zsc man page

zsc — spin up with script on a matrix


zsc [Options] <Gen> <Seed> <Op> [<Out>]


This program reads in two or more matrices (generators), a list of seed vectors and a list of operations (the script).  Then, zsc applies the script to each seed vector and writes the output in a separate file for each vector.

The generators must be square matrices over the same field.  Seed must be a matrix over the same field with the same number of columns. Script must be an integer matrix with two columns in the format produced by the zsp program. Only one seed vectur may be used in the script, i.e., each row except the first row of Script must be of the form (x,y) with x≥0.

The number of generators is 2 by default.  This can be changed by using the -g option.  The number of output files equals the number of seed vectors.  If no fourth argument is given, the output name defaults to Seed.  For example,

zsc -g 3 gen seed op

reads three generators fom "gen.1", "gen.2" and "gen.3", seed vectors from `seed', the script from "op", and writes the output to "seed.0001", "seed.0002", ...



Quiet, no messages.


Verbose, more messages.

-T <MaxTime>

Set CPU time limit

-g <#Gen>

Set number of generators.

Input Files




Seed vectors.


Spin-up script.

Output Files


Output file.

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2.4.24 MeatAxe User Commands