opa-check - Man Page

Check Rego source files


opa check  [path [...]] [flags]


Check Rego source files for parse and compilation errors.

If the 'check' command succeeds in parsing and compiling the source file(s), no output is produced. If the parsing or compiling fails, 'check' will output the errors and exit with a non-zero exit code.


-b, --bundle[=false] load paths as bundle files or root directories

--capabilities="" set capabilities.json file path

-f, --format=pretty set output format

-h, --help[=false] help for check

--ignore=[] set file and directory names to ignore during loading (e.g., '.*' excludes hidden files)

-m, --max-errors=10 set the number of errors to allow before compilation fails early

-s, --schema="" set schema file path or directory path

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Jan 2023