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qrq - Man Page

High speed Morse telegraphy trainer



qrqscore [OPTION]


qrq is an open source Morse code  trainer for various platforms and operating systems, similar to the classic DOS version of Rufz by DL4MM.

It's not intended for learning telegraphy (have a look at http://radio.linux.org.au/ for CW learning software), but to improve the ability to copy callsigns at high speeds, as needed for example for contesting.

After starting the software and setting up the parameters (speed, CW waveform...), the program sends 50 amateur radio callsigns. When entering a copied callsign correctly, the speed increases, otherwise it decreases. Points are awarded for correctly copied callsigns, depending on the speed.

A scoreboard/toplist exists on the author's website, at http://fkurz.net/ham/qrqtop.php. The local toplist file can be synchronized with the online toplist with qrqscore -d and you can upload your own top scores by invoking qrqscore -u.



Default configuration file


Database of amateur radio callsigns used by qrq. Other files may be loaded.


Default toplist file

qrq is looking for these files in the current directory, in ~/.qrq/ or in DESTDIR/share/qrq/ (in that order). In the latter case, ~/.qrq/ is created, for an user-specific toplist and configuration.


Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK <fabian@fkurz.net> - http://fkurz.net/ham/qrq.html

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