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nauty-addptg - Man Page

add additional vertices in various ways


addptg [-lq] [-n#] [-j#:#] [-e#:#] [-ck] [-io] [infile [outfile]]


Add a specified number of new vertices

The output file has a header if and only if the input file does.


canonically label outputs


join each new vertex to all the old vertices


make a clique on the set of new vertices

-n# the number of new vertices (default 1)

-j# -j#:# join a new vertex to # old vertices in all possible ways

-e# -e#:# use all joins that give the new graphs # edges

(-j, -e are each incompatible with -n)


for a digraph, edges go towards the old vertices


for a digraph, edges go away from the old vertices

(-i is the default if neither -i nor -o is given)


Suppress auxiliary information


April 2024 nauty 2.8.8 Nauty Manual