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nauty-hamheuristic - Man Page

try to find hamiltonian cycles in any graphs


hamheuristic [-sgu] [-vq] [-L#] [-t#] [infile [outfile]]


Apply a heuristic for finding hamiltonian cycles.

Output those which are unsuccessful.


force output to sparse6 format


force output to graph6 format If neither -s or -g are given, the output format is determined by the header or, if there is none, by the format of the first input graph.


Suppress output to outfile, give statistics instead.

The output file will have a header if and only if the input file does.


Be content with a hamiltonian path


Give a cycle or path if one is found.

-L# Limit number of sideways steps (default 1000+5*n)

-t# Try # times (default 1)


suppress auxiliary information


April 2024 nauty 2.8.8 Nauty Manual