nauty-productg - Man Page

product of two graphs (such as Cartesian product)


productg [-c|-l|-L|-k|-t|-a#] [infile [outfile]]


Read two graphs in graph6/sparse6 format and write their product

in sparse6 or dreadnaut format. -d : Dreadnaut format (default is sparse6)

-c : Cartesian product

-l : Lexicographic product (G1[G2])

-L : Lexicographic product (G2[G1])

-t : Tensor (Kronecker, categorical) product

-k : Complete (strong, normal) product

-a# : general case (argument is a 3-digit octal number)

Add these values giving the condition for an edge:


400  200   100   040 020 010      004   002    001

Graph1: same same

same   adj adj adj    nonadj nonadj nonadj

Graph2: same

adj nonadj same adj nonadj  same   adj   nonadj


January 2024 nauty 2.8.8 Nauty Manual