lecm - Man Page

Let's Encrypt Manager


lecm [options]


Let's Encrypt Certificates Manager (lecm) is an utility that allows one to manage (generate and renew) Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

list all certificates managed by lecm

lecm -l

renew all certificates managed by lecm, according /etc/lecm.conf

lecm --renew


-h,  --help

Show this help message and exit

-v,  --version

Show program's version number and exit


Display DEBUG information level


Proceed in noop mode

--conf CONF

Path to configuration file

--items [ITEMS [ITEMS ...]]

Limit the item to apply the action to

-l,  --list

List the lecm configured certificates

-ld,  --list-details

List the lecm configured certificates(details)


Generate Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates


Renew already generated SSL Certificates


Force regeneration or renewal of SSL Certificates

See Also

The lecm source code and all documentation may be downloaded from <https://github.com/Spredzy/lecm>.


Yanis Guenane <yanis@guenane.org>.


October 17, 2016 Let's Encrypt Manager manual