zmw man page

zmw — make word from a set of matrices


zmw [Options] <No> <Gen1> <Gen2> [<Word> [<Nsp>]]
zmw [Options] -g <NGen> <No> <Gen> [<Word> [<Nsp>]]


Zmw calculates an element of the algebra generated by a set of matrices.  The word must be specified by its "word number".

The first form of the zmw command assumes that there are two generators, and the generators must be given as two files names.  The second form uses the -g option to specify the number of generators.  In this case, a base name is given on the command line, and the generator file names are constructed by appending ".1", ".2", ... to the base name.

The word is written to Word, if present.  If Nsp is present, the kernel of the word is calculated and written to this file.

No may be a single number, or a range of numbers in the form "a-b".  In this case the nullities of all words are calculated and printed, but no output file is written, even if Word and Nsp are present.

Zmw can insert the words into a polynomial before calculating the null-space.  To use this feature, the polynomial must be appended to the word number, separated by a "/".  After the "/", all coefficients, including zeroes, of the polynomial must be specified as a comma-separated list.  For example,

zmw 103/1,1,0,-1 gen1 gen2

calculates word number 103, and inserts the result into the polynomial x^3+x^2-1.



Quiet, no messages.


Verbose, more messages.

-T <MaxTime>

Set CPU time limit


Produce output in GAP format.

-g <NGen>

Set the number of generators.

Input Files


Generators (with -g).

Gen1, Gen2

Generators (without -g).

Output Files


The word.


The null-space of Word.

Referenced By


2.4.24 MeatAxe User Commands