nauty-gentourng - Man Page

generate small tournaments


gentourng [-cd#D#] [-ugsz] [-lq] n [res/mod] [file]


Generate all tournaments of a specified class.


: the number of vertices

res/mod : only generate subset res out of subsets 0..mod-1


: only write strongly-connected tournaments


: a lower bound for the minimum out-degree


: a upper bound for the maximum out-degree


: canonically label output graphs


: do not output any graphs, just generate and count them


: use graph6 output (lower triangle)


: use sparse6 output (lower triangle)


: use digraph6 output


: write a header (only with -g or -s)

Default output is upper triangle row-by-row in ascii


: suppress auxiliary output

See program text for much more information.


April 2024 nauty 2.8.8 Nauty Manual