nauty-assembleg - Man Page

manual page for nauty-assembleg


assembleg -n#|-n#:# [-i#|i#:#] [-L] [-q] [infile [outfile]]


Assemble input graphs as components of output graphs.

The output file has no header. If the input has any directed graphs, all outputs are directed. Otherwise, the output format is determined by the header

or first input.

The input graphs had better all fit into memory at once,

unless -L is given, in which case only the graphs of at most half the output size are stored at once.

The output graphs will be non-isomorphic if the input

graphs are connected and non-isomorphic.

-n# -n#:#

Give range of output sizes (compulsory)

-i# -i#:#

Give range of input sizes to use


Assume all input graphs strictly larger than maxn/2

vertices follow any smaller graphs in the input, where maxn is the largest size specified by -n. This can greatly reduce memory consumption.


Also write graphs consisting of a single input


Generate the graphs but don't write them


Suppress auxiliary information.


January 2024 nauty 2.8.8 Nauty Manual