SoSFPlane.3coin4 - Man Page

The SoSFPlane class is a container for an SbPlane value.


#include <Inventor/fields/SoSFPlane.h>

Inherits SoSField.

Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const
virtual void copyFrom (const SoField &field)
const SoSFPlane & operator= (const SoSFPlane &field)
virtual SbBool isSame (const SoField &field) const
const SbPlane & getValue (void) const
void setValue (const SbPlane &newvalue)
const SbPlane & operator= (const SbPlane &newvalue)
int operator== (const SoSFPlane &field) const
int operator!= (const SoSFPlane &field) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void * createInstance (void)
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static void initClass (void)

Protected Attributes

SbPlane value

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The SoSFPlane class is a container for an SbPlane value.

This field is used where nodes, engines or other field containers needs to store a single definition of a 3D plane.

Fields of this type stores their value to file as a normalvector plus an offset from origo: 'v0 v1 v2 offset'.

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Member Function Documentation

SoType SoSFPlane::getTypeId (void) const [virtual]

Returns the type identification instance which uniquely identifies the Coin field class the object belongs to.

See also

getClassTypeId(), SoType

Implements SoField.

void SoSFPlane::copyFrom (const SoField & f) [virtual]

Copy value(s) from f into this field. f must be of the same type as this field.

Implements SoField.

SbBool SoSFPlane::isSame (const SoField & f) const [virtual]

Check for equal type and value(s).

Implements SoField.


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