :: integer(),
            W :: integer(),
            H :: integer()}

This = wxMoveEvent()


wx 2.4.1 wxWidgets team. Erlang Module Definition