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Section 3 : Library Functions

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Section 3 of the manual describes all library functions excluding the library functions (system call wrappers) described in section 2, which implement system calls.

Many of the functions described in the section are part of the Standard C Library (libc). Some functions are part of other libraries (e.g., the math library, libm, or the real-time library, librt) in which case the manual page will indicate the linker option needed to link against the required library (e.g., -lm and -lrt, respectively, for the aforementioned libraries).

In some cases, the programmer must define a feature test macro in order to obtain the declaration of a function from the header file specified in the man page SYNOPSIS section. (Where required, these feature test macros must be defined before including any header files.) In such cases, the required macro is described in the man page. For further information on feature test macros, see feature_test_macros(7).
Packages with man pages in this section
389-ds-base-develDevelopment libraries for 389 Directory Server
3proxyTiny but very powerful proxy
aalib-develDevelopment files for aalib
adime-develDevelopment libraries and headers for adime
airinv-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for airinv
airrac-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for airrac
airtsp-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for airtsp
allegro5-develDevelopment files for the Allegro 5 library
allegro-develA game programming library
alliance-develAlliance VLSI CAD System - Development libraries
antlr3-C-develHeader files for the C bindings for ANTLR-generated parsers
argtable-develDevelopment package that includes the argtable header files
audiofile-develDevelopment files for Audio File applications
audit-libs-develHeader files for libaudit
autogen-libopts-develDevelopment files for libopts
barcode-develHeader files and libraries for barcode development
bee2-develFiles for development of applications which will use bee2
blasThe Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms library
brlapi-develHeaders, static archive, and documentation for BrlAPI
brotli-develLossless compression algorithm (development files)
c-ares-develDevelopment files for c-ares
cdkCurses Development Kit
cdsclientTools to query databases at CDS
CGSI-gSOAP-develGSI plugin for gSOAP - development files
ck-develHeader files and libraries for CK development
cmark-develDevelopment files for cmark
coccinelleSemantic patching for Linux (spatch)
Coin2-develDevelopment files for Coin
Coin3-develDevelopment files for Coin
Coin4-develDevelopment files for Coin
common-lisp-controllerCommon Lisp source and compiler manager
compface-develLibrary and development files for handling X-Face data
corosynclib-develThe Corosync Cluster Engine Development Kit
courier-unicode-develDevelopment tools for programs which will use the libcourier-unicode library
cracklib-develDevelopment files needed for building applications which use cracklib
CUnit-develHeader files and libraries for CUnit development
cxl-develDevelopment files for libcxl
cyrus-imapd-develCyrus IMAP server development files
cyrus-sasl-develFiles needed for developing applications with Cyrus SASL
czmq-develDevelopment files for the czmq package
daala-develDevelopment files for the Daala video codec libraries
davix-develDevelopment files for davix
dbh-develHeader files for disk based hash library
debconf-docDebconf documentation
device-mapper-multipath-develDevelopment libraries and headers for device-mapper-multipath
dhcp-develDevelopment headers and libraries for interfacing to the DHCP server
dialog-develDevelopment files for building applications with the dialog library
dieharder-libsA library of random number generator tests and timing routines
discountA command-line utility for converting Markdown files into HTML
dlmdlm control daemon and tool
dmlite-docsDocumentation files for dmlite
dnssec-tools-libs-develC-based development libraries for dnssec aware tools
dpdk-develData Plane Development Kit development files
dpkg-perlDpkg perl modules
duo_unix-develDevelopment files and documentation for duo_unix
editorconfig-libsParser library for EditorConfig files (shared library)
eegdev-develDevelopment files for eegdev
efivar-develDevelopment headers for libefivar
ElectricFenceA debugger which detects memory allocation violations
elfutils-debuginfod-client-develLibraries and headers to build debuginfod client applications
elfutils-libelf-develDevelopment support for libelf
embree3Collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels
erlang-asn1Provides support for Abstract Syntax Notation One
erlang-common_testA portable framework for automatic testing
erlang-compilerA byte code compiler for Erlang which produces highly compact code
erlang-cosEventOrber OMG Event Service
erlang-cosEventDomainOrber OMG Event Domain Service
erlang-cosFileTransferOrber OMG File Transfer Service
erlang-cosNotificationOrber OMG Notification Service
erlang-cosPropertyOrber OMG Property Service
erlang-cosTimeOrber OMG Timer and TimerEvent Service
erlang-cosTransactionsOrber OMG Transaction Service
erlang-cryptoCryptographical support
erlang-debuggerA debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs
erlang-dialyzerA DIscrepancy AnaLYZer for ERlang programs
erlang-diameterDiameter (RFC 3588) library
erlang-edocA utility used to generate documentation out of tags in source files
erlang-eldapErlang LDAP library
erlang-erl_interfaceLow level interface to C
erlang-ertsFunctionality necessary to run the Erlang System itself
erlang-etAn event tracer for Erlang programs
erlang-eunitSupport for unit testing
erlang-ftpFTP client
erlang-icIDL compiler
erlang-inetsA set of services such as a Web server and a HTTP client etc
erlang-jinterfaceA library for accessing Java from Erlang
erlang-kernelMain erlang library
erlang-megacoMegaco/H.248 support library
erlang-mnesiaA heavy duty real-time distributed database
erlang-observerA set of tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems
erlang-odbcA library for unixODBC support in Erlang
erlang-orberA CORBA Object Request Broker
erlang-os_monA monitor which allows inspection of the underlying operating system
erlang-parsetoolsA set of parsing and lexical analysis tools
erlang-public_keyAPI to public key infrastructure
erlang-reltoolA release management tool
erlang-runtime_toolsA set of tools to include in a production system
erlang-saslThe System Architecture Support Libraries
erlang-snmpSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support
erlang-sshSecure Shell application with sftp and ssh support
erlang-sslSecure Socket Layer support
erlang-stdlibThe Erlang standard libraries
erlang-syntax_toolsA set of tools for dealing with erlang sources
erlang-tftpTFTP client
erlang-toolsA set of programming tools including a coverage analyzer etc
erlang-wxA library for wxWidgets support in Erlang
erlang-xmerlProvides support for XML 1.0
expect-develA program-script interaction and testing utility
faad2-libsShared libraries of the FAAD 2 AAC decoder
fcft-develDevelopment files for fcft
fennelA Lisp that compiles to Lua
ffcall-develFiles needed to develop programs with ffcall
ffmpeg-libsLibraries for ffmpeg
file-develLibraries and header files for file development
flexiblas-develDevelopment headers and libraries for FlexiBLAS
fltk-develDevelopment files for fltk
fontconfig-develFont configuration and customization library
freeglut-develFreeglut developmental libraries and header files
freeipmi-develDevelopment package for FreeIPMI
fstrcmp-develDevelopment files for fstrcmp
fvsp-develDevelopment files for fvsp
gawkThe GNU version of the AWK text processing utility
gawk-abortAbort library for gawk
gawk-errnoErrno library for gawk
gawk-jsonJSON encoder/decoder for gawk
gawk-lmdbLMDB Lightning Memory-Mapped Database binding for gawk
gawk-nl_langinfoGawk library providing nl_langinfo access
gawk-selectSelect I/O multiplexing library for gawk
gawk-tabjsonProcess line-delimited JSON streams with GNU AWK
gawk-xmlXML support for gawk
gc-develLibraries and header files for gc development
gdbm-develDevelopment libraries and header files for the gdbm library
genders-compatCompatibility library
geomviewInteractive 3D viewing program
getdata-develHeaders required when building programs against getdata
getdns-develDevelopment package that includes getdns header files
gettext-develDevelopment files for gettext
ggz-base-libs-develDevelopment files for ggz-base-libs
gl-manpagesOpenGL manpages
globus-authz-callout-error-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus authz error library Documentation Files
globus-authz-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus authz library Documentation Files
globus-callout-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus Callout Library Documentation Files
globus-common-docGrid Community Toolkit - Common Library Documentation Files
globus-ftp-client-docGrid Community Toolkit - GridFTP Client Library Documentation Files
globus-ftp-control-docGrid Community Toolkit - GridFTP Control Library Documentation Files
globus-gass-cache-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Cache Documentation Files
globus-gass-copy-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy Documentation Files
globus-gass-transfer-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Transfer Documentation Files
globus-gram-client-docGrid Community Toolkit - GRAM Client Library Documentation Files
globus-gram-job-manager-callout-error-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GRAM Jobmanager Callout Errors Documentation Files
globus-gram-protocol-docGrid Community Toolkit - GRAM Protocol Library Documentation Files
globus-gridmap-callout-error-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus Gridmap Callout Errors Documentation Files
globus-gsi-callback-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Callback Library Documentation Files
globus-gsi-cert-utils-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library Documentation Files
globus-gsi-credential-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Credential Library Documentation Files
globus-gsi-openssl-error-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Error Handling Documentation Files
globus-gsi-proxy-core-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Core Library Documentation Files
globus-gsi-proxy-ssl-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy SSL Library Documentation Files
globus-gsi-sysconfig-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI System Config Library Documentation Files
globus-gssapi-error-docGrid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI Error Library Documentation Files
globus-gssapi-gsi-docGrid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI library Documentation Files
globus-gss-assist-docGrid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI Assist library Documentation Files
globus-net-manager-docGrid Community Toolkit - Network Manager Library Documentation Files
globus-openssl-module-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Module Wrapper Documentation Files
globus-rsl-docGrid Community Toolkit - Resource Specification Language Library Documentation Files
globus-scheduler-event-generator-docGrid Community Toolkit - Scheduler Event Generator Documentation Files
globus-xio-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus XIO Framework Documentation Files
globus-xio-gridftp-driver-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus XIO GridFTP Driver Documentation Files
globus-xio-gsi-driver-docGrid Community Toolkit - Globus XIO GSI Driver Documentation Files
gnutls-develDevelopment files for the gnutls package
gpsd-develDevelopment files for the gpsd library
graphviz-develDevelopment package for graphviz
graphviz-goGo extension for graphviz
graphviz-guileGuile extension for graphviz
graphviz-javaJava extension for graphviz
graphviz-luaLua extension for graphviz
graphviz-perlPerl extension for graphviz
graphviz-python3Python 3 extension for graphviz
graphviz-RR extension for graphviz
graphviz-rubyRuby extension for graphviz
graphviz-sharpC# extension for graphviz
graphviz-tclTcl extension & tools for graphviz
grub2-tools-minimalSupport tools for GRUB.
gsl-develLibraries and the header files for GSL development
gsm-develHeader files and development libraries for libgsm
gstream-develDevelopment files for gstream
gumbo-parser-develDevelopment files for gumbo-parser
haveged-develHeaders and shared development libraries for HAVEGE algorithm
heimdal-develHeader and other development files for Heimdal kerberos
hivex-develDevelopment tools and libraries for hivex
hpl-docHPL documentation
hspell-develLibrary and include files for Hspell, the Hebrew spell checker
hunspell-develFiles for developing with hunspell
hwloc-develHeaders and shared development libraries for hwloc
hyperestraier-develLibraries and Header files for Hyper Estraier
innThe InterNetNews system, an Usenet news server
inn-develThe INN (InterNetNews) library
intel-metee-develDevelopment files for intel-metee
iperf3Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance
iproute-develiproute development files
ipset-develDevelopment files for ipset
irsimSwitch-level simulator used even for VLSI
iscsi-initiator-utils-develDevelopment files for iscsi-initiator-utils
ivykis-develDevelopment files for the ivykis package
jemalloc-develDevelopment files for jemalloc
jitterentropy-develDevelopment headers for jitterentropy library
Judy-develDevelopment libraries and headers for Judy
keyutils-libs-develDevelopment package for building Linux key management utilities
krazy2Krazy is a tool for checking code against the KDE coding guidelines
lapackNumerical linear algebra package libraries
lcmapsGrid (X.509) and VOMS credentials to local account mapping service
ldns-develDevelopment package that includes the ldns header files
libacl-develFiles needed for building programs with libacl
libalpm-develDevelopment headers for libalpm
libarchive-develDevelopment files for libarchive
libason-develDevelopment files for libason
libatf-cAutomated Testing Framework - C bindings
libatf-c++Automated Testing Framework - C++ bindings
libatf-shAutomated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings
libattr-develFiles needed for building programs with libattr
libavdeviceSpecial devices muxing/demuxing library
libax25AX.25 library for hamradio applications
libblkid-develBlock device ID library
libblkio-develDevelopment tools for libblkio
libbsd-develDevelopment files for libbsd
libbson-develDevelopment files for mongo-c-driver
libcaca-develDevelopment files for libcaca, the library for Colour AsCii Art
libcap-develDevelopment files for libcap
libcap-ng-develHeader files for libcap-ng library
libcbor-develDevelopment files for libcbor
libcerf-develDevelopment files for libcerf
libcgi-develHeader files and libraries for LibCGI development
libchardet-develHeader and object files for development using libchardet
libcoap-develDevelopment package for libcoap
libcom_err-develCommon error description library
libconfuseA configuration file parser library
libcpuid-develDevelopment files for libcpuid
libcsv-develDevelopment files for libcsv
libcurl-develFiles needed for building applications with libcurl
libdatovka-develDevelopment files for libdatovka
libdirq-develDevelopment files for libdirq
libdispatchApple's Grand Central Dispatch library
libdmmp-develdevice-mapper-multipath C API library headers
libdmtx-develDevelopment files for libdmtx
libdmx-develX.Org X11 DMX development files
libdnet-develHeader files for libdnet library
libdrm-develDirect Rendering Manager development package
libdvbv5-develDevelopment files for libdvbv5
libecb-develCompiler built-ins
libeconf-develDevelopment files for libeconf
libedac-develDevelopment files for libedac
libedit-develDevelopment files for libedit
libemu-develDevelopment files for the libemu x86 emulator
libesedbLibrary to access the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File (EDB) format
libevdev-develKernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library Development Package
libev-develDevelopment headers for libev
libewf-develDevelopment files for libewf
libextractor-develDevelopment files for libextractor
libfabric-develDevelopment files for libfabric
libffi-develDevelopment files for libffi
libfido2-develDevelopment files for libfido2
libfullockFast User Level LOCK (FULLOCK) library for C/C++
libg15render-develDevelopment files for libg15render
libgearman-develDevelopment headers for libgearman
libgendersGenders libraries
libgenders-develGenders development libraries
libgensio-develDevelopment files for gensio
libgle-develGLE includes and development libraries
libgphoto2-develHeaders and links to compile against the libgphoto2 library
libguestfs-develDevelopment tools and libraries for libguestfs
libguestfs-gobject-develGObject bindings for libguestfs
libi2c-develDevelopment files for the I2C library
libidn2-develDevelopment files for libidn2
libidn-develDevelopment files for the libidn library
libieee1284-develFiles for developing applications that use libieee1284
libifp-develHeaders and libraries for developing with libifp
libipt-develHeader files and libraries for Intel Processor Trace Decoder Library
libisds-develDevelopment files for libisds
libjalali-develDevelopment files for libjalali
libjose-develDevelopment files for libjose
libkcapi-develDevelopment files for the libkcapi package
libknet1-develKronosnet core switching implementation (developer files)
libldb-develDeveloper tools for the LDB library
libloc-develDevelopmental files for libloc C library
liblockfile-develDevelopment files for liblockfile
liblo-develLibraries, includes, etc to develop liblo applications
liblogging-stdlog-develAn easy to use logging library - stdlog development files
libltc-develDevelopment files for libltc
liblxi-develDevelopment files for liblxi
libmandoc-develDevelopment libraries and headers for libmandoc
libmawk-develDevelopment files for libmawk
libmaxminddb-develDevelopment files for libmaxminddb
libmcryptEncryption algorithms library
libmd-develDevelopment files for the message digest library
libmemcached-awesome-develHeader files and development libraries for libmemcached-awesome
libmetalink-develFiles needed for developing with libmetalink
libmicrohttpd-docDocumentation for libmicrohttpd
libmng-develDevelopment files for the Multiple-image Network Graphics library
libmodbus-develDevelopment files for libmodbus
libmp4v2-develDevelopment files for the mp4v2 library
libmseed-develA C library framework for manipulating and managing SEED data records
libnbd-develDevelopment headers for libnbd
libnet10High-level API (toolkit) to construct and inject network packets
libnet-develDevelopment files for the libnet library
libnids-develDevelopment files for libnids
libnodeupdownA cluster node up/down detection library
libnodeupdown-develDevelopment headers for libnodeupdown
libnozzle1-develSimple userland wrapper around kernel tap devices (developer files)
liboath-docDocumentation files for liboath
liboauth-develDevelopment files for liboauth
liboping-develDevelopment files for liboping
libowfat-develDevelopment files for libowfat (Static library only)
libpasswdqc-develDevelopment files for building passwdqc-aware applications
libpcap-develLibraries and header files for the libpcap library
libperf-develDevelopement files for the perf library from kernel source
libpfm-develDevelopment library to encode performance events for perf_events based tools
libpgf-develDevelopment files for libpgf
libpipeline-develHeader files and libraries for pipeline manipulation library
libpmem2-develDevelopment files for the low-level persistent memory library
libpmem-develDevelopment files for the low-level persistent memory library
libpmemobj-develDevelopment files for the Persistent Memory Transactional Object Store library
libpmempool-develDevelopment files for Persistent Memory pool management library
libpng-develDevelopment tools for programs to manipulate PNG image format files
libpskc-docDocumentation files for libpskc
libpsl-develDevelopment files for libpsl
libptytty-develDevelopment headers for libptytty
libpwquality-develSupport for development of applications using the libpwquality library
libqb-develDevelopment files for libqb
libretls-develDevelopment files for libretls
librnp-develHeader files and development libraries for librnp
librsync-develHeaders and development libraries for librsync
librtmp-develFiles for librtmp development
libseccomp-develDevelopment files used to build applications with libseccomp support
libselinux-develHeader files and libraries used to build SELinux
libsemanage-develHeader files and libraries used to build policy manipulation tools
libsepol-develHeader files and libraries used to build policy manipulation tools
libsmi-develDevelopment environment for libsmi library
libsolv-develDevelopment files for libsolv
libspectrumA library for reading spectrum emulator file formats
libspiro-develDevelopment files for libspiro
libssh2-docsDocumentation for libssh2
libstatgrab-develDevelopment files for libstatgrab
libstdc++-docsDocumentation for the GNU standard C++ library
libstoragemgmt-develDevelopment files for libstoragemgmt
libtalloc-develDeveloper tools for the Talloc library
libtar-develDevelopment files for libtar
libtasn1-develFiles for development of applications which will use libtasn1
libtelnet-develHeader files for libtelnet
libtermkey-develDevelopment files needed for libtermkey
libtevent-develDeveloper tools for the Tevent library
libtexprintfFormatted Output with tex-like syntax support
libtickit-develDevelopment files needed for libtickit
libtiff-develDevelopment tools for programs which will use the libtiff library
libtpms-develInclude files for libtpms
libtracecmdA library for reading tracing instances stored in a trace file
libtraceeventLibrary to parse raw trace event formats
libuclUniversal configuration library parser
libuninameslist-develHeader files and static libraries for libuninameslist
libunwind-develDevelopment package for libunwind
liburing-develDevelopment files for Linux-native io_uring I/O access library
libusbauth-configparser-develDevelopment part of library for USB Firewall including flex/bison parser
libutempter-develDevelopment environment for utempter
libuuid-develUniversally unique ID library
libX11-develDevelopment files for libX11
libXau-develDevelopment files for libXau
libXaw-develDevelopment files for libXaw
libxcb-develDevelopment files for libxcb
libXcm-develDevelopment files for libXcm
libXcomposite-develDevelopment files for libXcomposite
libxcrypt-develDevelopment files for libxcrypt
libXcursor-develDevelopment files for libXcursor
libxdpXDP helper library
libXext-develX.Org X11 libXext development package
libXfixes-develDevelopment files for libXfixes
libXft-develX.Org X11 libXft development package
libXi-develX.Org X11 libXi development package
libXinerama-develX.Org X11 libXinerama development package
libxmp-develA multi-format module playback library development files
libxo-develDevelopment files for libxo
libXpm-develX.Org X11 libXpm development package
libXpresent-develDevelopment files for libXpresent
libXrandr-develX.Org X11 libXrandr development package
libXres-develDevelopment files for libXres
libXScrnSaver-develX.Org X11 libXScrnSaver development package
libxslt-develDevelopment libraries and header files for libxslt
libXt-develX.Org X11 libXt development package
libXtst-develX.Org X11 libXtst development package
libXv-develX.Org X11 libXv development package
libXxf86dga-develX.Org X11 libXxf86dga development package
libXxf86vm-develX.Org X11 libXxf86vm development package
libzip-develDevelopment files for libzip
lis-docDeveloper documentation for lis
lksctp-tools-develDevelopment files for lksctp-tools
lldpadIntel LLDP Agent
lmfit-develDevelopment files for lmfit
lm_sensors-develDevelopment files for programs which will use lm_sensors
lockdev-develThe header files for the lockdev library
log4c-develHeader files, libraries and development documentation for log4c
log4cpp-develHeader files, libraries and development man pages log4cpp
lowdown-libsSimple markdown translator library
lttng-tools-develLTTng control and utility library (development files)
lttng-ustLTTng Userspace Tracer library
lua-fifoFIFO library for Lua
lua-guestfsLua bindings for libguestfs
lua-httpHTTP library for Lua
man-pagesLinux kernel and C library user-space interface documentation
mariadb-connector-c-docManual pages documenting API of the libmariadb.so library
matio-develDevelopment files for matio
memkind-develMemkind User Extensible Heap Manager development lib and tools
mepack-develDevelopment headers and libraries for MEPACK
mhash-develHeader files and libraries for developing apps which use mhash
mimedefangE-mail filtering framework using Sendmail's Milter interface
miniupnpc-develDevelopment files for miniupnpc
mm-develHeader files and libraries for mm development
mongo-c-driver-develHeader files and development libraries for mongo-c-driver
monocypher-develDevelopment files for monocypher
mosquitto-develDevelopment files for mosquitto
motif-develDevelopment libraries and header files
mpqc-develDevelopment headers and libraries for mpqc
mrtgMulti Router Traffic Grapher
munge-develDevelopment files for uid * gid authentication across a host cluster
mxml-develLibraries, includes, etc to develop mxml applications
nanomsg-develDevelopment files for nanomsg
nas-develDevelopment and doc files for the NAS
nbdkit-basic-pluginsBasic plugins for nbdkit
nbdkit-cc-pluginWrite small inline C plugins and scripts for nbdkit
nbdkit-develDevelopment files and documentation for nbdkit
nbdkit-lua-pluginLua plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-ocaml-plugin-develOCaml development environment for nbdkit
nbdkit-perl-pluginPerl plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-python-pluginPython 3 plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-tcl-pluginTcl plugin for nbdkit
ncl-develDevelopment files for NCL and NCAR Graphics
ncurses-develDevelopment files for the ncurses library
neon-develDevelopment libraries and C header files for the neon library
netcdf-develDevelopment files for netcdf
netcdf-fortran-develDevelopment files for Fortran NetCDF API
netcdf-perlPerl extension module for scientific data access via the netCDF API
netpbm-develDevelopment tools for programs which will use the netpbm libraries
net-snmp-develThe development environment for the NET-SNMP project
NFStestNFS Testing Tool
nfs-utilsNFS utilities and supporting clients and daemons for the kernel NFS server
nftables-develDevelopment library for nftables / libnftables
NLopt-develDevelopment files for NLopt
notcurses-develDevelopment files for the Notcurses library
notmuch-develDevelopment libraries and header files for the Notmuch library
numactl-develDevelopment package for building Applications that use numa
nut-develDevelopment files for NUT Client
ocaml-docsDocumentation for OCaml
ocaml-libguestfs-develOCaml bindings for libguestfs
ocaml-libnbd-develOCaml language development package for libnbd
ocspdOpenCA OCSP Daemon
opendbx-develDevelopment files for opendbx
opendkimA DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) milter to sign and/or verify mail
openjpeg2C-Library for JPEG 2000
openjpeg-libsJPEG 2000 codec runtime library
openldap-develLDAP development libraries and header files
OpenRCOpenRC is a dependency-based init system
openssl-develFiles for development of applications which will use OpenSSL
opentrep-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for opentrep
opus-develDevelopment package for opus
owfs-libsCore library providing base functions to other OWFS modules
paho-c-develMQTT C Client development kit
pam-develFiles needed for developing PAM-aware applications and modules for PAM
papi-develHeader files for the compiling programs with PAPI
pappl-develPAPPL - development environment
pcp-docDocumentation and tutorial for the Performance Co-Pilot
pcre2-develDevelopment files for pcre2
pcre2-syntaxDocumentation for PCRE2 regular expressions
pcre-develDevelopment files for pcre
perl-ConfigReaderRead directives from a configuration file
perlmulticore-develPerl Multicore specification and implementation
perl-Parse-YappPerl extension for generating and using LALR parsers
perl-Sys-GuestfsPerl bindings for libguestfs (Sys::Guestfs)
perl-XMLTVPerl modules for managing your TV viewing
physfs-develDevelopment libraries and headers for physfs
plplot-develDevelopment headers and libraries for PLplot
pmix-develDevelopment files for pmix
popt-develDevelopment files for the popt library
postgresql-contribExtension modules distributed with PostgreSQL
postgresql-server-develPostgreSQL development header files and libraries
ppl-develDevelopment tools for the Parma Polyhedra Library C and C++ interfaces
procps-ng-develSystem and process monitoring utilities
python3-libguestfsPython 3 bindings for libguestfs
python3-rpmconfPython interface for rpmconf
python-ldb-devel-commonCommon development files for the Python bindings for the LDB library
qdbm-develLibraries and Header files for QDBM Database library
qt3-devel-docsDocumentation for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit
quota-develDevelopment files for quota RPC
qwt5-qt4-develDevelopment files for qwt5
qwt5-qt5-develDevelopment files for qwt5-qt5
qwt-docDeveloper documentation for qwt
radcli-develDevelopment files for radcli
rancidReally Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
rapidfuzz-cpp-develDevelopment files for the RapidFuzz C++ library
raptor2-develDevelopment files for raptor2
rasqal-develDevelopment files for the Rasqal RDF libraries
rdma-core-develRDMA core development libraries and headers
RdRand-develDevelopment files for the RdRand
readline-develFiles needed to develop programs which use the readline library
recorder-develDevelopment files for recorder library
redlandRDF Application Framework
rmol-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for rmol
rrdtoolRound Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data
ruby-libguestfsRuby bindings for libguestfs
rudeconfig-develDevelopment files for rudeconfig
rudesocket-develDevelopment files for rudesocket
rxvt-unicodeUnicode version of rxvt
sage-develDevelopment files for sage
sblim-sfccSmall Footprint CIM Client Library
SDL_sound-develLibrary handling decoding of several popular sound file formats
sevmgr-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for sevmgr
shadow-utilsUtilities for managing accounts and shadow password files
SILLY-develDevelopment files for SILLY
simcrs-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for simcrs
simfqt-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for simfqt
SIMVoleon-develDevelopment files for SIMVoleon
smokepingLatency Logging and Graphing System
snobol4A port of Macro SNOBOL4
sockperfNetwork benchmarking utility for testing latency and throughput
SoQt-develDevelopment files for SoQt
sox-develThe SoX sound file format converter libraries
spooky-c-develThe development files for spooky-c
srecordManipulate EPROM load files
staden-io_lib-develDevelopment files for staden-io_lib
statgrabSysctl-style interface to the statistics from libstatgrab
stdair-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for stdair
swtpm-develInclude files for the TPM emulator's CUSE interface for usage by clients
sympa-devel-docSympa devel doc
systemd-develDevelopment headers for systemd
systemtap-clientProgrammable system-wide instrumentation system - client
tcl-docTcl documentation
tclxExtensions for Tcl and Tk
tclx-develExtended Tcl development files
tinBasic Internet news reader
tinycdb-develDevelopment files for tinycdb
tk-develTk graphical toolkit development files
tlock-develDevelopment library for tlock
tokyocabinet-develHeaders for developing programs that will use tokyocabinet
torque-develDevelopment tools for programs which will use the torque library
torque-drmaa-develDevelopment files for the drmaa interface.
tpm2-abrmdA system daemon implementing TPM2 Access Broker and Resource Manager
tpm2-tss-develHeaders and libraries for building apps that use tpm2-tss
tpm2-tss-engine-develHeaders and libraries for building applications against tpm2-tss-engine
tpm-tools-develFiles to use the library routines supplied with tpm-tools
trademgen-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for trademgen
travelccm-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for travelccm
trousers-develTrouSerS header files and documentation
tse3-develDevelopment packages for the TSE3 MIDI Sequencer Library
tslibTouchscreen Access Library
tvlsim-develHeader files, libraries and development helper tools for tvlsim
udns-develHeader files, libraries and development documentation for udns
unbound-develDevelopment package that includes the unbound header files
unibilium-develDevelopment files needed for unibilium
unixcwShared library for Morse programs
ustr-develDevelopment files for ustr
uuid-c++-develC++ development support for Universally Unique Identifier library
uuid-develDevelopment support for Universally Unique Identifier library
uuid-perlPerl support for Universally Unique Identifier library
varnishHigh-performance HTTP accelerator
varnish-modulesA collection of modules ("vmods") extending Varnish VCL
verbiste-gnomeGNOME Panel applet for Verbiste
vmod-querystringQueryString module for Varnish Cache
vmod-uuidUUID module for Varnish Cache
volpackPortable library for fast volume rendering
voms-develVirtual Organization Membership Service Development Files
waffle-develDevelopment headers and libraries for waffle
wayland-develDevelopment files for wayland
waylandpp-develDevelopment files for waylandpp
wget2-develLibraries and header files needed for using wget2 libraries
wildmidi-develDevelopment files for wildmidi
wofi-develDevelopment package for wofi
wordnet-develThe development libraries and header files for WordNet
xbae-develDevelopment files for xbae
xdffileio-develDevelopment files for xdffileio
xfsprogs-develXFS filesystem-specific headers
xmedcon-develLibraries files for (X)MedCon development
xosd-develDevelopment files for the XOSD on-screen display library
xpa-develHeaders for developing programs that will use xpa
yascreen-develDevelopment files for yascreen
zeromqSoftware library for fast, message-based applications
ZeroMQAn open-source universal messaging library
zipios-develHeader files for zipios
zziplib-develDevelopment files for the zziplib library
zzufTransparent application input fuzzer