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sq-key-attest-certifications - Man Page

Attest to third-party certifications


sq key attest-certifications [Options]  


Attest to third-party certifications allowing for their distribution.

To prevent certificate flooding attacks, modern key servers prevent uncontrolled distribution of third-party certifications on certificates.  To allow the key holder to control what information is distributed with their certificate, these key servers only distribute third-party certifications that the key holder has explicitly approved.

After the attestation has been created, the certificate has to be distributed, e.g. by uploading it to a key server.


Subcommand options

-B,  --binary

Emit binary data


Attest to all certifications


Change attestations on the specified certificate


Change attestations on the specified certificate


Remove all prior attestations

-o,  --output=FILE

Write to the specified FILE.

If not specified, and the certificate was read from the certificate store, imports the modified certificate into the cert store.  If not specified, and the certificate was read from a file, writes the modified certificate to stdout.

Global options

See sq(1) for a description of the global options.


Import Alice's key.

    sq key import alice-secret.pgp

Attest to all of the certifications on all the user IDs.

    sq key attest-certifications --all --cert \

See Also

sq(1), sq-key(1).

For the full documentation see <https://book.sequoia-pgp.org>.


0.37.0 (sequoia-openpgp 1.21.1)

Referenced By


0.37.0 Sequoia PGP