zconfig_schema2html - Man Page

zconfig_schema2html – Print an HTML version of a schema


zconfig_schema2html [-h] [--out OUT] [--package] [--members [MEMBERS ...]] [SCHEMA-OR-PACKAGE]


Positional Arguments


The schema to print. By default, a file. Optionally, a Python package. If not given, defaults to reading a schema file from stdin

Optional Arguments

-h,  --help

Show a help message and exit.

--out OUT, -o OUT

Write the schema to this file; if not given, write to stdout.


The SCHEMA-OR-PACKAGE argument indicates a Python package instead of a file. The component.xml (by default) from the package will be read.

--package-file PACKAGE_FILE

When PACKAGE is given, this can specify the file inside it to load.

--members [MEMBERS ...]

Only output sections and types in this list (and reachable from it).

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