SSL_get_peer_tmp_key.3ossl - Man Page

get information about temporary keys used during a handshake


 #include <openssl/ssl.h>

 long SSL_get_peer_tmp_key(SSL *ssl, EVP_PKEY **key);
 long SSL_get_server_tmp_key(SSL *ssl, EVP_PKEY **key);
 long SSL_get_tmp_key(SSL *ssl, EVP_PKEY **key);


SSL_get_peer_tmp_key() returns the temporary key provided by the peer and used during key exchange. For example, if ECDHE is in use, then this represents the peer's public ECDHE key. On success a pointer to the key is stored in *key. It is the caller's responsibility to free this key after use using EVP_PKEY_free(3).

SSL_get_server_tmp_key() is a backwards compatibility alias for SSL_get_peer_tmp_key(). Under that name it worked just on the client side of the connection, its behaviour on the server end is release-dependent.

SSL_get_tmp_key() returns the equivalent information for the local end of the connection.

Return Values

All these functions return 1 on success and 0 otherwise.


This function is implemented as a macro.

See Also

ssl(7), EVP_PKEY_free(3)

Referenced By

The man pages SSL_get_server_tmp_key.3ossl(3) and SSL_get_tmp_key.3ossl(3) are aliases of SSL_get_peer_tmp_key.3ossl(3).

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