qr - Man Page

script to create QR codes at the command line

Examples (TL;DR)


qr [--help] [--factory=FACTORY] [--optimize=OPTIMIZE] [--error-correction=LEVEL] [data]


This script uses the python qrcode module. It can take data from stdin or from the commandline and generate a QR code. Normally it will output the QR code as ascii art to the terminal. If the output is piped to a file, it will output the image (default type of PNG).


 -h, --help

Show a help message.


Full python path to the image factory class to create the image with. You can use the following shortcuts to the built-in image factory classes: pil (default), png ( default if pillow is not installed), svg, svg-fragment, svg-path.


Optimize the data by looking for chunks of at least this many characters that could use a more efficient encoding method. Use 0 to turn off chunk optimization.


The error correction level to use. Choices are L (7%), M (15%, default), Q (25%), and H (30%).


The data from which the QR code will be generated.

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