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Redis server

Examples (TL;DR)


redis-server [ configuration_file ] [ options ] [ --sentinel ]

redis-sentinel [ configuration_file ] [ options ]


Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker, found at

The redis-server command is a command line to launch a Redis server.

The redis-sentinel command is a symbolic link to the redis-server command which imply the --sentionel option.



Read configuration from stdin.


Run in sentinel mode

--test-memory megabytes

Run a memory check and exit.


Output this help and exit.


Output version and exit.

All parameters described in redis.conf file can be passed as command line option, e.g. --port port


Run the server with default conf


Run the server with a configuration file

redis-server /etc/redis/6379.conf

Run the server changing some default options

redis-server --port 7777 --slaveof 8888

Run the server with a configuration file and changing some options

redis-server /etc/myredis.conf --loglevel verbose

Run in sentinel mode

redis-server /etc/sentinel.conf --sentinel

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labels.conf(5), PCPCompat(1), pmDiscoverSetup(3), pmproxy(1), pmsearch(1), pmSearchInfo(3), pmSearchSetup(3), pmSearchTextInDom(3), pmSearchTextQuery(3), pmSearchTextSuggest(3), pmseries(1), pmSeriesSetup(3), PMWEBAPI(3), redis.conf(5).

The man page redis-sentinel(1) is an alias of redis-server(1).

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