scalap - Man Page

Scala class file decoder for the Scala 2 language


scalap  [ <options> ] <class name>



Command line options. See Options below.

<class name>

Full-qualified name of a class to be decoded (such as hello.HelloWorld).


The scalap tool reads a class file generated by theScala compiler, and displays object and class definitions.

By default, scalap looks for the given class file in the current directory. You can specify a separate classpath with -classpath (see Options, below).


The decoder has a set of standard options that are supported on the current development environment and will be supported in future releases.

Standard Options


Display this usage message.


Print private definitions.


Print out additional information.


Print product version and exit.

-cp | -classpath

Specify where to find user class files.


Display definitions for a generated class file

scalap hello.HelloWorld

Exit Status

scalap returns a zero exit status if it succeeds to process the specified input files. Non zero is returned in case of failure.


Written by Ilya Sergey.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to

See Also

fsc(1), scala(1), scalac(1), scaladoc(1)

Referenced By

fsc(1), scala(1), scalac(1), scaladoc(1).

June 2006 version 1.0 USER COMMANDS