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nauty-delptg - Man Page

delete vertices


delptg [-lq] [-a|-b] [-d#|-d#:#] [-v#|-v#:#] [-r#] [-n#] [-m#|-i] [infile [outfile]]


Delete some vertices from a file of graphs.

The output file has a header if and only if the input file does. No isomorph reduction is done.


Canonically label outputs

-d# -d#:# Only remove vertices with original degree in the given range

For digraphs, the out-degree is used.

-n# The number of vertices to delete (default 1).

-v# -v#:# Vertex number or numbers that it is allowed to delete

(the first vertex is number 0).

-m# Lower bound on minimum degree of output graphs.

-r# Choose # random sets of points (not necessarily different)


The deleted points must be adjacent.


The deleted points must be non-adjacent.


Leave deleted vertices as isolates, not compatible with -m.

No empty graphs are output. No warning is issued if

-d, -v -n, -m together imply no graphs are output.

For digraphs, out-degree is used for -d and -m. -q  Suppress auxiliary information


April 2024 nauty 2.8.8 Nauty Manual