Section 2 : System Calls

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Section 2 of the manual describes the Linux system calls. A system call is an entry point into the Linux kernel. Usually, system calls are not invoked directly: instead, most system calls have corresponding C library wrapper functions which perform the steps required (e.g., trapping to kernel mode) in order to invoke the system call. Thus, making a system call looks the same as invoking a normal library function. For a list of the Linux system calls, see syscalls(2).
Man pages in this section
acceptaccept a connection on a socket
accesscheck user's permissions for a file
acctswitch process accounting on or off
add_keyadd a key to the kernel's key management facility
adjtimextune kernel clock
alarmset an alarm clock for delivery of a signal
alloc_hugepagesallocate or free huge pages
arch_prctlset architecture-specific thread state
bdflushstart, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon
bindbind a name to a socket
bpfperform a command on an extended BPF map or program
brkchange data segment size
cacheflushflush contents of instruction and/or data cache
capgetset/get capabilities of thread(s)
chdirchange working directory
chmodchange permissions of a file
chownchange ownership of a file
chrootchange root directory
clock_getresclock and time functions
clock_nanosleephigh-resolution sleep with specifiable clock
clonecreate a child process
closeclose a file descriptor
close_rangeclose all file descriptors in a given range
connectinitiate a connection on a socket
copy_file_rangeCopy a range of data from one file to another
create_modulecreate a loadable module entry
delete_moduleunload a kernel module
dupduplicate a file descriptor
epoll_createopen an epoll file descriptor
epoll_ctlcontrol interface for an epoll file descriptor
epoll_waitwait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor
eventfdcreate a file descriptor for event notification
execveexecute program
execveatexecute program relative to a directory file descriptor
_exitterminate the calling process
exit_groupexit all threads in a process
fallocatemanipulate file space
fanotify_initcreate and initialize fanotify group
fanotify_markadd, remove, or modify an fanotify mark on a filesystem object
fcntlmanipulate file descriptor
flockapply or remove an advisory lock on an open file
forkcreate a child process
fsyncsynchronize a file's in-core state with storage device
futexfast user-space locking
futimesatchange timestamps of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
getcpudetermine CPU and NUMA node on which the calling thread is running
getdentsget directory entries
getdomainnameget/set NIS domain name
getgidget group identity
getgroupsget/set list of supplementary group IDs
gethostnameget/set hostname
getitimerget or set value of an interval timer
get_kernel_symsretrieve exported kernel and module symbols
get_mempolicyretrieve NUMA memory policy for a thread
getpagesizeget memory page size
getpeernameget name of connected peer socket
getpidget process identification
getpriorityget/set program scheduling priority
getrandomobtain a series of random bytes
getresuidget real, effective, and saved user/group IDs
getrlimitget/set resource limits
get_robust_listget/set list of robust futexes
getrusageget resource usage
getsidget session ID
getsocknameget socket name
getsockoptget and set options on sockets
gettidget thread identification
gettimeofdayget / set time
getuidget user identity
getunwindcopy the unwind data to caller's buffer
getxattrretrieve an extended attribute value
idlemake process 0 idle
init_moduleload a kernel module
inotify_add_watchadd a watch to an initialized inotify instance
inotify_initinitialize an inotify instance
inotify_rm_watchremove an existing watch from an inotify instance
introintroduction to system calls
io_cancelcancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O operation
ioctlcontrol device
ioctl_consoleioctls for console terminal and virtual consoles
ioctl_fatmanipulating the FAT filesystem
ioctl_ficlonerangeshare some the data of one file with another file
ioctl_fideduperangeshare some the data of one file with another file
ioctl_fslabelget or set a filesystem label
ioctl_getfsmapretrieve the physical layout of the filesystem
ioctl_iflagsioctl() operations for inode flags
ioctl_nsioctl() operations for Linux namespaces
ioctl_pagemap_scanget and/or clear page flags
ioctl_pipeioctl() operations for General notification mechanism
ioctl_ttyioctls for terminals and serial lines
ioctl_userfaultfdcreate a file descriptor for handling page faults in user space
ioctl_xfs_ag_geometryquery XFS allocation group geometry information
ioctl_xfs_bulkstatquery information for a batch of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_fsbulkstatquery information for a batch of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_fscountsquery XFS summary counter information
ioctl_xfs_fsgeometryreport XFS filesystem layout and features
ioctl_xfs_fsgetxattrquery information for an open file
ioctl_xfs_fsinumbersextract a list of valid inode numbers from an XFS filesystem
ioctl_xfs_getbmapxquery extent information for an open file
ioctl_xfs_getresblksquery and set XFS free space reservation information
ioctl_xfs_goingdownshut down an XFS filesystem
ioctl_xfs_inumbersquery allocation information for groups of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_scrub_metadatacheck XFS filesystem metadata
io_destroydestroy an asynchronous I/O context
io_geteventsread asynchronous I/O events from the completion queue
iopermset port input/output permissions
ioplchange I/O privilege level
ioprio_setget/set I/O scheduling class and priority
io_setupcreate an asynchronous I/O context
io_submitsubmit asynchronous I/O blocks for processing
io_uring_enterinitiate and/or complete asynchronous I/O
io_uring_registerregister files or user buffers for asynchronous I/O
io_uring_setupsetup a context for performing asynchronous I/O
ipcSystem V IPC system calls
kcmpcompare two processes to determine if they share a kernel resource
kexec_loadload a new kernel for later execution
keyctlmanipulate the kernel's key management facility
killsend signal to a process
landlock_add_ruleadd a new Landlock rule to a ruleset
landlock_create_rulesetcreate a new Landlock ruleset
landlock_restrict_selfenforce a Landlock ruleset
linkmake a new name for a file
listenlisten for connections on a socket
listxattrlist extended attribute names
llseekreposition read/write file offset
lookup_dcookiereturn a directory entry's path
lseekreposition read/write file offset
madvisegive advice about use of memory
mbindset memory policy for a memory range
membarrierissue memory barriers on a set of threads
memfd_createcreate an anonymous file
memfd_secretcreate an anonymous RAM-based file to access secret memory regions
migrate_pagesmove all pages in a process to another set of nodes
mincoredetermine whether pages are resident in memory
mkdircreate a directory
mknodcreate a special or ordinary file
mlocklock and unlock memory
mmapmap or unmap files or devices into memory
mmap2map files or devices into memory
modify_ldtget or set a per-process LDT entry
mountmount filesystem
mount_setattrchange properties of a mount or mount tree
move_pagesmove individual pages of a process to another node
mprotectset protection on a region of memory
mq_getsetattrget/set message queue attributes
mremapremap a virtual memory address
msgctlSystem V message control operations
msggetget a System V message queue identifier
msgopSystem V message queue operations
msyncsynchronize a file with a memory map
nanosleephigh-resolution sleep
nbft_controlNBFT Table — Control Descriptor (Figure 8)
nbft_control_flagsControl Descriptor Flags
nbft_desc_typeNBFT Elements — Descriptor Types (Figure 5)
nbft_discoveryDiscovery Descriptor (Figure 24)
nbft_discovery_flagsDiscovery Descriptor Flags
nbft_headerNBFT Table — Header (Figure 8)
nbft_heap_objNBFT Header Driver Signature
nbft_hfiHost Fabric Interface (HFI) Descriptor (Figure 11)
nbft_hfi_flagsHFI Descriptor Flags
nbft_hfi_info_tcpHFI Transport Info Descriptor — NVMe/TCP (Figure 13)
nbft_hfi_info_tcp_flagsHFI Transport Flags
nbft_hostHost Descriptor (Figure 9)
nbft_host_flagsHost Flags
nbft_infoThe parsed NBFT table data.
nbft_info_discoveryDiscovery Descriptor
nbft_info_hfiHost Fabric Interface (HFI) Descriptor
nbft_info_hfi_info_tcpHFI Transport Info Descriptor — NVMe/TCP
nbft_info_hostHost Descriptor
nbft_info_nid_typeNamespace Identifier Type (NIDT)
nbft_info_primary_admin_host_flagPrimary Administrative Host Descriptor Flags
nbft_info_securitySecurity Profile Descriptor
nbft_info_subsystem_nsSubsystem Namespace (SSNS) info
nbft_securitySecurity Profile Descriptor (Figure 21)
nbft_security_flagsSecurity Profile Descriptor Flags (Figure 22)
nbft_security_secret_typeSecurity Profile Descriptor Secret Type
nbft_ssnsSubsystem Namespace (SSNS) Descriptor (Figure 15)
nbft_ssns_ext_infoSubsystem and Namespace Extended Information Descriptor (Figure 19)
nbft_ssns_ext_info_flagsSubsystem and Namespace Extended Information Descriptor Flags
nbft_ssns_flagsSubsystem and Namespace Specific Flags Field (Figure 16)
nbft_ssns_trflagsSSNS Transport Specific Flags Field (Figure 17)
nbft_trtypeNBFT Interface Transport Types (Figure 7)
nfsservctlsyscall interface to kernel nfs daemon
nicechange process priority
nvme_admin_opcodeKnown NVMe admin opcodes
nvme_admin_passthruSubmit an nvme passthrough command
nvme_admin_passthru64Submit a 64-bit nvme passthrough command
nvme_ae_info_css_nvmAsynchronous Event Information — I/O Command Specific Status
nvme_ae_info_errorAsynchronous Event Information — Error Status
nvme_ae_info_noticeAsynchronous Event Information — Notice
nvme_ae_info_smartAsynchronous Event Information — SMART / Health Status
nvme_ae_typeAsynchronous Event Type
nvme_aggregate_endurance_group_eventEndurance Group Event Aggregate
nvme_aggregate_predictable_lat_eventPredictable Latency Event Aggregate Log Page
nvme_ana_group_descANA Group Descriptor
nvme_ana_logAsymmetric Namespace Access Log
nvme_ana_stateANA Group Descriptor — Asymmetric Namespace Access State
nvme_apst_entryAutonomous Power State Transition
nvme_boot_partitionBoot Partition Log
nvme_capacity_config_descCapacity Configuration structure definitions
nvme_capacity_mgmtCapacity management command
nvme_change_ns_eventChange Namespace Event Data
nvme_channel_config_descChannel Configuration Descriptor
nvme_cmb_sizeCalculate size of the controller memory buffer
nvme_cmd_effectsCommands Supported and Effects
nvme_cmd_effects_logCommands Supported and Effects Log
nvme_cmd_format_msetFormat NVM — Metadata Settings
nvme_cmd_format_piFormat NVM — Protection Information
nvme_cmd_format_pilFormat NVM — Protection Information Location
nvme_cmd_format_sesFormat NVM — Secure Erase Settings
nvme_cmd_get_log_lidGet Log Page -Log Page Identifiers
nvme_cmd_get_log_telemetry_host_lspTelemetry Host-Initiated log specific field
nvme_compareSubmit an nvme user compare command
nvme_connect_errnvme connect error codes
nvme_constantsA place to stash various constant nvme values
nvme_copyCopy command
nvme_copy_rangeCopy — Source Range Entries Descriptor Format
nvme_copy_range_f1Copy — Source Range Entries Descriptor Format 1h
nvme_copy_range_f2Copy — Source Range Entries Descriptor Format 2h
nvme_copy_range_f3Copy — Source Range Entries Descriptor Format 3h
nvme_copy_range_soptNVMe Copy Range Source Options
nvme_create_ctrlAllocate an unconnected NVMe controller
nvme_create_rootInitialize root object
nvme_csiDefined command set indicators
nvme_ctrl_config_matchCheck if ctrl @c matches config params
nvme_ctrl_findLocate an existing controller
nvme_ctrl_first_nsStart namespace iterator
nvme_ctrl_first_pathStart path iterator
nvme_ctrl_for_each_nsTraverse namespaces
nvme_ctrl_for_each_ns_safeTraverse namespaces
nvme_ctrl_for_each_pathTraverse paths
nvme_ctrl_for_each_path_safeTraverse paths
nvme_ctrl_get_addressAddress string of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_configFabrics configuration of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_dhchap_host_keyReturn host key
nvme_ctrl_get_dhchap_keyReturn controller key
nvme_ctrl_get_fdGet associated file descriptor
nvme_ctrl_get_firmwareFirmware string of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_host_ifaceHost interface name of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_host_traddrHost transport address of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_modelModel of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_namesysfs name of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_numa_nodeNUMA node of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_phy_slotPCI physical slot number of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_queue_countQueue count of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_serialSerial number of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_sqsizeSQ size of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_src_addrExtract src_addr from the c->address string
nvme_ctrl_get_stateRunning state of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_subsysnqnSubsystem NQN of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_subsystemParent subsystem of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_sysfs_dirsysfs directory of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_traddrTransport address of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_transportTransport type of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_trsvcidTransport service identifier of a controller
nvme_ctrl_identifyIssues an 'identify controller' command
nvme_ctrl_is_discoveredReturns the value of the 'discovered' flag
nvme_ctrl_is_discovery_ctrlCheck the 'discovery_ctrl' flag
nvme_ctrl_is_persistentReturns the value of the 'persistent' flag
nvme_ctrl_is_unique_discovery_ctrlCheck the 'unique_discovery_ctrl' flag
nvme_ctrl_listController List
nvme_ctrl_metadata_typeController Metadata Element Types
nvme_ctrl_next_nsNext namespace iterator
nvme_ctrl_next_pathNext path iterator
nvme_ctrl_release_fdClose fd and clear fd from controller object
nvme_ctrl_resetInitiate a controller reset
nvme_ctrl_set_dhchap_host_keySet host key
nvme_ctrl_set_dhchap_keySet controller key
nvme_ctrl_set_discoveredSet the 'discovered' flag
nvme_ctrl_set_discovery_ctrlSet the 'discovery_ctrl' flag
nvme_ctrl_set_persistentSet the 'persistent' flag
nvme_ctrl_set_unique_discovery_ctrlSet the 'unique_discovery_ctrl' flag
nvme_ctrls_filterFilter for controllers
nvme_data_tfrData transfer direction of the command
nvme_default_hostInitializes the default host
nvme_describe_key_serialReturn key description
nvme_dev_self_testStart or abort a self test
nvme_directive_dtypeDirective Types
nvme_directive_receive_doperDirective Receive Directive Operation
nvme_directive_recvReceive directive specific data
nvme_directive_recv_identify_parametersDirective receive identifier parameters
nvme_directive_recv_stream_allocateDirective receive stream allocate
nvme_directive_recv_stream_parametersDirective receive stream parameters
nvme_directive_recv_stream_statusDirective receive stream status
nvme_directive_sendSend directive command
nvme_directive_send_doperDirective Send Directive Operation
nvme_directive_send_id_endirDirective Send Enable Directive
nvme_directive_send_identify_endirEnable Directive
nvme_directive_send_stream_release_identifierDirective Send Stream release
nvme_directive_send_stream_release_resourceDirective Send Stream release resources
nvme_directive_typesDirectives Supported or Enabled
nvme_disconnect_ctrlDisconnect a controller
nvme_dsmSend an nvme data set management command
nvme_dsm_attributesDataset Management attributes
nvme_dsm_rangeDataset Management — Range Definition
nvme_dst_stcAction taken by the Device Self-test command
nvme_dump_configPrint the JSON configuration
nvme_dump_treeDump internal object tree
nvme_eg_critical_warning_flagsEndurance Group Information Log — Critical Warning
nvme_eg_event_aggregate_logEndurance Group Event Aggregate
nvme_end_grp_chan_descEndurance Group Channel Configuration Descriptor
nvme_end_grp_config_descEndurance Group Configuration Descriptor
nvme_endurance_group_logEndurance Group Information Log
nvme_eom_lane_descEOM Lane Descriptor
nvme_eom_optional_dataEOM Optional Data Present Fields
nvme_errno_to_stringReturns string describing nvme connect failures
nvme_error_log_pageError Information Log Entry (Log Identifier 01h)
nvme_fabrics_configDefines all linux nvme fabrics initiator options
nvme_fctypeFabrics Command Types
nvme_fdp_config_descFDP Configuration Descriptor
nvme_fdp_config_fdpaFDP Attributes
nvme_fdp_config_logFDP Configurations Log Page
nvme_fdp_eventFDP Event
nvme_fdp_event_flagsFDP Event Flags
nvme_fdp_event_reallocMedia Reallocated Event Type Specific Information
nvme_fdp_event_realloc_flagsMedia Reallocated Event Type Specific Flags
nvme_fdp_events_logFDP Events Log Page
nvme_fdp_event_typeFDP Event Types
nvme_fdp_reclaim_unit_handle_statusGet reclaim unit handle status
nvme_fdp_reclaim_unit_handle_updateUpdate a list of reclaim unit handles
nvme_fdp_ruhaReclaim Unit Handle Attributes
nvme_fdp_ruh_descReclaim Unit Handle Descriptor
nvme_fdp_ruh_statusReclaim Unit Handle Status
nvme_fdp_ruh_status_descReclaim Unit Handle Status Descriptor
nvme_fdp_ruh_typeReclaim Unit Handle Type
nvme_fdp_ruhu_descReclaim Unit Handle Usage Descriptor
nvme_fdp_ruhu_logReclaim Unit Handle Usage Log Page
nvme_fdp_stats_logFDP Statistics Log Page
nvme_fdp_supported_event_attributesSupported FDP Event Attributes
nvme_fdp_supported_event_descSupported FDP Event Descriptor
nvme_featFeatures Access Shifts/Masks values
nvme_feat_auto_pstAutonomous Power State Transition
nvme_feat_fdp_events_cdw11FDP Events Feature Command Dword 11
nvme_feat_host_behaviorHost Behavior Support — Data Structure
nvme_feat_nswpcfg_stateWrite Protection — Write Protection State
nvme_feat_plm_window_selectPredictable Latency Per NVM Set Log
nvme_feat_resv_notify_flagsReservation Notification Configuration
nvme_feat_tmpthresh_thselTemperature Threshold — Threshold Type Select
nvme_features_async_event_config_flagsAsynchronous Event Configuration configuration flags
nvme_features_idFeatures — Feature Identifiers
nvme_fid_supported_effectsFID Supported and Effects Data Structure definitions
nvme_fid_supported_effects_logFeature Identifiers Supported and Effects
nvme_firmware_slotFirmware Slot Information Log
nvme_first_hostStart host iterator
nvme_first_subsystemStart subsystem iterator
nvme_flushSend an nvme flush command
nvme_for_each_hostTraverse host list
nvme_for_each_host_safeTraverse host list
nvme_for_each_subsystemTraverse subsystems
nvme_for_each_subsystem_safeTraverse subsystems
nvme_format_nvmFormat nvme namespace(s)
nvme_format_nvm_compln_eventFormat NVM Completion Event Data
nvme_format_nvm_start_eventFormat NVM Start Event Data
nvme_free_ctrlFree controller
nvme_free_hostFree nvme_host_t object
nvme_free_nsFree a namespace object
nvme_free_subsystemFree a subsystem
nvme_free_treeFree root object
nvme_fw_commitCommit firmware using the specified action
nvme_fw_commit_caFirmware Commit — Commit Action
nvme_fw_commit_eventFirmware Commit Event Data
nvme_fw_downloadDownload part or all of a firmware image to the controller
nvme_fw_download_seqFirmware download sequence
nvme_gen_dhchap_keyDH-HMAC-CHAP key generation
nvme_generate_tls_key_identityGenerate the TLS key identity
nvme_get_ana_log_lenRetrieve size of the current ANA log
nvme_get_attrRead sysfs attribute
nvme_get_ctrl_attrRead controller sysfs attribute
nvme_get_ctrl_telemetryGet controller telemetry log
nvme_get_directive_receive_lengthGet directive receive length
nvme_get_discovery_argsArguments for nvmf_get_discovery_wargs()
nvme_get_feature_lengthRetreive the command payload length for a specific feature identifier
nvme_get_feature_length2Retreive the command payload length for a specific feature identifier
nvme_get_featuresRetrieve a feature attribute
nvme_get_features_arbitrationGet arbitration feature
nvme_get_features_async_eventGet asynchronous event feature
nvme_get_features_auto_pstGet autonomous power state feature
nvme_get_features_dataHelper function for @nvme_get_features()
nvme_get_features_endurance_event_cfgGet endurance event config feature
nvme_get_features_err_recoveryGet error recovery feature
nvme_get_features_err_recovery2Get error recovery feature
nvme_get_features_hctmGet thermal management feature
nvme_get_features_host_behaviorGet host behavior feature
nvme_get_features_host_idGet host id feature
nvme_get_features_host_mem_bufGet host memory buffer feature
nvme_get_features_host_mem_buf2Get host memory buffer feature
nvme_get_features_iocs_profileGet IOCS profile feature
nvme_get_features_irq_coalesceGet IRQ coalesce feature
nvme_get_features_irq_configGet IRQ config feature
nvme_get_features_katoGet keep alive timeout feature
nvme_get_features_lba_rangeGet LBA range feature
nvme_get_features_lba_range2Get LBA range feature
nvme_get_features_lba_sts_intervalGet LBA status information feature
nvme_get_features_nopscGet non-operational power state feature
nvme_get_features_num_queuesGet number of queues feature
nvme_get_features_plm_configGet predictable latency feature
nvme_get_features_plm_windowGet window select feature
nvme_get_features_power_mgmtGet power management feature
nvme_get_features_resv_maskGet reservation mask feature
nvme_get_features_resv_mask2Get reservation mask feature
nvme_get_features_resv_persistGet reservation persist feature
nvme_get_features_resv_persist2Get reservation persist feature
nvme_get_features_rrlGet read recovery level feature
nvme_get_features_sanitizeGet sanitize feature
nvme_get_features_selGet Features — Select
nvme_get_features_simpleHelper function for @nvme_get_features()
nvme_get_features_sw_progressGet software progress feature
nvme_get_features_temp_threshGet temperature threshold feature
nvme_get_features_timestampGet timestamp feature
nvme_get_features_volatile_wcGet volatile write cache feature
nvme_get_features_write_atomicGet write atomic feature
nvme_get_features_write_protectGet write protect feature
nvme_get_host_telemetryGet host telemetry log
nvme_get_lba_statusRetrieve information on possibly unrecoverable LBAs
nvme_get_lba_status_logRetrieve the LBA Status log page
nvme_get_logNVMe Admin Get Log command
nvme_get_log_anaRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access log page
nvme_get_log_ana_groupsRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access groups only log page
nvme_get_log_boot_partitionRetrieve Boot Partition
nvme_get_log_changed_ns_listRetrieve namespace changed list
nvme_get_log_cmd_effectsRetrieve nvme command effects log
nvme_get_log_create_telemetry_hostCreate host telemetry log
nvme_get_log_device_self_testRetrieve the device self test log
nvme_get_log_discoveryRetrieve Discovery log page
nvme_get_log_endurance_groupGet Endurance Group log
nvme_get_log_endurance_grp_evtRetrieve Rotational Media Information
nvme_get_log_errorRetrieve nvme error log
nvme_get_log_fdp_configurationsGet list of Flexible Data Placement configurations
nvme_get_log_fdp_eventsGet Flexible Data Placement events
nvme_get_log_fdp_statsGet Flexible Data Placement statistics
nvme_get_log_fid_supported_effectsRetrieve Feature Identifiers Supported and Effects
nvme_get_log_fw_slotRetrieves the controller firmware log
nvme_get_logical_block_sizeRetrieve block size
nvme_get_log_lba_statusRetrieve LBA Status
nvme_get_log_media_unit_statRetrieve Media Unit Status
nvme_get_log_mi_cmd_supported_effectsdisplays the MI Commands Supported by the controller
nvme_get_log_pageGet log page data
nvme_get_log_persistent_eventRetrieve Persistent Event Log
nvme_get_log_phy_rx_eomRetrieve Physical Interface Receiver Eye Opening Measurement Log
nvme_get_log_predictable_lat_eventRetrieve Predictable Latency Event Aggregate Log Page
nvme_get_log_predictable_lat_nvmsetPredictable Latency Per NVM Set
nvme_get_log_reclaim_unit_handle_usageGet reclaim unit handle usage
nvme_get_log_reservationRetrieve Reservation Notification
nvme_get_log_sanitizeRetrieve Sanitize Status
nvme_get_log_smartRetrieve nvme smart log
nvme_get_log_support_cap_config_listRetrieve Supported Capacity Configuration List
nvme_get_log_supported_log_pagesRetrieve nmve supported log pages
nvme_get_log_telemetry_ctrlGet Telemetry Controller-Initiated log page
nvme_get_log_telemetry_hostGet Telemetry Host-Initiated log page
nvme_get_log_zns_changed_zonesRetrieve list of zones that have changed
nvme_get_new_host_telemetryGet new host telemetry log
nvme_get_ns_attrRead namespace sysfs attribute
nvme_get_nsidRetrieve the NSID from a namespace file descriptor
nvme_get_path_attrRead path sysfs attribute
nvme_get_propertyGet a controller property
nvme_get_subsys_attrRead subsystem sysfs attribute
nvme_get_telemetry_logGet specified telemetry log
nvme_get_telemetry_maxGet telemetry limits
nvme_hmac_algHMAC algorithm
nvme_host_behavior_supportEnable Advanced Command
nvme_host_get_dhchap_keyReturn host key
nvme_host_get_hostidHost ID of an nvme_host_t object
nvme_host_get_hostnqnHost NQN of an nvme_host_t object
nvme_host_get_hostsymnameGet the host's symbolic name
nvme_host_get_rootReturns nvme_root_t object
nvme_host_is_pdc_enabledIs Persistenct Discovery Controller enabled
nvme_host_mem_buf_attrsHost Memory Buffer — Attributes Data Structure
nvme_host_metadataHost Metadata Data Structure
nvme_host_release_fdsClose all opened file descriptors under host
nvme_host_set_dhchap_keyset host key
nvme_host_set_hostsymnameSet the host's symbolic name
nvme_host_set_pdc_enabledSet Persistent Discovery Controller flag
nvme_id_ctrlIdentify Controller data structure
nvme_id_ctrl_anacapThis field indicates the capabilities associated with Asymmetric Namespace Access Reporting.
nvme_id_ctrl_apstaFlags indicating the attributes of the autonomous power state transition feature.
nvme_id_ctrl_avsccFlags indicating the configuration settings for Admin Vendor Specific command handling.
nvme_id_ctrl_cmicController Multipath IO and Namespace Sharing Capabilities of the controller and NVM subsystem.
nvme_id_ctrl_cntrltypeController types
nvme_id_ctrl_cqesDefines the required and maximum Completion Queue entry size when using the NVM Command Set.
nvme_id_ctrl_ctrattController attributes
nvme_id_ctrl_dctypeDiscovery Controller types
nvme_id_ctrl_dstoFlags indicating the optional Device Self-test command or operation behaviors supported by the controller or NVM subsystem.
nvme_id_ctrl_fcattThis field indicates attributes of the controller that are specific to NVMe over Fabrics.
nvme_id_ctrl_fnaThis field indicates attributes for the Format NVM command.
nvme_id_ctrl_frmwFlags and values indicates capabilities regarding firmware updates from &struct nvme_id_ctrl.frmw.
nvme_id_ctrl_fusesThis field indicates the fused operations that the controller supports.
nvme_id_ctrl_hctmFlags indicate the attributes of the host controlled thermal management feature
nvme_id_ctrl_lpaFlags indicating optional attributes for log pages that are accessed via the Get Log Page command.
nvme_id_ctrl_mecFlags indicating the capabilities of the Management Endpoint in the Controller, &struct nvme_id_ctrl.mec.
nvme_id_ctrl_nvmI/O Command Set Specific Identify Controller data structure
nvme_id_ctrl_nvmsrThis field reports information associated with the NVM Subsystem, see &struct nvme_id_ctrl.nvmsr.
nvme_id_ctrl_nvsccThis field indicates the configuration settings for NVM Vendor Specific command handling.
nvme_id_ctrl_nwpcThis field indicates the optional namespace write protection capabilities supported by the controller.
nvme_id_ctrl_oacsFlags indicating the optional Admin commands and features supported by the controller, see &struct nvme_id_ctrl.oacs.
nvme_id_ctrl_oaesOptional Asynchronous Events Supported
nvme_id_ctrl_ofcsIndicate whether the controller supports optional fabric commands.
nvme_id_ctrl_oncsThis field indicates the optional NVM commands and features supported by the controller.
nvme_id_ctrl_rpmbsThis field indicates if the controller supports one or more Replay Protected Memory Blocks, from &struct nvme_id_ctrl.rpmbs.
nvme_id_ctrl_sanicapIndicates attributes for sanitize operations.
nvme_id_ctrl_sglsThis field indicates if SGLs are supported for the NVM Command Set and the particular SGL types supported.
nvme_id_ctrl_sqesDefines the required and maximum Submission Queue entry size when using the NVM Command Set.
nvme_id_ctrl_vwcVolatile write cache
nvme_id_ctrl_vwciThis field indicates information about remaining number of times that VPD contents are able to be updated using the VPD Write command, see &struct…
nvme_id_directivesIdentify Directive — Return Parameters Data Structure
nvme_id_domain_attrDomain Attributes Entry
nvme_id_domain_listDomain List
nvme_id_endurance_group_listEndurance Group List
nvme_identifySend the NVMe Identify command
nvme_identify_active_ns_listRetrieves active namespaces id list
nvme_identify_active_ns_list_csiActive namespace ID list associated with a specified I/O command set
nvme_identify_allocated_nsSame as nvme_identify_ns, but only for allocated namespaces
nvme_identify_allocated_ns_listRetrieves allocated namespace id list
nvme_identify_allocated_ns_list_csiAllocated namespace ID list associated with a specified I/O command set
nvme_identify_cnsIdentify — CNS Values
nvme_identify_ctrlRetrieves nvme identify controller
nvme_identify_ctrl_csiI/O command set specific Identify Controller data
nvme_identify_ctrl_listRetrieves identify controller list
nvme_identify_domain_listDomain list data
nvme_identify_endurance_group_listEndurance group list data
nvme_identify_independent_identify_nsI/O command set independent Identify namespace data
nvme_identify_iocsI/O command set data structure
nvme_identify_iocs_ns_csi_user_data_formatIdentify I/O command set namespace data structure
nvme_identify_nsRetrieves nvme identify namespace
nvme_identify_ns_csiI/O command set specific identify namespace data
nvme_identify_ns_csi_user_data_formatIdentify namespace user data format
nvme_identify_ns_descsRetrieves namespace descriptor list
nvme_identify_ns_granularityRetrieves namespace granularity identification
nvme_identify_nsid_ctrl_listRetrieves controller list attached to an nsid
nvme_identify_nvmset_listRetrieves NVM Set List
nvme_identify_primary_ctrlRetrieve NVMe Primary Controller identification
nvme_identify_secondary_ctrl_listRetrieves secondary controller list
nvme_identify_uuidRetrieves device's UUIDs
nvme_id_independent_id_nsIdentify — I/O Command Set Independent Identify Namespace Data Structure
nvme_id_iocsNVMe Identify IO Command Set data structure
nvme_id_nsIdentify Namespace data structure
nvme_id_ns_attrSpecifies attributes of the namespace.
nvme_id_ns_dlfeatThis field indicates information about features that affect deallocating logical blocks for this namespace.
nvme_id_ns_dpcThis field indicates the capabilities for the end-to-end data protection feature.
nvme_id_ns_dpsThis field indicates the Type settings for the end-to-end data protection feature.
nvme_id_nsfeatThis field defines features of the namespace.
nvme_id_ns_flbasThis field indicates the LBA data size & metadata size combination that the namespace has been formatted with
nvme_id_ns_granularity_descNamespace Granularity Descriptor
nvme_id_ns_granularity_listNamespace Granularity List
nvme_id_ns_mcThis field indicates the capabilities for metadata.
nvme_id_ns_nmicThis field specifies multi-path I/O and namespace sharing capabilities of the namespace.
nvme_id_ns_rescapThis field indicates the reservation capabilities of the namespace.
nvme_id_nvmset_listNVM set list
nvme_id_psdPower Management data structure
nvme_id_uuidIdentifier Association
nvme_id_uuid_listUUID list
nvme_id_uuid_list_entryUUID List Entry
nvme_init_copy_rangeConstructs a copy range structure
nvme_init_copy_range_f1Constructs a copy range f1 structure
nvme_init_copy_range_f2Constructs a copy range f2 structure
nvme_init_copy_range_f3Constructs a copy range f3 structure
nvme_init_ctrlInitialize nvme_ctrl_t object for an existing controller.
nvme_init_ctrl_listInitialize an nvme_ctrl_list structure from an array.
nvme_init_dsm_rangeConstructs a data set range structure
nvme_init_loggingInitialize logging
nvme_insert_tls_keyDerive and insert TLS key
nvme_insert_tls_key_versionedDerive and insert TLS key
nvme_ioSubmit an nvme user I/O command
nvme_io_control_flagsI/O control flags
nvme_io_dsm_flagsDataset Management flags
nvme_io_mgmt_recvI/O Management Receive command
nvme_io_mgmt_recv_moI/O Management Receive — Management Operation
nvme_io_mgmt_sendI/O Management Send command
nvme_io_mgmt_send_moI/O Management Send — Management Operation
nvme_io_opcodeOpcodes for I/O Commands
nvme_io_passthruSubmit an nvme io passthrough command
nvme_io_passthru64Submit an nvme io passthrough command
nvme_is_64bit_regChecks if offset of the controller register is a know 64bit value.
nvme_lbafLBA Format Data Structure
nvme_lbaf_rpThis field indicates the relative performance of the LBA format indicated relative to other LBA formats supported by the controller.
nvme_lba_range_typeLBA Range Type
nvme_lba_range_type_entryLBA Range Type — Data Structure Entry
nvme_lba_rdLBA Range Descriptor
nvme_lbartLBA Range Type — Data Structure Entry
nvme_lbas_ns_elementLBA Status Log Namespace Element
nvme_lba_statusLBA Status Descriptor List
nvme_lba_status_atypePotentially Unrecoverable LBAs
nvme_lba_status_descLBA Status Descriptor Entry
nvme_lba_status_logLBA Status Information Log
nvme_lockdownIssue lockdown command
nvme_log_ana_lspAsymmetric Namespace Access — Return Groups Only
nvme_log_phy_rx_eom_actionPhysical Interface Receiver Eye Opening Measurement Action
nvme_log_phy_rx_eom_qualityPhysical Interface Receiver Eye Opening Measurement Quality
nvme_lookup_ctrlLookup nvme_ctrl_t object
nvme_lookup_hostLookup nvme_host_t object
nvme_lookup_keyLookup key serial number
nvme_lookup_keyringLookup keyring serial number
nvme_lookup_subsystemLookup nvme_subsystem_t object
nvme_media_unit_config_descMedia Unit Configuration Descriptor
nvme_media_unit_stat_descMedia Unit Status Descriptor
nvme_media_unit_stat_logMedia Unit Status
nvme_metadata_element_descMetadata Element Descriptor
nvme_mi_admin_admin_passthruSubmit an nvme admin passthrough command
nvme_mi_admin_format_nvmFormat NVMe namespace
nvme_mi_admin_fw_commitCommit firmware using the specified action
nvme_mi_admin_fw_downloadDownload part or all of a firmware image to the controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_features_dataHelper function for &nvme_mi_admin_get_features()
nvme_mi_admin_get_logRetrieve log page data from controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_anaRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_ana_groupsRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access groups only log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_boot_partitionRetrieve Boot Partition
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_changed_ns_listRetrieve namespace changed list
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_cmd_effectsRetrieve nvme command effects log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_create_telemetry_hostCreate host telemetry log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_device_self_testRetrieve the device self test log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_discoveryRetrieve Discovery log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_endurance_groupGet Endurance Group log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_endurance_grp_evtRetrieve Rotational Media Information
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_errorRetrieve nvme error log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_fid_supported_effectsRetrieve Feature Identifiers Supported and Effects
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_fw_slotRetrieves the controller firmware log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_lba_statusRetrieve LBA Status
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_media_unit_statRetrieve Media Unit Status
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_mi_cmd_supported_effectsdisplays the MI Commands Supported by the controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_pageRetrieve log page data from controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_persistent_eventRetrieve Persistent Event Log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_phy_rx_eomRetrieve Physical Interface Receiver Eye Opening Measurement Log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_predictable_lat_eventRetrieve Predictable Latency Event Aggregate Log Page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_predictable_lat_nvmsetPredictable Latency Per NVM Set
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_reservationRetrieve Reservation Notification
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_sanitizeRetrieve Sanitize Status
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_simpleHelper for Get Log Page functions with no NSID or RAE requirements
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_smartRetrieve nvme smart log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_support_cap_config_listRetrieve Supported Capacity Configuration List
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_supported_log_pagesRetrieve nmve supported log pages
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_telemetry_ctrlGet Telemetry Controller-Initiated log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_telemetry_hostGet Telemetry Host-Initiated log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_zns_changed_zonesRetrieve list of zones that have changed
nvme_mi_admin_get_nsid_logHelper for Get Log Page functions
nvme_mi_admin_identifyPerform an Admin identify command.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_active_ns_listPerform an Admin identify for an active namespace list
nvme_mi_admin_identify_allocated_nsPerform an Admin identify command for an allocated namespace
nvme_mi_admin_identify_allocated_ns_listPerform an Admin identify for an allocated namespace list
nvme_mi_admin_identify_cns_nsidPerform an Admin identify command using specific CNS/NSID parameters.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_ctrlPerform an Admin identify for a controller
nvme_mi_admin_identify_ctrl_listPerform an Admin identify for a controller list.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_nsPerform an Admin identify command for a namespace
nvme_mi_admin_identify_ns_descsPerform an Admin identify Namespace Identification Descriptor list command for a namespace
nvme_mi_admin_identify_nsid_ctrl_listPerform an Admin identify for a controller list with specific namespace ID
nvme_mi_admin_identify_partialPerform an Admin identify command, and retrieve partial response data.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_primary_ctrlPerform an Admin identify for primary controller capabilities data structure.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_secondary_ctrl_listPerform an Admin identify for a secondary controller list.
nvme_mi_admin_ns_attachAttach or detach namespace to controller(s)
nvme_mi_admin_ns_attach_ctrlsAttach namespace to controllers
nvme_mi_admin_ns_detach_ctrlsDetach namespace from controllers
nvme_mi_admin_req_hdrAdmin command request header.
nvme_mi_admin_resp_hdrAdmin command response header.
nvme_mi_admin_sanitize_nvmStart a subsystem Sanitize operation
nvme_mi_admin_security_recvPerform a Security Receive command on a controller.
nvme_mi_admin_security_sendPerform a Security Send command on a controller.
nvme_mi_admin_xferRaw admin transfer interface.
nvme_mi_ccsGet State Control Primitive Success Response Fields — Control Primitive Specific Response
nvme_mi_closeClose an endpoint connection and release resources, including controller objects.
nvme_mi_close_ctrlfree a controller
nvme_mi_cmd_supported_effectsMI Command Supported and Effects Data Structure
nvme_mi_cmd_supported_effects_logNVMe-MI Commands Supported and Effects Log
nvme_mi_config_idNVMe-MI Configuration identifier.
nvme_mi_config_smbus_freqSMBus/I2C frequency values
nvme_mi_create_rootCreate top-level MI (root) handle.
nvme_mi_cstsController Health Data Structure (CHDS) — Controller Status (CSTS)
nvme_mi_ctrl_health_statusController Health Data Structure (CHDS)
nvme_mi_ctrl_idget the ID of a controller
nvme_mi_cwarnController Health Data Structure (CHDS) — Critical Warning (CWARN)
nvme_mi_dtypData Structure Type field.
nvme_mi_elemElement Descriptor Types
nvme_mi_free_rootFree root object.
nvme_mi_init_ctrlinitialise a NVMe controller.
nvme_mi_message_typeNVMe-MI message type field.
nvme_mi_mi_opcodeOperation code for supported NVMe-MI commands.
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_ctrlPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving controller information
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_ctrl_listPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving the list of attached controllers.
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_portPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving port data.
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_subsysPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving subsystem data.
nvme_mi_mi_req_hdrMI request message header.
nvme_mi_mi_resp_hdrMI response message header.
nvme_mi_mi_subsystem_health_status_pollRead the Subsystem Health Data Structure from the NVM subsystem
nvme_mi_msg_hdrGeneral MI message header.
nvme_mi_msg_respGeneric response type.
nvme_mi_nvm_ss_health_statusSubsystem Management Data Structure
nvme_mi_open_mctpCreate an endpoint using a MCTP connection.
nvme_mi_oscOptionally Supported Command Data Structure
nvme_mi_port_pciePCIe Port Specific Data
nvme_mi_port_smbSMBus Port Specific Data
nvme_mi_read_ctrl_infoController Information Data Structure
nvme_mi_read_nvm_ss_infoNVM Subsystem Information Data Structure
nvme_mi_read_port_infoPort Information Data Structure
nvme_mi_read_sc_listManagement Endpoint Buffer Supported Command List Data Structure
nvme_mi_resp_statusvalues for the response status field
nvme_mi_set_probe_enabledenable/disable the probe for new endpoints
nvme_mi_status_to_stringreturn a string representation of the MI status.
nvme_mi_vpd_hdrVital Product Data Common Header
nvme_mi_vpd_mraNVMe MultiRecord Area
nvme_mi_vpd_mr_commonNVMe MultiRecord Area
nvme_mi_vpd_ppmraNVMe PCIe Port MultiRecord Area
nvme_mi_vpd_telemVital Product Data Element Descriptor
nvme_mi_vpd_traVital Product Data Topology MultiRecord
nvme_namespace_attach_ctrlsAttach namespace to controller(s)
nvme_namespace_detach_ctrlsDetach namespace from controller(s)
nvme_namespace_filterFilter for namespaces
nvme_namespace_first_pathStart path iterator
nvme_namespace_for_each_pathTraverse paths
nvme_namespace_for_each_path_safeTraverse paths
nvme_namespace_next_pathNext path iterator
nvme_nbft_freeFree the struct nbft_info and its contents
nvme_nbft_readRead and parse contents of an ACPI NBFT table
nvme_nd_ns_fpiIf a format operation is in progress, this field indicates the percentage of the namespace that remains to be formatted.
nvme_next_hostNext host iterator
nvme_next_subsystemNext subsystem iterator
nvme_ns_attachAttach or detach namespace to controller(s)
nvme_ns_attach_ctrlsAttach namespace to controllers
nvme_ns_attach_selNamespace Attachment — Select
nvme_ns_compareCompare data on a namespace
nvme_ns_detach_ctrlsDetach namespace from controllers
nvme_ns_flushFlush data to a namespace
nvme_ns_get_csiCommand set identifier of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_ctrl&nvme_ctrl_t of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_eui6464-bit eui of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_fdGet associated file descriptor
nvme_ns_get_firmwareFirmware string of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_generic_nameReturns name of generic namespace chardev.
nvme_ns_get_lba_countLBA count of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_lba_sizeLBA size of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_lba_utilLBA utilization of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_meta_sizeMetadata size of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_modelModel of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_namesysfs name of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_nguid128-bit nguid of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_nsidNSID of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_serialSerial number of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_subsystem&nvme_subsystem_t of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_sysfs_dirsysfs directory of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_uuidUUID of a namespace
nvme_ns_id_descNamespace identifier type descriptor
nvme_ns_id_desc_nidtKnown namespace identifier types
nvme_ns_identifyIssue an 'identify namespace' command
nvme_ns_identify_descsIssue an 'identify descriptors' command
nvme_ns_listNamespace List
nvme_ns_metadata_typeNamespace Metadata Element Types
nvme_ns_mgmtIssue a Namespace management command
nvme_ns_mgmt_createCreate a non attached namespace
nvme_ns_mgmt_deleteDelete a non attached namespace
nvme_ns_mgmt_host_sw_specifiedNamespace management Host Software Specified Fields.
nvme_ns_mgmt_selNamespace Management — Select
nvme_ns_readRead from a namespace
nvme_ns_release_fdClose fd and clear fd from ns object
nvme_ns_rescanInitiate a controller rescan
nvme_nss_hw_err_eventNVM Subsystem Hardware Error Event
nvme_ns_verifyVerify data on a namespace
nvme_ns_writeWrite to a namespace
nvme_ns_write_protect_cfgWrite Protection — Write Protection State
nvme_ns_write_uncorrectableIssus a 'write uncorrectable' command
nvme_ns_write_zerosWrite zeros to a namespace
nvme_nvmeset_pl_statusPredictable Latency Per NVM Set Log — Status
nvme_nvm_identify_ctrlIdentify controller data
nvme_nvm_id_nsNVME Command Set I/O Command Set Specific Identify Namespace Data Structure
nvme_nvm_id_ns_elbafThis field indicates the extended LBA format
nvme_nvmset_attrNVM Set Attributes Entry
nvme_nvmset_pl_eventsPredictable Latency Per NVM Set Log — Event Type
nvme_nvmset_predictable_lat_logPredictable Latency Mode — Deterministic Threshold Configuration Data
nvme_openOpen an nvme controller or namespace device
nvme_passthru_cmdnvme passthrough command structure
nvme_passthru_cmd6464-bit nvme passthrough command structure
nvme_path_get_ana_stateANA state of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_ctrlParent controller of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_namesysfs name of an &nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_nsParent namespace of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_sysfs_dirsysfs directory of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_paths_filterFilter for paths
nvme_persistent_event_entryPersistent Event
nvme_persistent_event_logPersistent Event Log
nvme_persistent_event_typesPersistent event log events
nvme_pevent_log_actionPersistent Event Log — Action
nvme_phy_rx_eom_logPhysical Interface Receiver Eye Opening Measurement Log
nvme_phy_rx_eom_progressEOM In Progress Values
nvme_plm_configPredictable Latency Mode — Deterministic Threshold Configuration Data Structure
nvme_pmr_sizeCalculate size of persistent memory region elasticity buffer
nvme_pmr_throughputCalculate throughput of persistent memory buffer
nvme_power_on_reset_info_listController Reset Information
nvme_primary_ctrl_capIdentify — Controller Capabilities Structure
nvme_psd_flagsPossible flag values in nvme power state descriptor
nvme_psd_power_scalepower scale occupies the upper 3 bits
nvme_psd_psKnown values for &struct nvme_psd %ips and %aps. Use with nvme_psd_power_scale() to extract the power scale field to match this enum.
nvme_psd_workloadSpecifies a workload hint in the Power Management Feature (see &struct nvme_psd.apw) to inform the NVM subsystem or indicate the conditions for the active power…
nvme_readSubmit an nvme user read command
nvme_read_configRead NVMe JSON configuration file
nvme_refresh_topologyRefresh nvme_root_t object contents
nvme_registered_ctrlRegistered Controller Data Structure
nvme_registered_ctrl_extRegistered Controller Extended Data Structure
nvme_register_offsetscontroller registers for all transports. This is the layout of BAR0/1 for PCIe, and properties for fabrics.
nvme_rescan_ctrlRescan an existing controller
nvme_resv_acquireSend an nvme reservation acquire
nvme_resv_cptplReservation Register — Change Persist Through Power Loss State
nvme_resv_notification_logReservation Notification Log
nvme_resv_notify_rnlptReservation Notification Log — Reservation Notification Log Page Type
nvme_resv_racqaReservation Acquire — Reservation Acquire Action
nvme_resv_registerSend an nvme reservation register
nvme_resv_releaseSend an nvme reservation release
nvme_resv_reportSend an nvme reservation report
nvme_resv_rregaReservation Register — Reservation Register Action
nvme_resv_rrelaReservation Release — Reservation Release Action
nvme_resv_rtypeReservation Type Encoding
nvme_resv_statusReservation Status Data Structure
nvme_sanitize_compln_eventSanitize Completion Event Data
nvme_sanitize_log_pageSanitize Status (Log Identifier 81h)
nvme_sanitize_nvmStart a sanitize operation
nvme_sanitize_sanactSanitize Action
nvme_sanitize_sstatSanitize Status (SSTAT)
nvme_sanitize_start_eventSanitize Start Event Data
nvme_scanScan NVMe topology
nvme_scan_ctrlScan on a controller
nvme_scan_ctrl_namespace_pathsScan for namespace paths in a controller
nvme_scan_ctrl_namespacesScan for namespaces in a controller
nvme_scan_ctrlsScan for controllers
nvme_scan_namespacescan namespace based on sysfs name
nvme_scan_subsystem_namespacesScan for namespaces in a subsystem
nvme_scan_subsystemsScan for subsystems
nvme_scan_topologyScan NVMe topology and apply filter
nvme_secondary_ctrlSecondary Controller Entry
nvme_secondary_ctrl_listSecondary Controller List
nvme_security_receiveSecurity Receive command
nvme_security_sendSecurity Send command
nvme_self_test_logDevice Self-test (Log Identifier 06h)
nvme_set_feature_eventSet Feature Event Data
nvme_set_featuresSet a feature attribute
nvme_set_features_arbitrationSet arbitration features
nvme_set_features_async_eventSet asynchronous event feature
nvme_set_features_auto_pstSet autonomous power state feature
nvme_set_features_dataHelper function for @nvme_set_features()
nvme_set_features_endurance_evt_cfgSet endurance event config feature
nvme_set_features_err_recoverySet error recovery feature
nvme_set_features_hctmSet thermal management feature
nvme_set_features_host_behaviorSet host behavior feature
nvme_set_features_host_idSet enable extended host identifiers feature
nvme_set_features_iocs_profileSet I/O command set profile feature
nvme_set_features_irq_coalesceSet IRQ coalesce feature
nvme_set_features_irq_configSet IRQ config feature
nvme_set_features_lba_rangeSet LBA range feature
nvme_set_features_lba_sts_intervalSet LBA status information feature
nvme_set_features_nopscSet non-operational power state feature
nvme_set_features_plm_configSet predictable latency feature
nvme_set_features_plm_windowSet window select feature
nvme_set_features_power_mgmtSet power management feature
nvme_set_features_resv_maskSet reservation notification mask feature
nvme_set_features_resv_mask2Set reservation notification mask feature
nvme_set_features_resv_persistSet persist through power loss feature
nvme_set_features_resv_persist2Set persist through power loss feature
nvme_set_features_rrlSet read recovery level feature
nvme_set_features_sanitizeSet sanitize feature
nvme_set_features_simpleHelper function for @nvme_set_features()
nvme_set_features_sw_progressSet pre-boot software load count feature
nvme_set_features_temp_threshSet temperature threshold feature
nvme_set_features_timestampSet timestamp feature
nvme_set_features_volatile_wcSet volatile write cache feature
nvme_set_features_write_atomicSet write atomic feature
nvme_set_features_write_protectSet write protect feature
nvme_set_features_write_protect2Set write protect feature
nvme_set_keyringLink keyring for lookup
nvme_set_propertySet controller property
nvme_set_rootSet nvme_root_t context
nvme_smart_critCritical Warning
nvme_smart_egcwEndurance Group Critical Warning Summary
nvme_smart_logSMART / Health Information Log (Log Identifier 02h)
nvme_status_codeReturns the NVMe Status Code
nvme_status_code_typeReturns the NVMe Status Code Type
nvme_status_equalshelper to check a status against a type and value
nvme_status_fieldDefines all parts of the nvme status field: status code, status code type, and additional flags.
nvme_status_get_typeextract the type from a nvme_* return value
nvme_status_get_valueextract the status value from a nvme_* return value
nvme_status_resultResult of the device self-test operation
nvme_status_to_errnoConverts nvme return status to errno
nvme_status_to_stringReturns string describing nvme return status.
nvme_status_typetype encoding for NVMe return values, when represented as an int.
nvme_st_codeSelf-test Code value
nvme_st_curr_opCurrent Device Self-Test Operation
nvme_streams_directive_paramsStreams Directive — Return Parameters Data Structure
nvme_streams_directive_statusStreams Directive — Get Status Data Structure
nvme_st_resultSelf-test Result
nvme_st_valid_diag_infoValid Diagnostic Information
nvme_submit_admin_passthruSubmit an nvme passthrough admin command
nvme_submit_admin_passthru64Submit a 64-bit nvme passthrough admin command
nvme_submit_io_passthruSubmit an nvme passthrough command
nvme_submit_io_passthru64Submit a 64-bit nvme passthrough command
nvme_subsys_filterFilter for subsystems
nvme_subsystem_first_ctrlFirst ctrl iterator
nvme_subsystem_first_nsStart namespace iterator
nvme_subsystem_for_each_ctrlTraverse controllers
nvme_subsystem_for_each_ctrl_safeTraverse controllers
nvme_subsystem_for_each_nsTraverse namespaces
nvme_subsystem_for_each_ns_safeTraverse namespaces
nvme_subsystem_get_applicationReturn the application string
nvme_subsystem_get_hostReturns nvme_host_t object
nvme_subsystem_get_iopolicyReturn the IO policy of subsytem
nvme_subsystem_get_namesysfs name of an nvme_subsystem_t object
nvme_subsystem_get_nqnRetrieve NQN from subsystem
nvme_subsystem_get_sysfs_dirsysfs directory of an nvme_subsystem_t object
nvme_subsystem_get_typeReturns the type of a subsystem
nvme_subsystem_lookup_namespacelookup namespace by NSID
nvme_subsystem_next_ctrlNext ctrl iterator
nvme_subsystem_next_nsNext namespace iterator
nvme_subsystem_release_fdsClose all opened fds under subsystem
nvme_subsystem_resetInitiate a subsystem reset
nvme_subsystem_set_applicationSet the application string
nvme_subsys_typeType of the NVM subsystem.
nvme_supported_cap_config_list_logSupported Capacity Configuration list log page
nvme_supported_log_pagesSupported Log Pages — Log
nvme_telemetry_daTelemetry Log Data Area
nvme_telemetry_logRetrieve internal data specific to the manufacturer.
nvme_thermal_exc_eventThermal Excursion Event Data
nvme_timestampTimestamp — Data Structure for Get Features
nvme_time_stamp_change_eventTimestamp Change Event
nvme_unlink_ctrlUnlink controller
nvme_update_configUpdate JSON configuration
nvme_uring_cmdnvme uring command structure
nvme_verifySend an nvme verify command
nvme_versionSelector for version to be returned by @nvme_get_version
nvme_virt_mgmt_actVirtualization Management — Action
nvme_virt_mgmt_rtVirtualization Management — Resource Type
nvme_virtual_mgmtVirtualization resource management
nvme_writeSubmit an nvme user write command
nvme_write_uncorrectableSubmit an nvme write uncorrectable command
nvme_write_zerosSubmit an nvme write zeroes command
nvme_zns_appendAppend data to a zone
nvme_zns_changed_zone_logZNS Changed Zone List log
nvme_zns_descZone Descriptor Data Structure
nvme_zns_id_ctrlI/O Command Set Specific Identify Controller Data Structure for the Zoned Namespace Command Set
nvme_zns_identify_ctrlZNS identify controller data
nvme_zns_identify_nsZNS identify namespace data
nvme_zns_id_nsZoned Namespace Command Set Specific Identify Namespace Data Structure
nvme_zns_lbafeLBA Format Extension Data Structure
nvme_zns_mgmt_recvZNS management receive command
nvme_zns_mgmt_sendZNS management send command
nvme_zns_recv_actionZone Management Receive — Zone Receive Action Specific Features
nvme_zns_report_optionsZone Management Receive — Zone Receive Action Specific Field
nvme_zns_report_zonesReturn the list of zones
nvme_zns_send_actionZone Management Send — Zone Send Action
nvme_zns_zaZone Descriptor Data Structure
nvme_zns_zsZone Descriptor Data Structure — Zone State
nvme_zns_ztZone Descriptor Data Structure — Zone Type
nvme_zone_reportReport Zones Data Structure
nvmf_add_ctrlConnect a controller and update topology
nvmf_addr_familyAddress Family codes for Discovery Log Page entry ADRFAM field
nvmf_adrfam_strDecode ADRFAM field
nvmf_cms_strDecode RDMA connection management service field
nvmf_connect_dataData payload for the 'connect' command
nvmf_connect_disc_entryConnect controller based on the discovery log page entry
nvmf_default_configDefault values for fabrics configuration
nvmf_dim_dataDiscovery Information Management (DIM) — Data
nvmf_dim_entfmtDiscovery Information Management Entry Format
nvmf_dim_etypeDiscovery Information Management Entity Type
nvmf_dim_tasDiscovery Information Management Task
nvmf_disc_eflagsDiscovery Log Page entry flags.
nvmf_disc_log_entryDiscovery Log Page entry
nvmf_discovery_logDiscovery Log Page (Log Identifier 70h)
nvmf_eflags_strDecode EFLAGS field
nvmf_exat_lenReturn length rounded up by 4
nvmf_exattypeExtended Attribute Type
nvmf_ext_attrExtended Attribute (EXAT)
nvmf_ext_dieExtended Discovery Information Entry (DIE)
nvmf_get_discovery_logReturn the discovery log page
nvmf_get_discovery_wargsGet the discovery log page with args
nvmf_hostid_from_fileReads the host identifier from the config default location
nvmf_hostnqn_from_fileReads the host nvm qualified name from the config default location
nvmf_hostnqn_generateGenerate a machine specific host nqn
nvmf_log_discovery_lid_supportDiscovery log specific support
nvmf_log_discovery_lspDiscovery log specific field
nvmf_prtype_strDecode RDMA Provider type field
nvmf_qptype_strDecode RDMA QP Service type field
nvmf_rdma_cmsRDMA Connection Management Service Type codes for Discovery Log Page entry TSAS RDMA_CMS field
nvmf_rdma_prtypeRDMA Provider Type codes for Discovery Log Page entry TSAS RDMA_PRTYPE field
nvmf_rdma_qptypeRDMA QP Service Type codes for Discovery Log Page entry TSAS RDMA_QPTYPE field
nvmf_register_ctrlPerform registration task with a DC
nvmf_sectype_strDecode SECTYPE field
nvmf_subtype_strDecode SUBTYPE field
nvmf_tcp_sectypeTransport Specific Address Subtype Definition for NVMe/TCP Transport
nvmf_treqTransport Requirements codes for Discovery Log Page entry TREQ field
nvmf_treq_strDecode TREQ field
nvmf_trtypeTransport Type codes for Discovery Log Page entry TRTYPE field
nvmf_trtype_strDecode TRTYPE field
nvmf_update_configUpdate fabrics configuration values
openopen and possibly create a file
openat2open and possibly create a file (extended)
open_by_handle_atobtain handle for a pathname and open file via a handle
outbport I/O
pausewait for signal
perf_event_openset up performance monitoring
perfmonctlinterface to IA-64 performance monitoring unit
personalityset the process execution domain
pidfd_getfdobtain a duplicate of another process's file descriptor
pidfd_openobtain a file descriptor that refers to a process
pidfd_send_signalsend a signal to a process specified by a file descriptor
pipecreate pipe
pivot_rootchange the root mount
pkey_allocallocate or free a protection key
pollwait for some event on a file descriptor
posix_fadvisepredeclare an access pattern for file data
prctloperations on a process or thread
preadread from or write to a file descriptor at a given offset
process_madvisegive advice about use of memory to a process
process_vm_readvtransfer data between process address spaces
ptraceprocess trace
query_modulequery the kernel for various bits pertaining to modules
quotactlmanipulate disk quotas
readread from a file descriptor
readaheadinitiate file readahead into page cache
readdirread directory entry
readlinkread value of a symbolic link
readvread or write data into multiple buffers
rebootreboot or enable/disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
recvreceive a message from a socket
recvmmsgreceive multiple messages on a socket
remap_file_pagescreate a nonlinear file mapping
removexattrremove an extended attribute
renamechange the name or location of a file
request_keyrequest a key from the kernel's key management facility
restart_syscallrestart a system call after interruption by a stop signal
rmdirdelete a directory
rtasAllows userspace to call RTAS (Run Time Abstraction Services)
rt_sigqueueinfoqueue a signal and data
s390_guarded_storageoperations with z/Architecture guarded storage facility
s390_pci_mmio_writetransfer data to/from PCI MMIO memory page
s390_runtime_instrenable/disable s390 CPU run-time instrumentation
s390_sthyiemulate STHYI instruction
sched_get_priority_maxget static priority range
sched_rr_get_intervalget the SCHED_RR interval for the named process
sched_setaffinityset and get a thread's CPU affinity mask
sched_setattrset and get scheduling policy and attributes
sched_setparamset and get scheduling parameters
sched_setschedulerset and get scheduling policy/parameters
sched_yieldyield the processor
seccompoperate on Secure Computing state of the process
seccomp_unotifySeccomp user-space notification mechanism
selectsynchronous I/O multiplexing
select_tutsynchronous I/O multiplexing
semctlSystem V semaphore control operations
semgetget a System V semaphore set identifier
semopSystem V semaphore operations
sendsend a message on a socket
sendfiletransfer data between file descriptors
sendmmsgsend multiple messages on a socket
seteuidset effective user or group ID
setfsgidset group identity used for filesystem checks
setfsuidset user identity used for filesystem checks
setgidset group identity
set_mempolicyset default NUMA memory policy for a thread and its children
setnsreassociate thread with a namespace
setpgidset/get process group
setresuidset real, effective, and saved user or group ID
setreuidset real and/or effective user or group ID
setsidcreates a session and sets the process group ID
set_thread_areamanipulate thread-local storage information
set_tid_addressset pointer to thread ID
setuidset user identity
setupsetup devices and filesystems, mount root filesystem
setxattrset an extended attribute value
sgetmaskmanipulation of signal mask (obsolete)
shmctlSystem V shared memory control
shmgetallocates a System V shared memory segment
shmopSystem V shared memory operations
shutdownshut down part of a full-duplex connection
sigactionexamine and change a signal action
sigaltstackset and/or get signal stack context
signalANSI C signal handling
signalfdcreate a file descriptor for accepting signals
sigpendingexamine pending signals
sigprocmaskexamine and change blocked signals
sigreturnreturn from signal handler and cleanup stack frame
sigsuspendwait for a signal
sigwaitinfosynchronously wait for queued signals
socketcreate an endpoint for communication
socketcallsocket system calls
socketpaircreate a pair of connected sockets
splicesplice data to/from a pipe
spu_createcreate a new spu context
spu_runexecute an SPU context
statget file status
statfsget filesystem statistics
statxget file status (extended)
stimeset time
subpage_protdefine a subpage protection for an address range
swapcontextSwap out old context with new context
swaponstart/stop swapping to file/device
symlinkmake a new name for a file
synccommit filesystem caches to disk
sync_file_rangesync a file segment with disk
_syscallinvoking a system call without library support (OBSOLETE)
syscallindirect system call
syscallsLinux system calls
sysctlread/write system parameters
sysfsget filesystem type information
sysinforeturn system information
syslogread and/or clear kernel message ring buffer; set console_loglevel
teeduplicating pipe content
timeget time in seconds
timer_createcreate a POSIX per-process timer
timer_deletedelete a POSIX per-process timer
timerfd_createtimers that notify via file descriptors
timer_getoverrunget overrun count for a POSIX per-process timer
timer_settimearm/disarm and fetch state of POSIX per-process timer
timesget process times
tkillsend a signal to a thread
truncatetruncate a file to a specified length
umaskset file mode creation mask
umountunmount filesystem
unameget name and information about current kernel
unimplementedunimplemented system calls
unlinkdelete a name and possibly the file it refers to
unsharedisassociate parts of the process execution context
uselibload shared library
userfaultfdcreate a file descriptor for handling page faults in user space
ustatget filesystem statistics
utimechange file last access and modification times
utimensatchange file timestamps with nanosecond precision
vforkcreate a child process and block parent
vhangupvirtually hangup the current terminal
vm86enter virtual 8086 mode
vmsplicesplice user pages to/from a pipe
waitwait for process to change state
wait4wait for process to change state, BSD style
writewrite to a file descriptor