zpt man page

zpt — paste matrices or permutations


zpt [Options] <Out> [<Inp> ...]


This program reads matrices from one or more input files and pastes the pieces together to one matrix.  The way in which the pieces are put together is controlled by two parameters, NRows and NCols.  For example,

zpt -r 2 -c 3 x aa ab ac ba bb bc

would paste together 6 matrices in two rows and three columns.  The resulting matrix is written to "x" and looks like this:

aa ab ac
ba bb ba

The file name "-" is treated specially: No file is read in, and the corresponding piece of the output matrix is left empty.  This can be used to calculate the direct sum of two representations. For example,

zpt -r 2 -c 2 A+B A - - B

creates the following matrix in block diagonal form:

A 0
0 B

If only one of NRows and NCols is specified, the other parameter is assumed to be one.


The program can also paste permutations, i.e., copy permutations from several files into one file.  In this case, -c cannot be used. For example,

zpt all perm1 perm2 perm3

writes the permutations from "perm1", "perm2", and "perm3" into the file "all".  Each of the input file may contain one or more permutations.  Of course all permutations must have the same degree.  Note: pasting permutations is supported only for compatibility with older versions of the MeatAxe.



Quiet, no messages.


Verbose, more messages.

-T <MaxTime>

Set CPU time limit

-c <NCols>

Set the number of columns (matrices only).

-r <NRows>

Set the number of rows (matrices only).

Input Files


The input filename, '-' to fill with zeroes.

Output Files


The output filename.

Referenced By


2.4.24 MeatAxe User Commands