nauty-vcolg - Man Page

colour the vertices of graphs in all distinct ways


vcolg [-q] [-u|-T] [-e#|-e#:#] [-m#] [-f#] [infile [outfile]]


Read graphs or digraphs and colour their vertices in in all possible ways with colours 0,1,2,... . Isomorphic graphs derived from the same input are suppressed. If the input graphs are non-isomorphic then the output graphs are also.

-e# | -e#:#

specify a value or range of the total value of the colours

-m# number of available colours (default 2)

-f# Use the group that fixes the first # vertices setwise


use a simple text output format (nv ne {col} {v1 v2})


no output, just count them


suppress auxiliary information


January 2021 nauty 2.7.1 Nauty Manual