modbus_set_byte_timeout - Man Page

set timeout between bytes


void modbus_set_byte_timeout(modbus_t *ctx, struct timeval *timeout);


The modbus_set_byte_timeout() function shall set the timeout interval between two consecutive bytes of the same message. If the delay between is longer than the given timeout, an error will be raised.

If the timeout value has a tv_sec of -1 then this timeout will not be used at all. This results in modbus_set_response_timeout governing the entire timeout duration of an operation.

Return Value

There is no return values.

See Also

modbus_get_byte_timeout(3) modbus_get_response_timeout(3) modbus_set_response_timeout(3)


The libmodbus documentation was written by Stéphane Raimbault <[1]>



Referenced By

libmodbus(7), modbus_get_byte_timeout(3), modbus_get_response_timeout(3), modbus_set_response_timeout(3).

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